Constipation Remedy: Cure in 1 Min (Breathing Exercise)

Constipation Remedy: Cure in 1 Min (Breathing Exercise)

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About 150 doctors tested this breathing exercise on thousands of people with constipation; and they found it up to 90% or more of them can relief their constipation pain in about 1-2 minutes. If people with constipation pain are able to improve their body and brain oxygenation and increase it up to about 30 seconds. then they are going to solve their problems with constipation for good. This means they are not going to experience constipation at all. You can find complete instructions how you can increase your body and brain oxygenation up to the medical norm on the web pages of website

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  1. This is embarrassing, but for anyone wondering if this works. I read the article and did the exercise and It worked immediately! Thank you! You're a life saver!

  2. If they are not fasting, this means a very poor state of the gut. Surely, they need to increase body O2 by breathing slower and less air.

  3. These breathing techniques work, that's what my wife told me. But she also use natural laxatives – foods, herbs and etc.. to relieve her constipation. Just search on Google for natural laxatives. Such combination is the winner.

  4. Apart from alcohol, modern science cannot identify any poisons that are removed via lungs. Slow and small abdominal breathing increases CO2 boosting O2 delivery to cells.

  5. why the results can be disastrous when not sitting on the toilet?? I do almost the sam exercise for unblocking nose.. can something happen to me?

  6. What do you mean, any poisons? Where I live, people put poisons in their bodies everyday. All drugs are poisons to the body..
    Anyways, Good luck to all you Constipation peeps out there.. More than 70% of the ppl in the world suffer with some sort of Constipation, so, just know that ye aint alone. Most do not admit because its an embarrassing subject. There is a way to solve it. My friends father got an operation for this many years ago. Its to widen the anal track, the two bones on the cheeks

  7. Yes too right! Natural remedies work everytime. The crap the doctors give you, if you keep taken them your body grows use to it and then it stops working.. You need to take more and more for it to work until it stops working.. Then they give you stronger poisons and the cycle continues.. Natural remedies are always the best. Even for people whom are addicted to drugs, natural remedies work better. They may take a bit longer, but its much healthier and easier on the body..

  8. If you have constipation problem I have invented one instrument .by using ths instrument you can get relief from constipation in 10 minute you can see that instrument on youtube in prabhakar mudgal vedio it is very cheap. You can get free from piles, fissure , acidity you can contact me on 09765120498 in india. I am using since 2 years and am satisfied

  9. It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these normal people accomplish it easily with "Rapid Muscle Booster" (search for it on Google).

  10. For the last 3 days I have been doing this exercise for between 5 to 8 rounds daily. I hold my breath for between 35 to 50 seconds. Unfortunately it does not work for me.

    Any suggestion how to make it work for me?

  11. The most likely answer is probably that you are not doing the exercise right. You are not breathing through the diaphragm and you probably don't relax your muscles to exhale. It's hard to get the breathing pattern right but once you do it will help. It helped me but I had to practice a lot. Or maybe you have an uncommon exception.

  12. I am sure I am breathing through the belly or abdomen but I am not sure whether it is through the diaphragm. I have relax my muscles when I exhale but whether I am doing it correctly I have no way to know.

    I do have hypertension and taking medication (Diovan – Valsartan 80 mg). Does it have any effect?

    By the way my constipation is due to anismus (non-relaxation of external sphincter muscle and puborectalis during defecation).

    Any advice?

  13. Did you try Earthing or grounding and Mg supplements? These are additional constipation factors.
    If you did, then your goal is to have over 30 s for the body O2 test 24/7 so that to have easy bowel movements.

  14. I am taking 250mg Magnesium daily and have not try Earthing yet. So far I am able to get about 35s for the body O2 test. I am physically quite healthy and was able to jog 15 to 20km daily until 2 years ago when I have a heel injury. Now I am doing brisk walking for about 1 hour daily.

  15. I think Artour already answered your question but I just learnt how to breath the diaphragm correctly and I'll share my experience. First off you'll know you're breathing from the diaphragm when you are. If you feel a sensation of air running in or out of your body in or on your nose, throat, or upper chest, you are not do it right. Think of your diaphragm as ribbon that is disconnected from your thoracic area, this visualization helps me achieve the right technique.

  16. Artour Rakhimov
    "Did you try Earthing or grounding and Mg supplements? These are additional constipation factors. If you did, then your goal is to have over 30 s for the body O2 test 24/7 so that to have easy bowel movements."

    Do you mean that Erthing and Mg supplements cause constipation??

  17. Sir, if you can sit in front of a camera and give details, why didn't you show us the breathing exercises? This would have substantially been more helpful to viewers. Of course not sitting on a toilet, but doing the breathing yourself. ??? Not understanding the failure to do so.

  18. For example, a small nasal abdominal exhalation….yes, that would warrant an example. Now people need to research other sites on actually how to do this properly instead of trial and error.

  19. i dont understand this. sorry… just i dont get it that what you do after holding the breath? should the inhale be short through nose and then long relaxing exhale?

  20. I def suggest a demo because I was a little confused but even doing what I thought I was supposed to totally changed my life . On meds and antibiotics after surgery and this video got me through!! I did it!!!

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