CURE BAD BREATH AT HOME II साँसों की बदबू का घरेलू उपचार

CURE BAD BREATH AT HOME II साँसों की बदबू का घरेलू उपचार

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Welcome to health care at home nowadays, some people, specially young generations is facing a common problem, everyone faces this problem that is bad smell from mouth. Because of this your social status gets effected very much, people try to stay away from you. so the bad smell of mouth, how you can overcome this problem, there are very simple ways. I will show you. there is a very simple thing which is easily available at your home. with this not only you will overcome your bad smell problem, but also it is used for many other diseases. This is Clove. Clove which is easily available
at each and every home. What you have to do is, after you wake up in the morning & after brushing your teeth, take one clove and chew it and the saliva which is been formed, slowly descend from your throat, With this, you will overcome the problem of bad smell from your mouth except that after having food, chew 1 clove, chewing of clove will help you in many other ways as i said. if you are having a tooth ache and if you
are chewing a clove your pain will disappear. except that if you are facing a body odor problem, sometimes in some peoples, there is a bad smell of their sweat, saliva or bad breath, all these problems will get disappear if you will chew this clove your body odour will also reduce. except that, if you are having ulcers in your mouth, and if you will chew this clove after having food, then the problem of mouth ulcers will also be cured except that, there is one more use of this clove. if you are having a acidity problem, then
you should chew cloves, you will surly get relief from your acidity. so, whether it may be bad breath from mouth,
body odor, tooth ache, mouth ulcers, in every problem this clove is very useful. nowadays, people have the habit of eating
Pan (betel leaf), if you had much edible-lime in it, if by eating this you might have got a cut
in tongue, or ulcers in the mouth then also if you are chewing the clove, after chewing of clove, the saliva which is formed, if you spread it in your whole mouth, then
you will get relief from the cut of tongue, the cut because of eating betel leaf and edible
lime, for that also this is very helpful. so a small clove helps you a lot, except that one more very easy remedy for the bad breath is that is fennel seeds, this is easily available in kitchen take half spoon of fennel seeds, and after having food, twice a day in morning and also in evening, if you will chew fennel seeds, then your mouth’s bad smell that will disappear
but also if you have dry cough, many a times you get a dry cough, which is very painful sometimes, for that purpose also this fennel seeds are very helpful except that if will have fennel seeds after the food, this is very helpful for your digestive system your digestive system will works properly
that means you are having a proper digestion, your food easily gets digested and when the food is properly digested then
the mouths bad smell, body odor all will disappear so what you have to do, start using the cloves,
fennel seeds after having food have half tsp of fennel seeds and also have cloves two three times a day, if you are getting too much smell from mouth, bad breath then chew at least 2 3 times cloves in a day this is very helpful for you, you will get relief from acidity and mouth ulcers with that have fennel seeds, your digestion will good, your food will easily get digested and fennel seeds is very helpful. so these are very easy tips, you are having cloves, fennel seeds which is available at your home so start using this and get rid of mouths bad smell. So, we wish you be happy, be healthy and stayin touch with us. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “CURE BAD BREATH AT HOME II साँसों की बदबू का घरेलू उपचार”

  1. again a nice video . can you tell me how to make red lips cause i smoke alot i saw your previous video about lip cure bt not effect i want quick results

  2. First i will advice u to qiit smoking coz its very bad for ur heart lungs and ur hair ….as ur lips are concern do one thing when u r going to sleep put 2 drops of mustered seed oil in ur navel & in the morning take 1/2 lemon put 2 drop of glycerin 2 drops of honey mix them and rub them on ur lips this will definetly help u

  3. This was really helpful, but if you need some more help, definitely check out Oraltech Labs! It isn't easy, but they can definitely help cure your bad breath! It'll help you get your social life and so many opportunities back that you missed because of bad breath!

  4. @amie rice, what is oral tech labs, I tried looking at their website, & it says something about dentist, I don't know, then I looked through other stuff & it says something about books for $47.95, can u explain please.

  5. Everyday I eat cloves in the morning but how I will know that it works because I can't ask someone to smell my mouth ?
    How long it will help in a day?

  6. I've had bad breath for the past 6 years, tried all the bad breath products- profresh, closys, went to my doctor he told me to take a multivitamin. went to a couple of ent's- prescribed me some nasal spray, even my brilliant dentist couldnt help me, so I just gave up & tried to accept I would have bad breath forever, even though I brushed & flossed at least twice every day. My wife suggested I try A herbal doctor call Dr,Aloma that she saw people testifying about his great work,I contacted him via([email protected])he prepared the herbs immediately and sent it to me through DHL fast delivering services,After sticking to him for a couple of days as i was instructed my bad breath was totally cured permanently.He can as well cured the following diseases(HivAid(Genital herpes)(diabetic)(infertility problem) (Hepatitis bc) (fatty liver)his cell phone number}+2348051095232 goodluck………

  7. My breath was very humiliating. It is very bad which I forced myself to just stay home I attempted every thing my dental practitioner told me to do but nothing worked for more than a couple of hours. Now my breath is more fresh, clean and 100% better. My life back is finally normal again due to this bad breath treatment “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it). .

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