Dental Health : How to Care for a Tooth After Extraction

Dental Health : How to Care for a Tooth After Extraction

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Hi my name is Michelle and I’m going to explain
to you on how you can care for a tooth after extraction. It is very important that when
you do have a tooth extracted that you really want to avoid that area. You want to avoid
chewing on that side, you want to avoid messing around with it with your tongue, especially
if you have any stitches in your mouth. You really want to just take care of the area.
You want to really rinse with warm salt water rinses. It is a great remedy. It helps with
any inflammation that you might have and it also helps with any soreness that you might
have after the extraction. You really, if you are a smoker you really want to avoid
smoking for the initial first 24 to 48 hours because if you do what happens when you do
smoke is you are creating suction and you can get what we call a dry socket which is
very painful. You do not want to have that. You also want to avoid as far as like caffeine
products or any acid type foods for your gums. You want to also avoid sucking through a straw
which sucking through a straw could in return cause suction which can cause a dry socket.
Other than that you really want to follow up with your general dentist after you have
an extraction, usually one to two weeks afterwards just to make sure that the area is healing
correctly and that you are not going to be having any future problems with it. Once again
my name is Michelle and I just explained to you on how to care for a tooth after extraction.

25 thoughts on “Dental Health : How to Care for a Tooth After Extraction”

  1. Thanks for video. I am going to have a full extraction over a two month period and I think this should help.

  2. Good video! I have been told that if you place wet gauze on the area, you can cheat and smoke. I know that sounds pathetic, but is it true if you just had 2 or 3/

  3. I got #2 and #3 pulled out on Saturday! I'm still in pain and don't want to depend on my meds. Is their anything else i can do for the pain.

  4. I just had my wisdom taken out I completely covered top and bottom with gauze and I smoke lol I had 2 removed did same thing and it healed perfect no problems

  5. I had two root canal extractions on Wednesday, it is Saturday and i am still in pain. how long does the pain last or do you think i got dry socket in them. they are still red and swollen, jaw and ear left side of face has pain. i am taking antibiotics, been rinsing with warm salt water and it is healing my gums all on the bottom teeth, they were really red. What is the coffee comments about i drink coffee, the dentist never told me no coffee. please respond. and thanks

  6. great video,very helpful.especially where you mentioned the salt water rinsing.One of the very first things you mentioned.I'm surprised some people never heard it.mmust not have been paying attention

  7. Taking care of a tooth after an extraction…. now correct me if I'm wrong , but last time I checked an extraction means taking away the tooth. A more accurate title would be taking care of your socket after tooth extraction . Smh.

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  9. I take suboxone, anyone know if that will interact with anything they give me? Im hoping not, just gettin a tooth pulled.

  10. I've got mime removed yesterday.

    I was terrified.
    I had thousands of scenes.
    She sprayed to numb.
    She then used the niddle
    She extracted and cleaned really well.
    She sutured me
    I went home crying of happiness.

    Numbness for two hours
    Then some little pain but I couldn't care less.
    Ice on face.
    Waited two hours BITINT THE SHIT OUTTA the gauze.
    Took it out sllllowly.
    No bleeding.
    Minor bleeding after drinking my anti infection pill but yeah, normal.
    Waited 30 minutes.
    Ate NON SPICY noodles soup as if I were handicapated and couldn't find my mouth but managed.
    Ate puree has NO MILK nor did I use any milk and ate a little in 30 minutes like a minor handicapated.
    Drank water, antiinflamatory pill
    No bleeding
    Went to bed at 9
    Fell asleep at 10-ish
    Woke up scared and confused and salivating.
    NO bleeding.
    Woke up at 5 a.m, ate soft meat.
    NO signs of bleeding.
    Maybe small feeling of the blood cloth and dry lips and slightly swollen cheek.
    Staying lifted with two pillows.
    Waiting for the new antibiotic around 8 a.m
    No work today.
    SUTURE your hole, it's so much better for both of you, little hole and your health.
    Take the oills doctor said and if not antibiotics and antiinflamatory ones at strict hours.
    DO not brush or rinse first hours.
    I will try to brush my mouth stupidly slow just so my mouth don't stink far fron the surgery and at 12 p.m. I'll visit her again.
    After 2 or 3 days you should eat normally, drink normally, MAYBE minor bleeding. Do not apply gauze. If you think the bleeding is serious, PLEASE contact your doctor.
    Sleep a lot and DO NOT let your imagination speak.
    ANY PAIN will faid.
    ANY infection or bad taste or sensation will faid.


    I promise I will keep posting the comment and update it everywhere.



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