Dealing with Larynx Cancer


Twenty-six years ago, I was diagnosed with larynx cancer. The reason that date remains in infamy is
because my son got married the night before I went into the hospital. And for a year I had a voice and then the cancer came back. I didn’t know how to accept it. I was a—my business was talking, selling…
and I was pretty good at it. Now I know my voice was going to be affected. Now what’s going to happen to my family? My grandchildren—first of all—never heard
me talk and they only know me to talk this way. My wife, she’s been my caretaker and she’s
made it a lot easier for me—socially and medically, also—doing all the stuff she did for me. Something that is very important is that your
own personality is what makes you go on and accept whatever you have that enables you to continue your business and social life. And that’s always been my way. I’ve always tried to inject a little smile,
a little joke, a little personality so that people accept. And you get used to people staring at you
when you first walk into a room, or you walk into a social event. Especially years ago, they didn’t understand
or recognize what was wrong with me. I know that in the last 26 years the progress
that has been made and the changes that the research has produced… most people don’t talk
the way I do. They can have their voices restored. And to me, that’s fantastic. That, to me is worth everything. I have 7 grandchildren and the family is very close very loving and they’re very supportive. For Papa… Papa Jack. That’s me.

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