Dental Health : Eating With False Teeth

Dental Health : Eating With False Teeth

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So do you have false teeth and you’re just
wanting to know on how you can properly eat with them? Well, my name is Michelle and I’m
a Dental Assistant with Solutionz and I’m going to explain to you on how you can eat
with false teeth. Basically, here’s a set of false teeth and it’s pretty easy on eating
with false teeth. You just pretty much eat as normal. The only really downfall of eating
with false teeth is that, at sometimes it can be difficult as far as chewing, like say,
like a tough steak or eating like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whenever you’re
eating peanut butter or any kind of sticky foods or like toffee or any type of chewy
foods, it can tend to get stuck to the roof of your mouth which is actually the palette
of the denture. Do the fact that the palette is not as sleek as your normal palette, sometimes
the peanut butter will get stuck in there or the toffee will kind of get stuck in there,
so it’d be really, it’s very difficult to get that out unless you actually remove the
false teeth and then take it out and clean it. Also, to the teeth that are, that are
embedded into the denture, are not as sharp as your natural teeth. So, sometimes if you’re
chewing a piece of meat, it’s going to be hard maybe to actually break it down and chew
it, but you know, you’re, you’ll be, definitely be able to do it if you just keep at working
on it. But once again, my name is Michelle and I’m a Dental Assistant with Solutionz
and I just explained to you on how you can eat with false teeth.

7 thoughts on “Dental Health : Eating With False Teeth”

  1. ehow
    Since were paying so much money. Why dont they make them lil sharper then.Can you ask the dentist to make them sharper You would think with how long dentures have been out… Their  would something they can figure out to make the one side slicker… As lets say your at your friends they make simple pbj…. You got embarrassment of food getting stuck. Them asking hey everything okay in their in bathroom. When you don't want say ya just cleaning my dentures…. Hope they are able to figure something out

  2. wow thanks now I know how to eat with false teeth!!! oh I got n idea teach urself u will learn dentures stink but u will learn to deal with them I'm 1 year in n I'm still trying to get use to them.

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