Dental Health : Complications After a Tooth Implant

Dental Health : Complications After a Tooth Implant

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Did you recently just have a dental implant
placed, and you just wanted to know; as far as what causes the discomfort with an implant?
Well, my name’s Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I’m going to
explain to you exactly this, what happens after you have a dental implant. Basically,
this is exactly what an implant looks like of course. But you know, visually, when you’re
looking inside your mouth you would not be able to see the screw part. But basically,
what an implant is is it’s a titanium post that is screwed into your jaw, and then of
course it’s sealed up, and then it sits there for about four to six months while you’re
healing and the bone is reintegrating into the implant where the screws are at. And then,
you go back to your dentist in about six months, and he places a crown on top of an implant.
But the main things to expect after you have an implant done is basically, you’re going
to have some discomfort after like for the first about week or two weeks or so. Having
an implant placed is having surgery done, so with any other type of surgery you are
going to be sore, there is going to be discomfort. A major complication to expect with a dental
implant is that your body might reject the implant, meaning that it doesn’t take well,
and it actually starts to force the implant; the bone will not start to integrate around
the implant. Your body will actually start to force it out of the bone. So, that’s the
main complication, but nine times out of ten that usually doesn’t happen, especially if
the implant is placed correctly and aligned correctly. But basically this is pretty much
an implant, and just really you would just need to expect some discomfort for the first
week or two. And then, after about four to six months when you go to finalize the implant
everything should be perfect with it. Once again, my name’s Michelle, and I’m a dental
assistant with Solutionz, and I just explained to you the complications of having a implant.

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  1. I had a single tooth implant and felt no pain during the procedure or after. I was given a perscription for pain butnever had to use it.

  2. If the implant does not work, then can there be serious consequences i.e. to the jaw or sense of smell, or do you just wait for it to heal?

  3. @speter33 im in ohio and would like to know how much this procedure would be.
    i am only 46 and have no dental insurance, single mom etc. (money is tight) recently had a panoramic xray and told to get a full upper denture. any hope?

  4. Have 3 dental implants this year. 19 and 20 no pain at all. Tooth implanted at 30 in May, is causing severe pain all the way to the end of the mandible, mostly at night causing sleep deprivation. Is my bone cooked or is the ragged right mandible suferring from a broken extraction core?

  5. Most implant surgery is in fact not very painful afterwards…unfortunately there are many general dentists placing them instead of oral surgeons and periodontists who have lower failure rates. Oral surgeons and periodontists do residency programs after dental school…general dentists can accumulate CE but since the specialists also do this, you make the call.

  6. it looks like an ugly metal post

    better you inform yourself about immediate zirconia implants placed without any additional interventions

  7. @Zipito06 interesting to hear that you compare mini implants with truly root analog zirconia implants. Please inform yourselfe before you reveal that you are clueles mixing up everything.

  8. *I had posts put in several years ago which cost a small fortune! Horrible job! Replacing my posterior, Mandibular, first, second and third molars on each side. I am stuck with just "posts" now! Crooked! which bleed all the time! For years! Can you imagine?! I tried to go to another Dentist, but that was a horrible experience too. Had a root canal; Lower 21-L-1st Bicuspid, never finished, left with a gaping hole! Turns out the Dentist has a wife who threatens patients constantly. Very Weird!!

  9. I had no pain, but the dentist was a butt-hole! I woke up halfway between and they were laughing and telling jokes. He yelled and they knocked me out but good after that and everything turned out awful from then on! I never went back. It was horrible! We paid in cash about $13,000.00 and that's the treatment I received. I still, after about seven or eight years, have these stupid posts! Crooked! and an unfinished root canal! If they treated me like this I can only imagine how they treat others!

  10. I was fortunate in one aspect. I am a valedictorian graduate dental tech and made my own Max-full upper plate. Not all people can do this, I know, but I had not one bit of pain ever since I made them myself. I just wish I could make my own implant teeth. I do not work as a dental tech and no-one would allow me to make my own, except for someone who now lives in the Caribbean. Tough world out there! There really are not that many really "good" dentists. Trust me on that. What a shame.

  11. In a perfect world, I would or should have perfect, gorgeous TEATH!!! I am so sick of dentists and their strange ways.

  12. @Zipito06 Interesting to hear that you know the failure rate and long term success rates of bioimplant! What experience do you have on this method? Or just talking nonsense?

  13. @Zipito06 Don't you think you are comparing bananas and potatoes when you compare screw implants with truly anatomic implants like bioimplant?

  14. Does anybody know why bone would fail to grow and fuse the post firmly in? I had an allograft failure in my neck, a C5-6 fusion. Hello revision! Now this was five months after Katrina, in New Orleans. Stress was overwhelming! But I worry about graft failure for upper molar implants, three on each side.

  15. Thank God that now there are far less complications with dental implants. As a matter of fact you can now have dental implants done in one day. As for the bone not growing and fussing as the video stated it's very rare.

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    idiots like you are the reason women think they're better than they really are

    guys who compliment beautiful women rarely get beautiful women

    show some fucking self control & quit dishing out compliments because it effects everyone you fucking moron

    now back to the dental implants

  17. ok sir. it was more tongue in cheek but yea.. ok i feel you cowboy..btw ive . peaked with hot girls now i wont accept anything less which is tough in its own right. cheers

  18. Titanium is the best acceptable element for the body.  Meaning least rejecting.    I had an implant and had little if any complications or discomfort.    Getting another in 2 weeks in the incisor!   argh!!  but worth it. 

  19. Doc, i have a single tooth extraction and was asked to go for implants. Health wise, I have cervical spond.  so I guess my bone may not be strong ? Honestly, even having a implant will cause problems, so I want to know IS IT COMPULSORY TO HAVE IMPLANTS OR CAN I JUST LEAVE IT ALONE ? I am scare to go thru the procedure and end up having complication later.  Pls advise, thanks so much

  20. Around ten years ago I had an implant inserted that is still doing well; however, one year ago I had to have another implant and although the dentist is not concern I have noticed that the bone is moving away from the implant. I am afraid that soon there won't be enough bone left. I was doing some research and apparently the posts are treated differently and dentist are seeing  a lot more cases with people suffering from bone loss than ever before. So don't listen to this woman she has no idea what she is talking about. Dental implants are the last resort and they are failing at an alarming rates and my dentist is just "blowing" it off with absolutely no information on how to prevent the bone loss so I am left fending for myself and gathering as much information as I can to prevent more bone loss.  The peri-implantits is usually associated with an infection but my bone loss is not related to an infection. It is "heaven" having a functional tooth and I want to keep it there thriving.

  21. I have a pus pocket on the gum on the tooth and when it pops the pain when chewing goes away and the pocket, but it keeps coming back

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