Dental Health : Home Treatments for Gum Disease

Dental Health : Home Treatments for Gum Disease

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When discussing proper hygiene and brushing
techniques with patients, although it is very important to go to the dentist on a regular
basis to get regular checkups and cleanings it’s also important that patient’s work on
their home care as well. So, the question is what sort of products are necessary for
home care hygiene, and what works well, and how. And what we have is a multitude of products
right here that we all recommend that can help maintain the gums, prevent gum disease,
but also keep the teeth clean and prevent cavities. They can be simple things like a
toothbrush, and toothpaste, and floss, which are very common items that most most patients
use. But there are also other things such as Listerine, and Listerine is a very effective
mouth rinse that can be used to help prevent gum disease, and also help fight cavities,
and keep the the tissue nice and clean. There are also other things such as peroxide that
can be used to help keep the tissue clean, and disinfect or sterilize any sort of areas
that have been cut or infected. There is also prescription versions of mouth rinses that
one can be prescribed for home care. If someone is diagnosed with gum disease there are specific
mouth rinses that can be prescribed that work specifically for gum disease. It’s through
these rinses that we oftentimes treat gum disease, in addition to getting regular treatment
from the dentist.

15 thoughts on “Dental Health : Home Treatments for Gum Disease”

  1. IF PEOPLE CAN AFFORD DENTIST VISITS without a doubt THEY WOULD VISIT ON A REGULAR BASICS… UNFORTUNATELY SOME PEOPLE CAN'T AFFORD VISITS, like myself.. so they tried everything they can to keep there teeth healthy..

  2. This is a Listerine Ad.

    Use saline solution – cheap, effective, fast. (Warm water with salt). You may also use peroxide diluted solution occasionally .

  3. I had and can afford it was hygenist why my teeth and gums got into a state so figure that one wholistinc is best

  4. I had and can afford it was hygenist why my teeth and gums got into a state so figure that one wholistinc is best
    No Listerene that is Horrible, Flouride is also no good

  5. @beautyfyme i think it depends on what you focus on as important. unless you're at a library watching youtube and posting… which IS possible… technically… internet is more expensive than going to the dentist…. the dentist if you have no coverage is like 70 bucks where i'm from.. and you're only supposed to go once every 6 months…. if you find me internet for 10 dollars a month sign me up please….I think its more just that you don't think the 70 bucks is worth it… which is fine

  6. @teamofreally $70 for what? 70$ no insurance doesn't even cover a cleaning! And if it does majority of people's teeth would be spotless clean..

  7. What a coincidence. I'm looking for home remedies of any kind because this guy right here today tried to charge me $2,999 for a teeth cleaning. Funny because they talked and made it seem so affordable in the office. Then shook my hand and said we will see you soon while closing the door and leaving the Office manager to do the dirty work. I find it to be so sad that no dentist will be honest with you, let alone help you. So sad

  8. the best dental clinis ylu can find mostly in asia which are 10 times cheaper sometimes….i went to western dental one time and i just wasted my money

  9. 1 tbsp baking soda
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp hydrogen peroxide 3%

    Mix into thick paste
    Place recipe into two dental trays(mouth guard ) upper and lower
    Hold in mouth 15 min , if burning sensation is too much reduce peroxide and amount use water.

    Remove trays and massage paste into gum more with rubber tip on toothbrush and floss between each tooth.

    Uses waterpik to flush

    Then brush teeth with xylitol, or toothpaste with it

    I have advanced periodontal disease. Got surgery, on half of my lower mouth,
    Surgery will only speed up you loosing you teeth faster. You have to kill and clean the bacteria in your mouth first.

    Google Dr. Paul Keyes method.

    God bless

  10. I used EMOFORM toothpaste for bleeding gum from another Country, but when I came here in USA , I asked my dentist ( would you give prescription for bleeding tooth paste) , he said '' No''  (I don't know ), and he said to me the only thing is ''flossing'' and cleaning, but more I'm flossing and brushing  more bleeding come, I live in Illinois / USA, would you help me please ?

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