Dental Health : Home Remedy for an Abscessed Tooth

Dental Health : Home Remedy for an Abscessed Tooth

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I’ve been asked many times what a home remedy
is for treating an abscess. You can go in and pop the abscess to help drain some of
the infection. The problem with that is it’s not treating the source of the infection.
The bubble that you see or the blister that you see is the secondary to the infection
that you developed in the gums or the tooth. So it’s very important even after you have
drained it and you’re successful at that, you still might need to make sure that you’re
eliminating the source of the problem. For example, if you have a tooth that has a very
large cavity, and it gets into the nerve and causes infection, and then further abscesses,
you will develop a blister or a bubble typically at the end of the tooth that will cause the
discomfort that you often see. You can go in there and pop the collection of infection
that sits in that bubble, however, you still have a cavity on the tooth, and the tooth
is still infected. It is for that reason that you will still require some sort of additional
treatment, whether it be a root canal, therapy treatment, or an extraction. Either one of
those will eliminate the source of the infection. But also prevent the further onset of another
abscess. In terms of home remedies, things that you can do, again, you can basically
pop the abscess with something sharp and sterile and disinfect it. That will kind of ensure
that you won’t have that bubble there. Again, it will not eliminate the problem but it will
get a little more comfortable for you. You could also use warm salt water rinses or rinses
with peroxide, or listerine, that will kind of help disinfect the area around the infection.
But again, it will not treat the source of it. More or less treat some of the symptoms,
and some of that bubble infection that you see.

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  1. what if i cant ser a blister where its suppose to be can i just pop it where its most swollen? and muy whole jaw is huge..

  2. having an abscessed tooth is really painful.! my dentist told me that she should have the root canal done.. and soon it will heal. she ask me to have a tooth xray last year then made the procedure. and after a long month she made me do the xray again. But abscessed is still there! she told me that she will observe it first after how many months! the abscessed on my tooth is painful again! i have had a sleepless nights since this abscessed tooth is reacting! i'm really in pain! :'(

  3. your gum has began growing over the broken tooth. happened to all of my molars. its easy to take out. i thought it would be a long process but they extracted it no diff than any other tooth.

  4. my gums are killing me and my abscess tooth! Penicillin is NOT WORKING my heart is racing very fast and the doctors tell me it's from the vicodin! What should I do?

  5. Your dentist gave you vicodin? I'm moving to America. In the UK if you had a broken pelvis you'd be lucky to get dihydrocodeine!

  6. I had a root canal today actually irritated the infection more and the Abscessed became more swollen. Was unsure if i should do this but pain was too intense. Must say post pop it feels alot better! Still sore and a little swollen though. I would recommend seeing your dentist first though to get the antibiotics.

  7. but alcohol only fights infection better….once you stop drinkin….you are fucked….and the drinking kills you anyhow as it is…

  8. I had gotten braces and my orthodonist chipped my tooth, now the whole side of my teeth feel numb and my lip is inflated… Do I have a abbess ?

  9. If it is numb, there is most likely nerve damage. But, if you are abscessed you will know it. The pain can be excruciating regardless of how high a pain tolerance you have, and there will be a bubble or blister like mass in your gum line. Never hurts to get to a dentist

  10. This video saved me. I popped my own abscess after days of pain and tears. After I popped it, I took a few ibuprofen and finally got some sleep. I still couldn't afford to go to a dentist so I went to the ER where they prescribed me some antibiotics to help with the infection and got me in touch with a dentist who would work with me.  

  11. I had this. It is very serious – one of the most dangerous and painful things that can happen to your tooth. The puss is so strong it will dissolve bone and tissue around. It is so strong for the matter of fact, that it could start dripping out of your nose…

  12. Ok, I had a tooth filled Tuesday the following Thursday night my cheek swelled up. I called the dentists the following day he said it was probably just bruising and to watch it for a few days. I had to call Sunday because it wasn't getting any better. He had me come in Monday and said "Ascessed" extract it for $135 or root canal it for $715. He extracted it yesterday about 1:15pm and gave me a script for anti-biotics. It's 5:31p the nxt day and my cheek has been swollen since last Thurs? How long will it take for the swelling to go down?

  13. I formed an abscess WHILE on antibiotics after visiting the dentist, I'm going back on Friday to have the tooth extracted.  Will the dentist pop the abscess for me?  Or will I have to spend a ridiculously exorbitant cost for surgery?

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  16. I would recommend this Home remedy :1. Puncture the blister and drain the puss completely in two to three sittings (within 1-2 days) but be careful not to damage the gum or tooth and use a sterile object to do that 2. Apply turmeric powder to the busted blister on that day and keep it on there for about 12 hrs. 3. Observe warm salt water gargling thrice a day for 3 weeks (i.e after brushing and breakfast, after lunch and before going to bed after brushing) 4. On the 2nd day of gargling start a course on Anti-Biotics Pref one with clavalunic acid and a 500 or higher mg. Dosage – twice a day for 5 days (if mild abscess) 7 days (painful abscess) or 10 days(if face swollen). Make sure you take them atleast 8-10 hours apart, pref. 12 hours. DIET ADVICE during anti biotics: eat food 90 mins before consuming Anti Biotics and strictly avoid milk, spicy and non-veg foods. Pref consume a lot of pro-biotics like yogurt, curd-rice and a limited amount of low carb wheat breads. Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins and help kidney to function efficiently. Avoid easily digestible stuff like glucose or other meds. Saur craut and cabbage is also good during this period. Every night gently massage the gums with the index finger without hurting yourself. Consume a fish oil tablet once in two days and 1 multi vitamin tablet with every dose of antibiotic. By the end of 3 weeks it is very likely that the abscess has subsided and swelling gone. This is a short term remedy that lasts for about 3-6 months depending on your lifestyle, age, infection condition. Since the cause of abscess is renegade bacteria it might return with a higher immunity. So in that window of 3 months make sure to visit a dentist, get required X-rays and get the tooth root canal treated or Extracted if it is very very infected / shows symptoms of bone loss/ high level of granuloma. Always remember this is a stop gap arrangement to delay treatment owing to busy schedules or travel or when it is unaffordable. Pls see the dentist (a periodontist and an endodontist) as soon as possible. Avoid tooth extraction unless it is extremely necessary. Hope this helps. Happy Brushing! 🙂

  17. I've done this many times. It will come back in time. You're immune system goes to shit too. You will get sick. It can also lead to heart problems. My dad died from a heart infection due to bad teeth.

  18. I have an abscessed tooth at the moment and just started a course of Metronizadole. I have been in almost constant pain since yesterday morning.. it is 4.30am here, and before this time, Co-codamol and ibuprofen didnt work at all and the pain was that bad I wanted someone to knock me out 🙁 Ive had nada sleep. and I am exhausted now. I have had 2 babies and I would much prefer labour pains to this shit 🙁 Its excruiating, The only two things that helped me out for lik 1 minute of relief was chewing cloves and warm salt water rinses. The pain would go completely and then come straight back after I stopped chewing and swishing my mouth with saline water 🙁 I never ever want to go through this again. I would gladly walk around with no teeth at the moment!!

  19. I have a tooth ace but I don't have obsessed no blister I have been using salt water and produce I don't like going to the deniest so do you think I will be ok

  20. id like to add saying at home abscess lancing can be dangerous due to infection possibly entering the bloodstream at a higher rate.

  21. not sure if I have an abscess, light dull nerve pain and slight dull head ache. I wouldn't even call it a head ache. is this a abscess access and is it serious

  22. Can you really have a root tip infection without any pain, sensitivity or discomfort? I can eat fine with it too. Dentist says its infected at the root tip and needs a root canal but i don't believe him. I got big cavities but no sensitivity or problem since using cod liver oil. Just said this on a random checkup but at first he and the hygenist said it looked fine. Not sure if he just wants another customer.

  23. you are not helping anyone with this video, …if you are talking about a root canal, as a solution, you are a crooked dentist, period.

  24. I have an abscess on my gum on my teeth and I can't afford for the dentist to attend to it. Any chance I can pop it to help eliminate the pus and if so, what are the safety tips for it?

  25. After popping, no need for antibiotics, drink bicarbonate of soda in water every few hours. worked for me. great as the mouth rinse too ,attacking from inside and out.

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  27. !G I N G E R! Slice à pièce of ginger chew it till juices are flow around the area and let it soak in and it will start going down or erupt/drain the puss by morning!!!! (if not by morning, keep doing it each day until it eurupts)

    I have to come back to message this out for those suffering and simply cannot afford

    I had one literally started on a Tuesday, spread to my jaw and felt like a golf ball on the side of my face going to explode. I didn't do anything about it till three days later, THE third night I tried ginger, I just chewed it, took it out and slept by the next day the swelling went down and it was already draining half way. Drained it through out the day, most of it is drained! it's now been two days since and I have a bit of the lump but it's officially almost gone. this seriously saved me. It worked. So now it's time that I go to my dentist to get this fixed for good cause that was traumatizing.

    mouth wash was the devil and made it bigger!

  28. I had my root canal started and they "cleaned" out my roots just haven't put the crown on and now my shits infected

  29. Im a 9 year old girl that has that because i broke my tooth and is scared to tell my parents what do i do?

  30. when using warm salt water, add garlic powder and eat a tooth of raw garlic with honey, I tried this method and it worked, the infection went away.. I did this because I couldn't afford the antibiotics needed for my abcess tooth. Garlic is a powerful antibiotic more so than antibiotics and is a natural antibiotic. But yeah get your tooth problem fixed fast, take it serious, don't poop around, the infection once in gets in your blood stream, will kill you because it'll get in your brain or heart or other VERY IMPORTANT organs.

  31. Everyone stop being a bitch clean your popping tool take whatever u got to pop it and just push the bad boy In and pop that bitch u feel sooooooooo much better I had so many from all the fun I had when I was younger once u drain it rinse with mouthwash and feel sooooooooo much better I don't wish tooth pain on anyone I rather be fucking stabbed and shot them have tooth many night screaming crying from how much pain I was in so just get that shit done all ready make sure u take penicillin or amoxicillin to kill the infection this is very important I was going to the hospital many times because I was in so much pain and that's all they do pop it and give you them amoxicillin or penicillin

  32. He’s right, the problem is tooth decay affecting the tooth’s nerve, so the inflation can come back again and again until the tooth is treated… still, Ouch!!!

  33. I have an ABSCESS TOOTH on a tooth that had a root canal and a crown approx 6 months ago. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN IF THE NERVE/ROOT OF THE TOOTH WAS REMOVED? I am taking Amoxicillin, High doses of Excedrin and prescription dose 800 mg Ibuprofen.Currently on my 3rd day of meds and its helping but HOW did this happen on a tooth that already had a root canal??

  34. If dentist didn't charge so much maybe people would actually get help for these dangerous health issues. It's funny how dentist continuously talk about how it's bad for your health to not take care of your teeth and yet health insurance doesn't cover dental nor do dentist really take too much insurance that will help with it. Strange it's so dangerous but expensive.


  36. thanks for the info, boss. I have an appointment scheduled 2 weeks from now, so it's gonna get taken care of, but salt water to relieve some pressure is a great tip


  38. I came on holiday 4 days ago to the US and I am having a bad toothache and it's an infection I'd had months ago that came back. I was given amoxicillin for it to my previous one but I clearly can't buy that over the counte!. Now I'm looking for something to help with the pain because I cannot Tylenol forever. Please tell me what to dooooo. Is Ampitrexyl any good??

  39. ok so heres my story…. i am 44 years old and i had very little issues with my teeth. but i hate the destis so recently i had cold sesitivity and it was bothering me i notice that my tip of my tongue fit in a small crack on my tooth lefside the second from the back upper side.. the dr said ishe could save my tooth
    .. she clean the area and took out the puss and gave me to rise she send me home with clindamycin hcl 300 mg and motrin 800 she also told me that tooth root is dead but how i am asking my sefl since i had no irritation nor problems….. can you explain to me whats happening cause i do not understand wtf is going…..HELP I AM LOST HOW MY TOOTH NERVE DIE AND IF SHE DOES A ROOT CANNAL WILL I FEEL IT…..OMY

  40. i'm in great pain and if you say it won't treat the problem once more i'm going to break my laptop!!!!!

  41. Hey u people out there . I have 4 rear teeth on my rite side that are broke at the gum . Now my face is swelled severely and I am in a lot of pain . I have no blister ,but I can feel a huge knot in my cheek on the lower side of my gums . I am disabled and unable to afford dental insurance . I am laying on a heating pad at this second.Please some one help me .

  42. please anyone in pain… look up "oil pulling" it helps with the pain very much. Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil "coconut oil is not recommended if you are sensitive to sugary stuff on your teeth" .. Use it as you would use mouth wash.. swish it around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. Spit it out "very important cause it pulls toxins from your gum" you will feel relief! It really works. Try it. I hope this helps someone.

  43. I wish dentist would help people that has only medicaid or make lower payments. I've been trying to save the rest of my teeth from getting pulled. I've been drinking water some juice and almond milk. Sometimes tea. I've bad teeth in the family as well. Ever since I got my braces off when I was a teen it seem like they are just falling apart. I've trouble with tooth decay and teeth just crumble. Been doing oil pulling with coconut oil and it has helped to keep from going to the dentist for about half a year. A few months ago my same tooth bothered me and I thought it was from TMJ. It hurt in my tooth and jaw and made my head go numb. I might have to go to the dentist soon.

  44. Your title is misleading. There is no home remedy for an abscess tooth unless you can extract the tooth yourself at home. You simply just offer tidbits on how to deal with it until you go see an actual dentist. But it's NOT a remedy! Break open your dictionary and learn the definition

  45. If you're in severe pain, you can alleviate it completely by lancing the abscess. A diabetic size syringe will not do it (the needle will bend and it's too small anyway), but an Exacto knife with a new blade will. It has a very sharp point. Sterilize it with heat and/or alcohol. Find the pus sac and poke it and the pus will immediately start draining out and pain will soon go away. Sometimes there are more than one pus sac, so move around to different locations. The pus is poison, so be ready to rinse your mouth and spit continuously with hydrogen peroxide. I found this method painless but you do have to use caution when doing it. The exacto knife is very sharp and the pus is poison.

  46. I just bought sovereign silver supports to kill infection being silver is antimicrobial I have 2 abcess teeth hope it works. Both mine sounds gross but with suction power with my tongue I popped both abcess now I'm hoping the silver will cure my infection. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not saying I dont need a dentist like I need air to breathe.

  47. I have no insurance and my tooth has been killing me for 2 days it's the canine I think it is affected what can I do at home please if anyone has any real suggestions let me know

  48. I have an abscessed tooth, and it hurts so bad. The tooth has a good sized chunk broke off, so there's basically a crater in it. Last night I carefully used a tooth pick, as I thought there was food lodged in there. I barely touched inside the crater, and a huge burst of pain hit me, and I started spitting up blood. Felt a lot better after that, but now it hurts extremely bad again. Made an appointment with the dentist, but it's not for another 3 days. I'm terrified to pop it myself again, because I know how bad it hurts. I have NO idea what to do, to get some relief.

  49. Dentists, lower your friggin prices. Justifying your gouging because people in pain will eventually come to you is just plain cruel.

  50. Dentists are the biggest crooks after lawyers, you can easily remove any
    abscess with oregano oil diluted in olive oil ex: 5 drops of oregano
    oil mix with 5 drops of olive oil and then you take a cu-tip and apply
    where the abscess is located and around the tooth. It will take only 10
    to 20 min before the abscess get reduce by 3/4 of it's size and the day
    after it will be completely gone. You apply it twice a day and that's
    about it. The abscess can sometime take years to come back but if it
    ever come back you just do it again. Don't go for root canal since it's
    just another of their scam. I kept one tooth 17 years with only oregano
    oil and the tooth was not black but finally cracked after eating
    something very hard.

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  52. So if you've had a root canal started, but not finished the dentist probably punctured the sack or whatever right? So over time, after not finishing the procedure, would the puncture heal? Or can you just go ahead and remove the tooth and let it drip?

  53. Dental tourism everyone. Why pay insurance costs when you can travel somewhere and get it done for a fraction of the price and the techniques and instruments used are more advanced than the US.

  54. Dealing with this hell right now from a failed root canal and crown on #7 and admittedly lazy hygiene on my part. I have to wait 7 more days to see an endontist to evaluate this bullsh*t and tylenol only does so much for so long, I'll get sick if I take anymore. Pain gets worse as the day goes on. Loose weave Rolled up guaze wrap or pads/sponges soaked in hot saltwater and allowed to dry until stiff and crusty are good for applying to the gumboil around affected tooth. Pretty sure this sh*t has spread to the bone and I know it's going to hurt like hell when the endo gets in there and has to remove literal bone even with lidocaine.

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