Cure Halitosis for Life!

Cure Halitosis for Life!

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So you treat bad breath successfully, how?
We have something we have a dedicated Center at the office called the Richter
Center for halitosis or bad breath we get bad breath patients who come in
we’ve had patients come in from Africa from New York they come in from all over
the world they don’t care about their gum disease but they care about bad
breath it’s really very funny and we treat we treat bad breath sometimes it’s
caused by gum disease in those cases we treat the gum disease and get rid of it
we get rid of it sometimes using the laser but primarily by eliminating the
cause which is bacteria. Okay. Sometimes it’s bacteria under the gums
causing gum disease but more often it’s bacteria and a certain part of the
tongue that have to be removed and eliminated and patients taught how to
prevent those bacteria from growing back again. So like what you do? Is it a rinse?
We have what’s called well actually we the patients come in we test them first
to make sure they have bad breath believe it or not a lot of people who
sure that have bad breath don’t but they have social problems that they think
they have bad breath but a lot of people do have bad breath okay very this is
crazy but a lot of the people who really have bad breath they don’t know they
have been they have to be sent by somebody the people who are sure they
have bad breath very often they don’t have it they just
think they have it so we have to differentiate whether they have it or
not now sometimes they don’t have it but they still want to have the treatment
just to feel better anyway okay so what we do is first we test them to check it
and then we actually use what’s called a it’s like a high powered power spray
to spray and eliminate these bacteria deep in the tongue and get rid of these
bacteria that actually convert things in the saliva or post nasal drip to
hydrogen sulfide gas which causes bad breath so we eliminate these bacteria
and then we teach the patient how to prevent these bacteria from coming back
and additionally we give them something to rinse with that will kill any
remaining bacteria that they may have missed so actually if they have bad breath we have to eliminate the cause of the bad breath which is bacteria maybe
bacteria under the gum in in which case we treat the gum disease or
maybe bacteria in a certain part of the tongue in which case we have to
eliminate those we eliminate those by using a power spray that goes deep into
the tongue, You spray it on the tongue? It’s like a high-powered spray and we also
scrape the tongue very thoroughly to remove all of these bacteria.We
then teach the patient how to prevent these bacteria from coming back and we
give them something that will to rinse with it will kill any remaining bacteria
and it’s like turning off a faucet it’s just like you turn this off you never
have bad breath again really it’s it’s amazing I know it’s amazing because I know people that I’ve treated personally and it’s like and you don’t even have
morning breath you don’t even have if you do this there is no I know it
sounds too good to be true what it actually is
there’s no morning breath there’s no bad breath it’s gone it’s done finished and
that’s the end of it and I can’t think of any patient where we’ve actually had
a failure because if a patient thinks they still have bad breath we always ask
them we have them come back to be retested to make sure it’s gone and if
they think they still have it we say well okay just let us talk to somebody
who can verify that you have it and and we can find out what the circumstances
were we have never ever ever had a patient being able to bring somebody who
said yeah they still have bad breath so so it’s a bacteria that’s living on the
tongue yeah or bacteria that’s living under the gumline exactly that’s it
we get rid of the bacteria we get rid of the bad breath but like now done and
you can stay away for quite some time period no it’s, Oh! You have to do
what you have to do at home you do what you have to do at home you never have
bad breath again

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  1. Hey Doc 1 question. Is it possible to replace worn out enamel? I remember a chunk of enamel broke when brushing my teeth and overtime my teeth have become sensitive. Is there any solution to this?

  2. Im having this problem and have had it for as logn as I remember. It has a very bad impact in my life in all aspects. I have no idea what to do, I cant come to your practise since I live in england. Please can you help?

  3. This bad breath treatment “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it) was an absolute godsend. I read every little thing front to back and it is really amazing. I had no idea what was causing my terrible breath. Following this process helped me realize not only the cause of my disorder, but its solution too. I have been doing all of the things with this guide, my breath has never been much better. .

  4. you have stomach ,throat back side bad breath no solution given any doctor perfect answer ,i am research all videos bad breath for me ,but no medicine for bad breath no treatment halitosis but i suggest bad breath boys and girls go to diagnose some blood test reports then you find out why ,what,coming bad breath
    1 )D and B12 vitamin
    3)kidney,liver function
    4)magnesium serum
    5)H.pylori (igg,iga)
    6)gallblader function
    This 6test very importent, who dont have dental bad breath problem, who have throat ,nose,stomach bad breath this above test results important,and digetion issues ,low acid use
    HCL pepsin,enzymes tablets any best brands, imp: if find solution,answer plz msg me for above message use and benfit boys and girls

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