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Dental Health : Dental Health: Dentist Tools

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I’m Dr. Joe Neely, and I practice with Barton
Oaks Dental Group. Dental assisting tools, dental tools in general. You can think of
them as just simply the adaption of simple tools that were used for other things, to
build things, or to to repair things, that have been adapted so that they’re the more
efficient for exactly what they’re doing. The typical dental tools that we think of;
things like a dental mirror. It’s simply a a a small mirror that fits in your mouth,
and then can be easily moved around so that you can see what you’re doing. The explorer
has a a curvy end so that it has some spring to it, so that you can actually place the
sharp area in something that you don’t think is is soft. You have no reason to want to
poke somebody in the gum with it, but it’s basically to to to test hard structures to
see if they are indeed hard. The other end of the of the instrument is a measured probe.
It’s for measuring the amount, the the the length of the unattached portion of the gum
around teeth. You need a little bit of unattached gum in order to be healthy, but the deeper
that attachment, or the the deeper the space before the attachment, it can be an indication
of disease. The pliers, tweezers, simply, you want to be able to pick things up out
of people’s mouths, or place things into their mouths without having to put your whole hand
in there, and so you have a mini hand. The pretty much all the rest of the instruments
are for either shaping or packing different kinds of dental materials. The decay process
eats holes in things. In order to have a healthy tooth, you need to remove the decay, and then
reestablish the typical boundaries of the tooth, and so that’s the reason for the shaping
tools. The the instrument that everybody always loves is the giant shot. Actually, the interesting
thing about this is the reason this is so large is so that you can use a very, very
tiny needle. The needles that are used in dentistry; a thirty gauge needle that’s so
fine that it can actually just be bent, and you can tie this is a knot; it’s so little,
and that’s a good thing, because the smaller the needle, the less the pain.

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  1. one end is called 'explorer' which looks a little more like a C
    the other end is called a 'measured probe'- kind of has an L shape.

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