Cracked Tooth

Cracked Tooth

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Sometimes teeth can develop cracks, and when
not treated this can have serious consequences for your oral health.
Cracks can come from injury, or large fillings that weaken the rest of the tooth. Even small
cracks can allow bacteria into the tooth, causing decay or infection, leading to further
destruction. A cracked tooth may or may not be sensitive
to hot and cold or be painful when biting or chewing. Cracks that progress too far can
result in entire sections of the tooth breaking off, and in some cases, loss of the tooth

7 thoughts on “Cracked Tooth”

  1. I had this same problem, 4 years ago I went for filling my tooth and now it's all cracked and there's only a quarter of the crown is left and the rest are broken now my gums is covering the down part (of the crown, idk what you call it) 😭 what do I do?

  2. I started to know my teeth problem during 6th grade I believe.My brother just finished getting a teeth removed and he said it was the most PAINFUL thing ever.Please help,I’m now in 9th and my teeth in the back is like oofed

  3. My tooth cracked in half, but it's still a baby tooth and it turned into pink tooth. ( Im still young) does it effect the same?

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