Couples Test Breath Freshening Products

Couples Test Breath Freshening Products

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– This is torture to my tongue right now. (laughs) – My tongue’s like, what do you want? Do you want to be clean or do you want to be a mess? (upbeat music) – I have coffee breath a lot. – Well, we both wear retainers. (upbeat music) – You can like, see the smell coming out of this thing right now. – It’s so garlicky. – So he has to kiss me,
then blow in my face? Okay. – This is actually how we always do kiss. – Ugh!
(laughs) – It’s like somebody vomited, like, a pizza. (upbeat music) – The bad smell, from what I’ve been told, comes from the back of the tongue. (brushing sounds) – And then move slowly… – I am 27 years old! I
can brush my own teeth. – He’s a pretty good flosser. – You flossed all your teeth? – I flossed the important ones. (smack) – That’s great. – Ew. (exhales) – Yeah, no. Not too bad. – That’s awesome.
– We did it! – That’s super refreshing. (upbeat music) – Curiously strong mints. – Ugh, just like eating chalk. – It’s like, curiously weak, actually. – Oh. – The kiss was like, it like
neutralized all the food. – Ugh. – You can smell the altoid but it smells like you ate altoids on top of garlic bread and chips. (upbeat music) – Binaca! – Yeah, this is like a thing
that happens in movies. – Hey, are you gonna go see Sally later? – You know it, Bro Bro. (spray spray) (laughter) (gags) – In your mouth. – This was like, a subtle
hint of mint flavor with overwhelming garlic butter. – Pretty good. – What! – That was really good. – Ugh, how about I just
put this up my nose. (snorts) (upbeat music) – This tiny strip can’t do anything. – It’s burning my tongue. – Oh, got stuck on the roof of my mouth. – Actually… – There you go. – That was pretty good. – That works. – So you’re telling me that one of these was better than me brushing
my teeth thoroughly, brushing my tongue thoroughly, and then flossing. – It really was able to like, penetrate… (laughs) – The pungent smell of the other… things that you’ve eaten. (upbeat music) – You’re running out of your house, you just swig some listerine, spit it, and then you’re good to go. (gargling) – Is it hurting?
– Umh. (snickers) – So I think what it is is like, it’s back in your throat. – Ew. – That one was good. Or I’m just really
getting used to the smell. (upbeat music) If you’re gonna kiss somebody
after you’ve eaten garlic, you should wait about like, six months. – Brush your teeth. – They know that they’re
supposed to brush their teeth. (laughs) – If you got to pick
one, what would you say? – I can’t. – Our breath is, here and
there, up and down, right? – Yeah. – So I think we’ve gotten used to it. So I don’t think we need to
go anywhere else from there. – Good job. – Thanks. (high five slap) – If I can only have one of those products which one would you choose? – I would choose to
walk down the street… – No, that’s not an
option, you cannot do that. – And get in my car and drive away. – You can’t, if I give you options you can’t create another option. – Well why not? – That’s not how it works. – Oh well, we’re gonna change the rules. (scoffs)

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  1. I love this video so much! My boyfriend can have dragon breath if he doesn't brush them after awhile but it balance out because I wear a retainer and those suckers can REALLY smell even if you wash them a billion times so we know each others smell. Greatest thing! 😀

  2. I like when she said " this tiny strip can't do anything" and The people at my school had than and were dyeing from the mint pain

  3. I thought the dude in the thumbnail was Keith; that was the only reason I clicked the video… sigh

    Dude should be in every video. And Jen. Jen's dope.

  4. "Hey, you going to see Sally later?"

    "You know it, brah~brah. sprays mouth"

    First, that was exactly what I was thinking. Second…
    I died when she said "Brah~brah." I can't handle this much quality laughs!! 😂😂😂😂

  5. I know I am gonna get hate for this comment but :
    "Interracial gay couple" is that a real thing or is it made up by BuzzFeedVideo.

    I mean where do you find something like that , what I am saying is that it is rare don't read too much into it.

  6. I don't know if its just me but I couldn't stand the taste of Listerine breath strips, like they make me want to vomit idk why though lol

  7. When I was little I took one of my mums listerine strips and it got stuck to the roof of my mouth and I've been traumatised ever since

  8. I had a advertisement about a thing to make your breath not smell bad. Not listerine or mouth wash or stuff like that

  9. The white gay guy's voice annoys me so much I feel like screaming at him YOUR SEXUALITY DOESNT AFFECT YOUR VOCAL CORDS TALK LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. can we have a listrine challenge where they put at least 3 of the tape mints in each others mouth???? idk why but i want to see people melting down because of the overwhelming mint taste from the cool mint flavour XD

  11. I love the smell of garlic since my mom marinated my chicken with garlic and a bunch of other spices but it always smaller like garlic

  12. I feel that the guy that has a blue shirt in the gay couple sounds like Snape talking to Harry about his breath lamo

  13. I began this bad breath solution “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it) just Two days ago but the difference has been incredible. There`s a girl I`ve wanted to ask out on a date for months but I was very paranoid about my breath I could not risk the rejection. I`ve become more confident than ever before. See this space! .

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