Dental Health : Describe Root Canal Pain

Dental Health : Describe Root Canal Pain

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When assessing whether or not a patient needs
a root canal, there are many different things that a dentist will evaluate to ensure that
that is the right prescribed treatment. There are certain symptoms that a patient will present
with that will definitely insure that a root canal would be necessary. Some of the symptoms
that we typically see would be a hot or cold sensitivity that lingers. It can be a biting
sensitivity, or a gum tenderness, or a throbbing pain that sporadically occurs and goes away
and then comes back. If someone describes that they had a sensitivity that kept them
all night, and they couldn’t sleep, or even a biting sensitivity that kind of comes and
goes, but never really goes away. These are typically symptoms that a dentist will evaluate
to diagnose some sort of infection within the tooth and prescribe a root canal for that
tooth. If a dentist has prescribed a root canal treatment, what they do, they will basically
go in and numb the tooth and go in and remove the infection as well as the nerve on the
tooth. That, essentially, is what a root canal is. It’s removing the nerve and the tooth
that’s infected, as well as the infection within the tooth. They are typically very
comfortable procedures, based on the amount of infection that’s present, and based on
the existing pain level when you go in. Typically, what to expect afterwards is some dull, achy
pain. Maybe a little bit of biting sensitivity. All cold sensitivity will completely resolve
once the root canal’s been completed. It’s very important to understand that when you
have a root canal, again, you are removing the nerve out of the tooth. When you do that,
you lose the ability to sense hot and cold. You can still sense biting pressure and biting
sensitivity, but cold and hot will go away completely following a root canal. It is because
of this that most…most of the time after a root canal, it is a very comfortable procedure,
and afterwards, a couple days of soreness would be the most that one would expect. It’s
because of this that we will typically, you know, prescribe a pain medication, or some
sort of over-the-counter medication like an ibuprofen or a Tylenol, to help with any sort
of residual pain or soreness. We typically find that within about one week that most
pain that originated from the tooth that had the root canal will resolve completely.

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  1. believe me folks…'ll know when you need a root canal when you are screaming your head off at 2 in the morning. Once they inject the Novacaine (or what ever thay are using now) it's pretty much sit back and daydream. The ONLY thing that hurts about this procedure is the "price".

  2. i have the need of a root canal, my symptoms are as follows, hot and cold for sure, i cant chew on the tooth in question. inflamming the tooth with preassure or hot and cold leads to a total face pain, this leads to lack of cognitive thinking, lack of concentration.

  3. well i got it fixed and i must admit, i was scared for no reason, there was zero pain and now my tooth is good. dental technology has improved massivley over the years. get it fixed is all i can say

  4. I had the root canal, the only part that hurt is when he was cleaning the root and poking it with some kind of pins. He didn't warn me that I would feel anything and I almost jumped out my seat.

  5. you werent frozen enough then, my dentist tested my freezing about 3 times before he went to work, he blew compressed air on my tooth and asked if i could feel it. i felt a sharp pain the first time, really minor pain the second time, and nothing the third, after that he went to work. we are all different and require different times for the freezing to work

  6. dude lmfao stuck in a basketball net? lose your life and stay inside and play some addicting game and that will never happen again, rofl

  7. OH, I had a few, some were good, no pain, after, the last one, I was going crazy with pain.
    NOTHING took the pain away.
    Not looking forward to another.

  8. try not going for a root canal if you have an infection. I had two root canals in my life, the last one yesterday. mind you, both were painful like hell. I moaned from pain which is very rare for me. but the tooth was very infected.
    so try getting your dentist to give you antibiotics, to lessen as much as possible the pain of feeling your nerve being killed by little files.

  9. It is 3 am. I had done tooth canal and crowing done to one of my tooth about a year ago. This tooth always has sensation of pain. I can not seem to eat from that side (hard food). The sensation of pain always there. It hurts more if i press the tooth. What can I do get rid of the pain sensation? Please do advice me. I feel the dentist mess it up. From experience I can say dentist must try to avoid doing root canal procedure and chose other procedure like filling.

  10. Had one about three days ago. The throbbing pain is so bad I can't even think straight. They have me on antibiotics and pain killers, but nothing works. I've been in tears all day. 🙁

  11. Nothing and I mean nothing works!!!! I haven't slept in 3 days and feel suicidal! I've taken painkillers, antibiotics, aleve, sleeping pills, etc. and nothing fucking works…fuck you sugar!

  12. I had a root canal done yesterday its not that painful of an operation it hurts way more to not have it done trust me the most you'l feel is a bit of a pinch from where the needle went in, its been 26 hours since i had my operation and have felt no sort of pain afterwards. so don't be 2 concerned about the pain of it ^.^

  13. had mine a few days ago didnt hurt at all there was some pressure but that was it. afterwards it wasnt that painful advil took care of it. Hurt WAY less than then the toothache i had

  14. wow , i have to get mine the day before christmas eve ! thats just freakin fantastic. do you have to eat soft foods after? cause if you do im refusing to have it done on december 23rd.

  15. i might have to get one tomorrow.feb.2nd.
    and im kinda scared, but im more scared of if its gonna work or not,.
    because i feel a bad throbbing pain in multiple teeth.
    i just hope it goes good.

  16. There was no hot/cold pain. Just the most painful feeling EVER whenever I tried to eat. Eating was so painful and such a chore even mashed potatoes sucked.

  17. @XxRAWRJBloveRAWRxX As long as they numb it good, it'll be fine. I had one today (well part 1) and it only feels like very cold water. VERY cold but no pain. Ask the dentist to take numbing gel and numben up the shot area. Then when they give you the shot, it doesn't hurt. You just deal with the root canal. Have you had one before? I had my first part today…

  18. @nadinelovedeerio It will need a shot , but ask for numbing gel on the shot area and you have no pain! Also, the ACTUAL root canal doesn't hurt too bad. These people you talk about might be overexagerating…

  19. Well, I think with the majority of patients there is no problem. However, I had a bad experience with a 2nd treatment on one. Digging down the canal, I had sharp pains that I would not wish upon anyone. Had to stop, and reshedule. I think they might get a medication that can be stuck down the canal? I was so frustrated, I did not pay much attention. I will definately take 800mg of Ibuprofen before I come in next time also. I think she didn't get all of the nerve. Really bummed now. 🙁

  20. I do have to get another one in my lower right molar in the back also. That s.o.b. I am gonna just get pulled for sure. Screw it!

  21. @XShadowproductionsX It means you're about to die! It actually just means the doctor didn't do it properly, i've heard of this kind of mess up before.

  22. @xoBieberxoFever Yeah just a little, they hit your nerve and it will make you jump like once… but just a little, not much….

  23. This probably isnt the right place to ask it but does anyone know what i should do? :
    I went to the dentist and they said i needed root canal so while i was waiting to get it done i took medication to take away the pain, but then before i had the root canal the tooth cracked, theres a tiny bit left still attatched with not even a sign of looseness and it doesnt hurt at all at the moment. I dont no whether to just leave it alone and see what happens or not?

  24. Just did root canal today, although I got severe pain when go in (developed from no ache to severe in 1 week). It basically feels nothing during the procedure, the dentist gave me 3 shot of anaesthetics I think.. the only thing might hurt is like 0.3 second of time when the file going into the bottom of the root, like a sharp shock.

  25. If you're worried about getting a root canal, just imagine that your symptoms will only get worse and you'll develop an infection if you don't get one. I had an excellent endodontist who did my root canal. The worst part was getting the anesthetic. Everything else was pain free. 5 days later I'm still doing well.

  26. I've waited 3 years to have mine out and it's only n ow that it's showing signs of it getting worse. I'm terrified to go to the dentist, I actually do prefer to be dead than go!

  27. I have a molar that is completely rotted to the gum line, will this be a surcigal extraction? What kind of pain should i expect, im terrified of the dentist

  28. Got my root canal last Friday. It did not hurt at all. I do have a slight bit of pain but I heard that slight pain after root canal is normal for up to at least 2 weeks so be patient, it not bad though and this is my second root canal in life and know it's not fun but it isn't as painful as some people say it is. I think some people can take pain and others can't. Plus I think it really depends on the dentist, some dentists hurt you on others are gentle. Just express to the dentist you don't do good with pain and make sure he numbs you up really good.

  29. hii guys I got my root canal today , It did not hurt at all but i am scared becoz,I heard on Google that root canal cause cancer ….. please suggest me plzz I am very scared

  30. root canal never hurt I don't know y people post fake stories the only thing hurt is anaesthetic but that's like an ant bite nothing more it's really not so scary I done many times but if your case is worst like bad infection den it can be little

  31. It hurts when I bite and hurts when I drink hot or cold this was after I got my cavity filled and it hurts but not the gums the tooth also I saw my dentist twice after this to file it and it did nothing it still hurts I have no clue if its sprained/bruised or cracked but i'm kinda scared I think I'm gonna get it x-rayed

  32. Some ppl are saying it hurts, some ppl say it doesn't! IM SO TERRIFIED FOR MY ROOT CANAL OMG 😩😩😩

  33. Any Idea why I have Vertigo really bad after my Root Canal. Heads been spinning for 2 days, Today Im just feeling light Headedness?

  34. the problem with the internet is this type of presentation – legal, medical educational; they can be informative but you can't ask questions. NEVER has any internet video OR web page ever addressed all of my issues or concerns. and people think this technology is wonderful? its BS! there's nothing better than a one on one; or a five on one – where you, family members and friends can all have their questions answered by an ACTUAL person right in front of you! yet our system doesn't allow this EITHER! the so-called pros – lawyers, doctors and educators – think their time is TOO valuable to actually spend in explanation so people can be informed of their TRUE options, rights and complete disclosure. doctors, lawyers and educators are overpaid, self-important elitists who think their better than the people they've SWORN to help!

  35. I’m terrified of all needles that any kind of doctors use and I have to get 2 of them in my gums for a root canal this Thursday

  36. It's not too bad i got mine done on 07/15/19 i mean yea a little pain after but not bad I just don't like the shots at the beginning but it's worth it if it hurts really bad
    Like mine did

  37. Why dont fucking dentists make u take anesthesia???? That shit hurt like hell and my dentist told me he didn’t finish so i have to come back next week. Fuck dentists id rather kill myself then going to a dentist

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