Connect with your breath

Connect with your breath

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Hello! My name is Mela! I’m the founder of Relax Play Yoga and i would like to invite you to join our retreat because we mainly focus on the breath and the breath is a very beautiful beautiful things we are breathing every day and we don’t even notice it, so in this retreat, we focus on the breath and you’ll learn a lot about the breath we learn how to deepen the breath we learn how to connect to our breath we learn all the benefits the health benefits of the breast something like stress relief because we’re living in a stressful life we get contracted many times and we want to get more relaxed in the body and when we relaxed in the body we also relax inside of us we relax in our soul we are more in alignment with who we really are when we connect with us and the breath is this beautiful tool that we can use for example Kundalini Yoga so i will introduce some Kundalini practices if you’re a beginner don’t worry if you don’t know what Kundalini Yoga is don’t worry you will find out it’s a beautiful way of connecting connecting your body posture of breathing exercises and also we will explore some Pranayama techniques meditation practices it’s all suitable for beginning to find an openness to explore the breath in different ways and we will find beautiful ways to go in there such as Kundalini Yoga of the breathwork it’s activating some parts inside of your body you don’t even know about and through that you get out of your mind so it’s called conscience kind of progress and it’s a perfect breathing with me I kind of takes you on a journey and I personally love it very much because it helps me transform and heal many things in my life it brought me back to my Center it helps me actually living my life is the way I wanted to not only the breasts in rhetoric and Kundalini Yoga is a very important thing it’s also to use the fresh with our voice just singing and chanting a mantra getting it out through our mouths like what we have in our heart so the singing the chanting and um is a beautiful beautiful way of connecting to yourself so we aim in our retreat to bring all those three tools together from a yoga practice from a breastwork perspective and pranayama and some singing and I personally believe those three tools are amazing to create balance to create health benefits to connected to ourselves and to really feel amazing and the best thing is it happens in one of the most beautiful places in southern Spain is in the mountain listen a beautiful farm and we have local products from the firm we can use to cook our amazing food and yeah I love to see you there i would love to connect with you and share some some yumminess that helped me to find my way and i’m here to share it with you complete please come along on your way to relax me

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