Deep-Seated Dirt as the Cause of Acne? How true? | The Skin Sensei

Deep-Seated Dirt as the Cause of Acne? How true? | The Skin Sensei

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Hi, everyone! Welcome back to The Skin Sensei. I’m Dr. Winlove Mojica. I’m a dermatologist and a teacher. Today, I will be your teacher on the skin and sexuality. Now, we will be talking about an important topic: Does external dirt cause acne? Is it true that you’ll get pimples if you are a dirty girl or a dirty boy? But before we answer these questions, please don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button so you’ll be updated on my videos. Kindly click the notification bell as well. So let’s begin! I’m sure you’re all familiar with commercials where there’s a guy and a girl with pimples in their faces. They are walking in a polluted street and a lot of dirt gets in their face. And then, the commercial will tell the audience to use this facial wash that has beads or use this toner to get rid of deep-seated dirt that causes acne. Is this true? No! In our previous video, we talked about the four factors why a person gets acne. Let’s review! First, the skin naturally clogs. The skin cells want to leave the skin pore but there’s traffic at the exit. That’s when they become whiteheads and blackheads. They are called blackheads because they come in contact with the air and they get oxidized. Just like peeled potatoes that are left on the table for a long time. Number two, there’s plenty of oil from the oil glands. Number three, when clogged pores and oil are abundant in the skin, the bacteria living in it is happy. When the bacteria is happy, it will throw a party. When there’s a party, garbage will be abundant. This abundance of rubbish in the skin will lead to the fourth factor which is inflammation. So you see, I did not mention deep-seated dirt that comes from external factors. Acne is not caused by an unclean environment. Acne is caused by the natural clogging of the skin pores. And the black specks that you see aren’t dust or dirt. Those are skin cells that have been oxidized. Those commercials saying that you need facial beads or facial wash to clean deep-seated dirt to get rid of acne are false. So, there you have it! The T on deep-seated dirt causing acne. Not true! Thank you for staying with me today. If you learned something new, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button. Kindly press the notification bell as well to get updates on my videos. Next video, we’ll be talking about another myth regarding facials to treat pimples. So, don’t miss it! See you in our next video!

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  1. Doc, kung hindi naman po pala totoo yung deep seated dirt, ano po ang tulong ng toner? Bakit nakakatulong pa rin po siya sa skincare? Sana po ma-explain niyo! 🙂

  2. Hi doc! How bout naman po yung araw araw na exfoliation tapos pag gamit din ng vitamin c sa morning, vitamin a/retinol sa gabi and ang hindi pag gamit ng moisturizer?? Thoughts po.

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  4. The Skin Sensei super thankful po ako sa inyo ang dami kong nalalaman at natututunan super relate po ako kasi isa din ako sa mga taong tinutubuan ng madaming pimples. Thanks po sa mga advices nakasubaybay po ako lagi sa vlogs nyo hehe 💕 Godbless 😇

  5. Kaya siguro yung mga pulubi walang mga pimples kasi kahit madumi mukha nila hindi sila nagpupuyat. Hmm🤔

  6. Next vid doc is skin care regimen for treating sensitive, combination and acne prone skin.. ist it okay just to wash your face with water only if you think your are allergic to soaps

  7. Very helpful Doc! Btw people can you subscribe to my channel? I will do covers at magsisimula bilang isang singer sa youtube salamat po 😊

  8. Please do a video on the myths and truths about anti-aging, sun protection and skin whitening! 😙🇵🇭 thanks Dr winlove!

  9. Doc, big question. Does vitamin B5 clear acne away? Tsaka, yung 4 Factors, do they also apply for cystic acne o ibang condition na yun? Thanks

  10. This is the kind of youtuber I want!!! ❤❤❤ hopefully the next video is about how to prevent acne.

  11. Ang ganda ng explanation niyo po doc. Mas madaling maintindihan ng mga taong walang masyadong alam when it comes to medical terms like me. More contents soon po!!

  12. Enough of those "My skin care routine" vlogs wtf. Thanks Doc for your channel and your videos. 😊

  13. Thank you so much doc winlove, I've been your twitter follower since 2017 and I'm thankful that you have a yt channel now. Love you doc!

  14. Napakainteresting naman ng vids mo doc lalo na kung magiging dermatologist din ako someday but for now nalilito pako kung paano ko maaapply lahat ng interest ko para sa ganun nagagamit lahat hehehe

  15. 😭😭acne,white/blackheads,dark spot. Lahat na ata nasaken😭😓 what to do or use po doc? Plss
    Thanks in advance❤️

  16. Really love how informative and at the same time entertaining this series is.

    Dok, kung pwede po ma-tackle ang hair fall, thinning and baldness any time soon also yung cause, prevention, treatment. Thanks, dok! Subbed ❤

  17. nakakatulong po ba yung paghihilamos ng mukha sa umaga at gabi? kung oo, paano po ba yung tamang paghugas ng mukha? gagamitan po ba ng maiinit ng tubig?

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  19. Pano po ba mawawala ang blackheads sa cheeks at noo? Ano po cause?
    By the way, I'm so happy that I found this channel.

  20. Mga anong oras po sa gabi nagiging active ang stress hormones hehe ( naghahanap lang ng saktong oras)

  21. Dooooc!! May mga meaning po ba kung bakit dun sa part ng face mo tumubo yung pimple?? ☹☹ I mean, para po if kunware sa baba tumubo dahil sa hormones. Cheeks stomach (halimbawa lang po). 😅 If meron po meaning kung bat dun tumubo, why po kaya??? Bukod po dun sa bacteriang nagpapa fiesta hahaha 😅 tapoooos mga dapat bawasan kainin doc? May ganun po ba? Hehe

  22. SKIN CARE ROUTINE PO SANA DOC para legit galing talaga sa Dermatologist na haha. Thank you din po nabawasan worries ko lalo na kapag nalabas ng bahay dahil sa pollutions. ❤️

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