Coronavirus Epidemic Update 29: Testing problems, mutations, COVID-19 in Washington & Iran

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 29: Testing problems, mutations, COVID-19 in Washington & Iran

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welcome to another MedCram COVID-19
update and I have been off for a few days from the updating because it was my
turn to take the helm of the ICU what we’re gonna be talking about is number
one five new deaths in Washington State yesterday we are definitely in the
growth phase here in the United States but we can’t tell how much of a growth
phase there is because we’re gonna talk about testing and the lack of testing
and we’re also going to talk about preparation what to do before this hits
now we’ll talk about mutations we are at a total confirmed worldwide cases here
upwards of 90,000 total deaths is over 3,000 total recovered is well over 10
times that at 47,000 and those are the published numbers I’ve heard a number of
people talk about the numbers in Asia and the model to look at in some
people’s opinion is going to be South Korea because it is a country that’s
doing very aggressive testing and it’s an open and democratic country but I
think the biggest thing there is the fact that they are aggressively testing
and that’s not something that we’re doing yet here in the United States for
a number of reasons which we’ll talk about going over to the world ometer
website we look at the close cases to kind of get an idea of where we’re going
on the mortality because these are close cases you’ve either recovered or you
haven’t and if you look at this graph you can see that the mortality rate
continues to drop these are people that were tested and we’re already at about
6% that’s good to go much lower than that once we get the full scope of the
infection here we have total cases worldwide things were starting to level
off here and I think the reason why we’re starting to accelerate again is
because we’re going into the epidemic phase in a number of these other
countries and looking at latest updates for today March 3rd maybe a little bit
behind because this is a fluid situation by the time this gets published
there are 477 new cases and six deaths already today in South Korea of course
South Korea being in the part of the world that is the farthest ahead in time if we look at yesterday we have the
first case in Morocco this was somebody from Italy yesterday 21 new cases and
five new deaths here in the United States and looking to Washington’s going
to be very important to see what’s going to work in this country and what’s not
going to work notice that a lot of these people who
are dying are in their 70s however there is a man in his 40s hospitalized in
critical condition in Kirkland one in Rhode Island and that was a teenager
contact of the previous case and all of these people again went to the same trip
to Italy they’re saying here this is precisely why we are being so aggressive
in identifying contacts and testing people who are symptomatic there are
three people in California and Santa Clara County including a couple whose
recently traveled to Egypt and there are now two in Oregon one an adult in a
County Hospital in Walla Walla Washington and the other is a contact of
the first case in Oregon who is recovering at home there’s two new cases
in Florida and that is the first one in New York interesting interview on CNBC
that’s also here on the ward ometer website dr. Mack McCarthy who is a ER
physician at New York Presbyterian he says I’m here to tell you right now at
one of the busiest hospitals in the country I don’t have at my fingertips a
rapid diagnostic test I still have to make my case plead to test people this
is not good we know that there are 88 cases the United States they’re going to
be hundreds by the middle of the week they’re going to be thousands by next
week and this is a testing issue quote in New York State the person who tested
positive is only the 32nd test we’ve done in this state that is a national
scandal they’re testing 10,000 a day in some
countries and we can’t get this off the ground McCarthy said I’m a practitioner
on the firing line and I don’t have the tools to properly care for patients
today and I can tell you I resonate with that as a health care work I was in the
ICU all last week seeing patients in the emergency room we are taking protective
measures to make sure that we don’t get exposed to people coming in to the
hospital with kovat 19 causing a lot of our health care workers to be
quarantined and so it’s really important that if anybody goes to the emergency
room to call ahead make sure that they’re following instructions make sure
that they’re wearing a mask especially if they have a fever and they have
symptoms because anybody that they in fact no matter who they are will have to
be quarantined and of course if those people that are being quarantined are
health care providers well that’s just less people to be able to care for other
people that need it now the good news there is that as I understand it there
are going to be a lot more tests available but they’re not going to be
available until later this week there are regulations that the FDA imposes on
commercial manufacturers of these tests they have to reach certain goals and
it’s a long and laborious procedure to get these things approved by the FDA
those are being relaxed so we can get enough tests on a market and get labs up
and running what you ideally want to do and this goes back to the days of
medical school when he were trained in surgery it was always a good thing if
you took somebody occasionally to surgery for appendicitis and you pulled
out a completely normal appendix that means that you were not missing any that
means you work finding negative test results true negatives so you actually
need to screen widely enough so that you know you’re getting enough negative
testing what you don’t want to be doing is testing so limited that the number of
tests that you’re getting you’re not catching the full magnitude of the
infection and so I think everyone believes and everyone’s on the same page
here that the amount of testing that needs to be done right now in this
country needs to be ratcheted up by orders of magnitude over what we’re
getting right now here’s a story that was published in the AP couple of days
ago and it talks about what’s going on especially up in Washington where the
hot spots are says here as Americans prepared researchers at the Fred
Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington on Sunday
said that they had evidence the virus may have been circulating in the state
for up to six weeks undetected a finding that if true could mean hundreds of
undiagnosed cases in the area they posted their research online but it was
not published in a scientific journal or reviewed by other scientists trevor
bedford and associate professor who announced the
findings on the virus in Washington State said on Twitter late Saturday that
genetic similarities between the states first case On January 20th and a case
announced Friday indicated at the newer case may have descended from the earlier
one now this is gonna be something that we’re going to talk about when we talk
about molecular biology is this idea about descendants so the thing that
you’ve got to understand is that the virus when it infects your cell it takes
over the cells machinery to create more viruses but the genes that the virus
brings in the kind of sloppy and so because of that sloppiness there’s a lot
of mutations that are made and some of those mutations may actually end up
changing amino acids some of those mutations won’t translate into
difference in amino acids but you can still see those mutations and as you
track those mutations in time you can see which virus strain descended from
another now those mutations can occur randomly anywhere along the genetic
thread the RNA as it turns out in this case with corona virus but if those
mutations affect a key component for instance the binding protein or the
spike protein on the corona virus that allows it to infect human cells
well that virus is just not going to be able to infect the next human cell but
because there’s millions and millions that are made there’s always another one
right behind it that’s going to happen the bottom line is you rarely are going
to see viruses copies of the virus infecting human cells that have a
mutation that is critical in the binding of that protein and therefore the
binding of that site now in this case the binding site in the human being is
the ACE 2 receptor in the cells in the bronchi or the lining of the lungs so
that’s a highly conserved area why is that it’s highly conserved because those
are the only viruses that are going to infect the human being but if you look
at these just like the human race has different families different last names
because they’re related to each other different coronaviruses different SARS
come to different kovat 19 viruses in other words if you were to look at the
ones in wuhan versus the ones in Washington they are not identical to
each other they have mutated in some way and what you can do is actually come up
with family tree and you can see where these
things came from they say I believe we’re facing an already substantial
outbreak in Washington State that was not detected until now due to narrow
case definition requiring direct travel to China scientists not affiliated with
the research said the results did not necessarily surprise them and pointed
out that for many people especially the younger healthier ones the symptoms are
not much worse than the flu or a bad colds he says we think that this has
been a pretty high rate of mild symptoms and can be asymptomatic the symptoms are
pretty nonspecific and testing criteria that has been pretty strict and this is
really the key here up to this point you could not get testing unless you had
traveled to that specific portion of China where the virus was so these
combinations of factors means that it easily could have been circulating for a
bit without knowing suggestin less ler so people are saying that this is high
quality work so what I want to do is talk a little bit more about what is
going on with this mutation and I want to introduce you to a really cool site
and that website is called neck strain and this actually does real-time
tracking of pathogen evolution if we click on the latest data and analysis
here what we’ve got here is the SARS cuff to genome and I think this is
really cool what you can see here we have the initial strain over here and we
can see how through time the DIF mutations have occurred in a different
family trees so if we play this you can see that things started out here in
Wuhan but as things have spread across the world there’s been mutations and we
can see what the descendants are as we track it so interestingly the one here
in California it shows that there are nucleotide mutations from the original
there are amino acid mutations in the ORF 1a gene we’ll talk more about that
that is the gene in the virus that codes for the protein that allows it to
reproduce the RNA genome of the virus and if we look down here we can actually
see the genome of the virus is the entire RNA of the corona virus
specifically that we’re talking about here the ORF 1 aging and the ORF 1b gene
for those of you who are molecular biology buffs there’s actually a overlap
in that gene right here that requires a frame shift on the ribosome to be able
to translate both of these and we’ll talk more about that in the coming
sessions and updates what this here represents is where these mutations in
the genome are occurring we see that there’s a lot of mutations occurring
down here in these small genes and not so much here this s gene right here it
codes for the S protein we can see that there are some mutations some of these
mutations may not be actually changing amino acids
however this s protein is the spike protein on the very outside of the cell
this is the protein that is going to be binding to the ACE 2 protein on the
human lung cells that allows it to bind and infect them abstence ibly this is
the portion of the RNA genome of the virus that they would be injecting into
your cells as a possible vaccine so that your cells could take this instruction
make the S protein inside your body which would cause a antibody response
which would then give you the vaccine against the corona virus at this point
I’d like to talk to healthcare providers and people who are leaders in their
community people who are members of medical groups this is the time now to
start communicating with your patients educate them what are they supposed to
do if they get sick if they develop a fever if they develop a sore throat if
they are otherwise healthy they don’t have shortness of breath they’re not
hypotensive the best thing to do is to self quarantine and stay home do not
overburden your health care delivery system they’re going to be plenty busy
with people who are worse off if you are going to go to the hospital make sure
you call ahead find out what the procedures are because they’re going to
want to make sure that you’re isolated they’re gonna probably give you a mask
things to think about as well as make a plan on where to go
there are hotlines people are going to be calling in if you have a nurse advice
line make sure you double it or Triplette because the volume of calls
are going to increase people are going to be very concerned if you have the
ability to do telemedicine that’s what you should do
the corona virus cannot infect somebody over the phone next thing we need to do
is plan for a surge so that means that people who are in the hospital may be
overwhelmed and they may need to get into resources that are normally in the
outpatient setting people who are doing for instance well checks hospitals
themselves need to start thinking about hospitals within hospitals
so in other words a dedicated unit for people that you suspect as having
coronavirus a place that you would need to have negative pressure rooms so that
you’re not blowing out the aerosolize coronavirus into other parts of the
hospital something as practical as understanding that most operating rooms
are under positive pressure some of the more modern ones can switch to negative
pressure but if you take a coronavirus patient into a positive pressure
operating room that’s not going to be a good thing it could also be very
expensive to have the ability to have coronavirus treatment all throughout the
hospital you need to have a dedicated place where contact is minimized and the
people working in that area are going to have maximal PPE or personal protective
equipment and not have to burn through a lot of these materials because they’re
going to be limited so the time is now to start putting these procedures in
place now of course this situation is very fluid right now thanks for joining
us you

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  54. What do you thind about the quétrécine, because the professeur Chrétien, of Québec, ,says it could be a good prevention ? In France, professor Raoylt says that the good treatment is the chloroquine.

  55. Ummm, If you open someone in surgery and find a perfectly good appendix, you cannot in good medical practice REMOVE it ANYWAY. WHat????

  56. Trump caused the corona virus pandemic. He was told it would only kill democrats and he believed it. He said cut 'er loose and kill 'em. I heard all that on CNN and NBC so it must be true.

  57. anyone more worried about mandatory all over lockdowns/quarantines for this in future if pandemic worldwide i mean really all more cases coming in and i legit myself in a wal mart in Massachusetts few times recent saw several people wearing masks and gloves. so it's really realistic of happening. but idk myself i think i am more worried about pandemic and a quarantine than actually getting the virus but that still pretty scary itself.

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