Dental Costs : How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

Dental Costs : How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

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So are you curious to know on how much porcelain
veneers cost. Well my name is Michelle and I’m a dental assistant with solutions and
I’m going to give you a couple of different prices on the cost of porcelain veneers. Now
every office varies so you definitely want to check with your general dentist or the
dental office that you go to in order to get an exact quote but normally full porcelain
veneers they start anywhere from about nine hundred dollars and they can go all the way
up to twelve hundred or thirteen hundred that’s for a full porcelain,meaning that the full
veneer is all porcelain. If they have to do anything to the tooth below, beneath the veneer
of course that’s going to raise your price. Also if it’s an in house dental lab usually
sometimes that cuts down on the cost because it saves on shipping the case out to another
dental lab. They can just keep it there in the dental office and make the porcelain veneer
for you. So if you can find a general dentist that has an in house dental lab already there
in the dental office, that, therefore that will cut down on some of the cost but definitely
check with your general dentist because the prices always do vary, and also depending
on how many teeth are going to do. Usually sometimes in most dental offices they’ll give
you a break if you are doing you know a full arch of all veneers or maybe like the front
six of your teeth so check with your general dentist and he will be able to give you an
exact quote. But normally full porcelain veneers range anywhere starting from nine hundred
dollars and it can go all the way up to about twelve hundred and thirteen hundred. And once
again my name is Michelle and I just explained to you the different costs on porcelain veneers.

18 thoughts on “Dental Costs : How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?”

  1. U go bk n get them done ago or if not just get shit teeth done in england n get your pants pulled down with the price. I will be goin bk to india for mine doin once anything happens. Ive had them in since january 2009

  2. you paid $1500 for front 6 teeth in india ? where was this and do you have some pictures , i am going to india and here jnc canada my doc gave me a quote of $8000 for front 5 teeth

  3. I have pictures on my fb i dont know how to put them on youtube. I paid £1500 or mayb just less than that. I had them dne in India Goa i landed in plane and with in a couple of hours i was at the dentist having my old teeth drilled down n 2 week later i had a hollywood smile. Just as good as Tom crusies smile. If u can tell me hw t post picks on here ill do it n u'll see

  4. im sorry i couldnt tell you where it was down the back streets in india, if you go to candolim goa go to a shack on the beach called claudinas n ask for anthony he will tell you where to go tell him wayne from england wiv gary,julie n sharney n he will remember me n then he will tell you where to go to get them done. but believe me they are awsome no one knows there fake or anything n when i tell them they are shocked…

  5. My dentist charges $1000 per tooth. For porcelain veneers. Is that average? or is that pricey I have no idea. lol Im gettinf on of my top tooth done cause the size of the tooth is so small it makes my smile so weird and I feel so self conscious about it I really hate it 🙁 even after braces my teeth arent perfect as I want them to be and most peoples teeth looks so great after they get there braces off. Thats not the case with my teeth 🙁

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