Death by Pimple Popping?

Death by Pimple Popping?

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– Have you ever received an email from dear ol’ mom warning you of something that could harm you, or worse, kill you? Kind of like this email from Rachael’s mom in Tulsa, Oklahoma saying, “Saw this and thought of you.” “If you pop pimples on your nose,” “you can get a brain infection and die.” (audience laughing) The article that Rachael’s
referring to is a viral link referring to a triangle
of death on your nose. According to the article, there’s a triangle of
blood vessels in your nose that connects directly to the brain. If you pop a zit in the triangle, it could be curtains for you. So, is this legit? Well, here to set the record straight, we had to go to the Queen of Pop herself, dermatologist Dr. Sandra
Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper. – Hi guys, Dr. Sandra Lee here. You guys also know me as Dr.
Pimple Popper on the internet. When it comes to pimple
popping, I’m your source. Have you heard before that maybe popping a pimple on your nose could kill you? Well, technically yes, but
the chances are slim to none, and so let me explain. In medical school, we learn about this triangle of death in gross anatomy, and this is a space right here, extending from our upper lip to the root of our nose right
between our eyebrows, and we do know that in this area, there’s a more direct connection
to the cavernous sinus. This is a space right in
the middle of our head that contains a lot of
important blood vessels and a lot of important nerves. If this area gets infected,
there is thrombosis, there is swelling, and
this can actually lead to paralysis, blindness, and even death. However, due to today’s modern medicine and our use of antibiotics, it almost always never gets to this point. So the moral of the story
is don’t pop your pimples. Let me pop ’em. – Thank you, Dr. Lee. – [Ordon] Very well done, Dr. Lee. – Well, and she makes a really good point, which is that is something you
do learn in medical school. Whether or not any of us
have ever actually seen it– – I’ve seen it. – I haven’t. – Your nose and throat, I’ve seen it, and more typically where there’s more going on infection-wise, related– – Have you seen it from
popping a pimple, though? – No, no. – That’s why, I’ve seen it too, but I’ve never seen it as a
result from popping a pimple. – No, and typically
they were sicker people, immunocompromised, that
were more set up for an infection to go out of control. – Right. – [Stork] Well, and I
will say the wonderful takeaway here is if you go on your face and you’re poppin’ pimples aggressively, realistically you’re probably
not going to die from it but the scarring and other
things that can occur from it, it’s just not worth it.

100 thoughts on “Death by Pimple Popping?”

  1. Dude. Just dont pop your pimples, dont touch your face. Unless your washing you face you shouldnt touch it.

  2. even though I wasn't really developed, my acne started when I turned 6 years old. I'm curently 15… I think having acne for 9 YEARS means that my chances are pretty low considering that I actually pop them… wow I'm a survivor😂

  3. seriously just think about it… you could die if you pop a pimple on your nose? wha-? I just… wow

  4. I had a pimple on my nose and I kept trying to pop it but instead it just die down so I didn’t have to pop it

  5. The moral of the story is if it gets INFECTED you can DIE! Don’t take this for granted because as we know….ppl die for waaaay less….infections are nothing to be played with so please….all my pimple ppl be careful

  6. So let me get this straight instead of popping these things by yourself for free you have to pay her to do it for you and add a whole bunch of things on top of that they're going to scare you with his triangle of death of BS yeah I see your game

  7. Person: I’m so sorry to hear that, how’e d she die ?

    Mom: She popped a pimple on her nose.


  8. The pipping of these pimples left me sick. I've never had acne issues but have had one here and there before period time. But nothing I could pop. To think there are people popping zits for a living, groooiss!!

  9. I have mole on the triangle top position. And I'm alive even when the triangle is formed.😂😂


  11. not worth it my butt, I'm not walking around with mayonnaise looking crap on my face. I'm popping that junk.

  12. Meh, I got this super annoying pimple on my nose /: it feels like when I try to pop it it's touching the bone or something.. so I drained it in facial acid

  13. Lol when i see one pimple on my face i never touch it and do the 10 step korean skin care routine everyday until it's gone i dont get how people pop them its disgusting

  14. I’ve popped many pimples from my face in my teenage years and I’m 52 and I’ve been recently asked if I wear makeup and if they can touch my face. They’ve said my face looks smooth and that I have a nice even tone. I don’t suggest people to pop their mimples. I guess I am just saying I’m very lucky. Especially because brown skin scares more easily and shows .more uneven tones.


  16. The other day, I tried poping a pimple at the bridge of my nose, suddenly I had a strange feeling at the back of my left ear and under the left side of my jawline. I stopped with the poping. Very strangely I experienced a throbbing pain almost throughout the night, until I fell asleep and so also the next day. But it is all good now, but yeah that was out of the blue and a lil scary. I keep popping pimples but that was the first of its kind experience.

  17. No one can understand this better than a medical student its not like everyone will die chances are less but it's possible

  18. I’m extremely annoyed stop saying it’s not true if y’all can hear you should’ve heard Dr. Lee say that the chances are extremely slim to nothin so can y’all shut your damn mouths

  19. Look at me I'm Sandra Lee, popping zits for you and me.
    Won't blow a fart till pimples will part,
    I can't, I'm Sandra Lee!

  20. I popped a pimple on my nose today. Would just like to say thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me in some dark times in my life, I would never of done it with out any of you. I would also like to declare my love for a girl called hannah who I have never told as I was to shy but it seems now is the perfect time to confess my love, it's just too little too late to have a future with you. I guess this is it.

  21. I see alot of selective listening… Seriously. She said probable to none. It is very true but probable to none happening to anyone. But then again every one making comments are Doctors.

  22. This is true! I almost lost my sister because of this. She popped something that seemed like a pimple on her “cupid’s bow”, it got infected, her entire face puffed up, her top lip became very swollen, and she had fever that didn’t go away for days that we had to go see the doctor. Doctor said that if we had waited another day to get it checked out, it would’ve been very bad.

  23. I have always popped pimples (I used to in very unsanitary ways) and never had this happened. Its so extremely rare that I’m not even scared of it, although I do make sure to be very sanitary now. Although I heard that trying to pop a pimple for a very long time that just won’t pop greatly increases your risk of infection because you can push it back, never keep trying to pop something that won’t pop.

  24. People are saying how it’s crazy they aren’t dead yet since they’ve popped pimples on their nose and still haven’t died, even though the video said that the chances are slim to none of dying :/

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