Dental Health : How Does a Dentist Fill a Cavity?


Today we are going to talk about what a cavity
is. A cavity is basically a small dental infection of the tooth. It’s usually comprised of bacteria
and it’s a bacterial infection that kind of occurs in different surfaces of the tooth.
When caught very early it’s usually not a very, painful procedure however, as it gets
more advanced it can get closer and deeper down into the nerve and cause irritation such
as hot cold sensitivity, biting sensitivity and gum tenderness. The way we treat a cavity
is with what we call a filling and in order to do that we basically have to go in and
remove the cavity make sure that the cavity has been removed and there’s no more bacterial
infection.Then we proceed on with the filling. In this model basically what we have is a
designation of what a typical cavity would look like. When you are going around the mouth
looking for cavities we are looking for basically dark heavy stains or anything that looks a
little unusual. So here on this tooth we basically have this dark like basically highlighting
an example of what a cavity looks like. This is on the second tooth on the very back on
the upper right and what you are seeing is a very heavy stain with a little bit of cavity.
Once we’ve identified that that’s a cavity at that point that’s when we decide that we
are going to do a filling. So the first step in basically doing a filling is going in and
basically numbing up or anesthetizing the patient. We do this in order to make the patient
very comfortable so that when we go and remove the cavity it does not cause any irritation
or annoyance to the patient. We’ll take what we call our hand piece and basically go in
there and lightly clean out the cavity like so. And basically once we’ve cleaned out the
cavity, what we’ll do next is go in with our instruments and basically check to ensure
all the stain is removed and there isn’t anything sticky or anything a little irritating to
the tooth. Once we’ve verified that all the cavity has been cleaned out, the next step
would be to actually do the filling. So what we do is we take our tooth colored filling
material and we gently add it to the space were we had taken the cavity out. So again
it’s a very, it’s a tooth colored material that typically blends very nice and very clean.
So then we go through and lightly put our material right into the tooth and once we’ve
have it filled we use a special light to set it up. Filling material start out very soft
and in order to be able to mold them permanently to the tooth. Once it’s been molded then we
use a special light that when shined on the material it turns it very hard and makes it
very strong. We’ll put our light over top of the tooth that we did the filling and by
activating the small button we actually initiate a light reaction that makes the material really
hard. And that typically takes anywhere from twenty to thirty seconds depending on how
big the cavity was and how thick the filling would be. Once that process has been completed
the dentist will go back and check the filling to make sure that it’s set up and it’s hard.
So what started out as a very soft is now very hard with the curing light. Once we’ve
verified that the tooth has been filled the last step would be to go in and check the
bite to ensure that the patient was not biting heavy or hard on this tooth. And that is pretty
much a filling.

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