Hello, hello, hello! Hey hey! We need to talk about something Come closer I need to talk about my mother OH MY! Yeah, you already understand that it’s pretty bad huh? Yeah, terrible! So, my mother has a new boyfriend… *Monster sound* Come on, it’s not that weird Is that a new clock? We’ve had it for a long time It’s…it’s gone! What are you talking ab…? Why do you have a… …clothespin on your nose? No…oh! Where did it come from? We need to be serious for a while! And because my mother is feeling down maybe you could help… Uuuh, I’m just going to do something Wait, what are you going to do? I’m just going to… To the restroom? Go shopping? Rob a bank? Strangle a cat? Nah, you were right, I’m just going to the restroom Henry please, this is important! I think my mother is terminally ill! Her sister Hanna, she… …she called and told me. And it’s Hanna without an H Not Hanna with an H If you need to know And you should have heard mom yesterday Exactly like that But not as smelly I am standing here with Benjamin von Tratt who holds the world record in the worst breath Tell me, how do you feel? I can’t believe this! I want to thank my family, my mother my dad, my brother… Mom! Don’t vomit on the couch! My second cousin, my uncle Wait, I don’t have an uncle!

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