Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

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Over the last 50 years materials used to help restore decayed
teeth have advanced. Composites or white fillings are the material of choice for
giving you a more natural looking smile. Composites are feeling is designed to
match the color of your teeth and blend in with your tooth enamel. They’re the perfect choice for a cavity
in a visible area of your smile, like on the front teeth or at the gum line. The two main ingredients are plastic
resin and a filler of finely ground glass like particles. Although composites are preferred for
cosmetic reasons, if a cavity is too large or is in an
area where much chewing occurs, your dentist may recommend other treatment
options. If you have any questions about composite fillings or any other
restorative materials ask your dentist. For the ADA Dental
Minute, I’m Dr. Maria Lopez Howell.

14 thoughts on “Composite Fillings”

  1. I think my dentist is one of those where they only use composite fillings. I have had a few of my back teeth (including one wisdom tooth) filled with the composite resin and I love them. Looks like I never had a cavity at all!! They also strengthen  your bite. 🙂

  2. A lot of people think that it is the dentists fall that these fillings will fall out. The fact is that it is expected for the filling to 'wear' a bit over time and depending on how you take care of your teeth we might even have to go back in and work on it. Completely normal.

  3. I have worn teeth, so I'm hoping that I can get these composite fillings once my CareCredit falls through, along with some lumineers or some tooth bonding. My teeth are so uncomfortable right now. Hopefully when I go to the dentist this Friday they will give me some nice options.

  4. Watch eating foods like lets say peanut brittle any of you who like adam and eve brush floss and use mouthwash daily.

  5. For those who need composite fillings, in Dental Center Diparr we can help you. Come and visit us in Tenerife, Spain, we are experts in dental tourism.

  6. I have one question on this my upper right 1 is completely break and right 2 is little bit of break my dentist recommend me you can fix a ceramic teeth because it's very harm to your mouth.. Now I will fix the ceramic teeth but In that place my gums were bleeding…. In such situation I consult my dentist she said that it was a gum disease…… I'm feel so….. Sad….. Now what can I do can plz give a suggestion to me

  7. How long do front teeth fillings last for? I just don't want to bite into an apple one day and have my teeth crumble before me.

  8. i’ve had this to build up one of my tooth but i don’t like the feeling etc can’t they be removed and if so can it be done without shaving any of my tooth down?

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