Dental Care & Oral Hygiene : How to Correctly Floss Your Teeth

Dental Care & Oral Hygiene : How to Correctly Floss Your Teeth

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Are you looking for a great form of method
on how to correctly floss your teeth? Well my name’s Michelle and I’m a Dental Assistant
with Solutionz and I’m going to demonstrate to you on how you can correctly floss your
teeth. First of all, you want to choose a floss that would work best for you. Basically
the floss that I really like is Glide floss. It helps me, it’s easier to floss with and
it actually is better for your teeth. So you just want to break off a small piece of floss,
probably about a foot long, you want to wrap it around your index fingers. There’s a couple
different ways on how you can do this. You can wrap it around your middle finger or your
index finger. I find it easier to wrap it around your index finger. And you want to
keep doing so until you come out with about an inch to a half an inch long. Then you’re
going to take the floss and you’re going to actually just push it down in between your
teeth all the way down below the gum line, and then you want to create what we call is
like the C effect. You want to curve the floss around to actually make it look like a C and
then push it, go back and forth on your tooth and below the gum and then pull it up and
out. Then you want to do the exact same thing on the other side of the tooth. Push it down
below the gum line, create a C effect and go back and forth as you’re pulling up and
out. You want to do that continuously throughout each individual tooth and all the way back
in between your molars also. And then you’re going to want, when you’re coming back on
the very back tooth, you still want to floss that even though there’s not a connected tooth
next to it. So you’re going to basically, it’s pretty simple, you just go back there,
push it below the gum line, and then pull it, make a, create a C effect and pull up
and out. Do that all throughout your mouth. Then to finish it off, you’re going to want
to brush your teeth afterwards, rinse around with antiseptic rinse and then you’ll be all
set. My name’s Michelle and I’m a Dental Assistant with Solutions, and I just showed you on how
to floss your teeth.

38 thoughts on “Dental Care & Oral Hygiene : How to Correctly Floss Your Teeth”

  1. Brushing and then flossing and then mouthwashing with listerine or similar to it, is the right way.
    Flossing should be used to remove what the brush couldn't reach, and they advise us to floss before brushing!!

  2. I imagine a future where nanobots maintain and repair your teeth since your young……brushing teeth will have more about removing the big amount of plaquebuildup.

  3. @solutionstoliveby thanks for the advice! Every time I'd floss my teeth I would bleead, and I started thinking I wasn't doing it correctly. So now I know my gums will get use to flossing more often =)

  4. @1990banks

    I know what you mean. They do make something called a flossing toothbrush which does work for molars. I'm still getting used to mine, but it does make it easier to get to.

  5. @rizqun

    I know. I can only floss once a day because of all the time it takes. Yes, they do make flossing toothbrushes that make the job easier, but it's still a 15-20 min job. Flossing twice is something I can only do with a significant amount of free time on my hands.

  6. @CandyJill
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  7. Haha nearly 3am here and I was thinking the same.
    Not sure how you're meant to be able to get your whole hand in your mouth to do the back teeth when your jaw isn't the size shown in the video.. haha

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