Dental Health : How to Cure Persistent Mouth Ulcers

Dental Health : How to Cure Persistent Mouth Ulcers

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Do you have consistent mouth ulcers that you
try to get rid of? Well, my name’s Michelle, and I’m with Solutionz. I’m a Dental Assistant,
and I’m going to explain to you on how you can cure your persistent mouth ulcers. One
of the great ways and remedies and methods is rinsing with warm salt water rinses. That
will, if you continuously do that at least once to twice a day; one in the morning, one
at night, before you eat, after you eat, that will help prevent the consistent mouth ulcers
that you may have. Also too, rinsing or brushing with hydrogen peroxide; that’s also a great
way on how to cure persistent mouth ulcers. You mainly do want, if you’re continuously
getting mouth ulcers, you’re definitely going to want to go and see your general dentist.
There is something maybe that he would be able to prescribe to you that you would not
be able to purchase over-the-counter. You might actually need to take a medication for
it. A way that wide mouth ulcers, how they become effective in your mouth is from stress,
a vitamin deficiency. So, if you continuously take vitamins; like a multi-vitamin, vitamin
C; the acid in the vitamin C will clear out any mouth ulcers that you may have. But mainly,
you do want to visit your general dentist, so therefore, he’d maybe prescribe you a medication
that would clear up those consistent mouth ulcers. Once again, my name’s Michelle, and
I just explained to you on how you can cure persistent mouth ulcers.

100 thoughts on “Dental Health : How to Cure Persistent Mouth Ulcers”

  1. This is my first one and WHY DOES IT HURT SO f^&king bad I feel like someone punched me in the jaw. My whole face is reacting! Like my face is hot and looks rashy. Seeing the doctor tomorrow.

  2. Even if I didnt have a mouth ulcer, if she was my dentist I would turn up complaining weekly of new problems. She is.. awesome.

  3. i'd get painful mouth ulcers all the time for about a 15 year period and then they just stopped. I haven't had one in many many years. I don't know what i did but i must have done something to stop them.

  4. I get mouth ulcers in the same damn area at least 2 or 3 times a year. I guess I just bite that area by accident but dang does it hurt to eat, everything sets it off!

  5. I have been suffering from these since I was born. But first I used get them on my chick(inside) or in the gum and also just front of the front teeth. Now I always get them on the lower of my tongue.Tongue ulcers are 500% for painful then others.My chinese boss suggested me a product that cost me $5 , actually redeemed it over 85%.I believe it comes for stress and lack of proper rest.So obviously during my Exams I always suffer those but not like before.any one wants to know the name,email me

  6. Did you just say Vitamin C gives a higher chance of getting rid of it? Because I was told the opposite.

  7. Very good. What about iodine though? I went to the dentist with my wife and the dentist dabbed her mouth ulcer with iodine. It was dramatically improved only a day later and completely gone in three days.

  8. I forgot I had a mouth ulcer when I ate hot wings I put extra hot sauce on and some of the hot sauce dripped on my ulcer and I was like: FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Like seriously it burned so fucking bad I cried for 5 minutes

  9. I like it when the ulcer kind of get painful and I use a toothpick to poke it, it do darn painful but it gets better I think.. Am I a psycho? O_o

  10. Oh fuck that shit hurts i got a small one and i was eating salt and vinigar chips… That shit had me crying :/

  11. I would say this video is spot on about mouth ulcers and oral hygiene.

    I use to get ulcers if my mouth had small mechanical abrasions. When i got braces, i was told to rinse with salt water through out the day and i noticed that it completely prevented the formation of ulcers. Even with the constant friction from the braces, the salt seemed to have prevented bacterial growth and reduced the chance of ulcers.

  12. It stings at first but it will dull the pain. Do it enough and your ulcer will be gone. Having short sharps pains still beats a whole day of suffering

  13. im 11 and i hve like those sores in my mouth like three D: wheni eat cheerios or something it burns

  14. Great Idea i tried that it worked and i hate ulcers on Monday September 16th ooooo i hate them my second time gettin' them

  15. mouthwash problems that it uses alcohol on it, it stop the pain for quite a while, but it makes your mouth really dry and it doesn't make the ulcers better, just numb it

  16. I have 7 of them in my mouth right now, all I want is to be able to rip them off and be done with them… but I have to endure the pain for 2-3 weeks until they go away, it makes eating and smiling horrible.

  17. Iglü is a great treatment for mouth ulcers. It takes away all the pain for an hour allowing you to eat normally.

    I'd also advise eating healthily and staying positive. Together, this will boost your immune system.

  18. Hi idiots! Here are some facts about Ulcers in your mouth!

    1. Normal Ulcers takes 5-7 days to recover!

    2. Your stupid ass ulcer+ Lemon + Salt = Pain, Blood, more blood, and gone!

    3. Your Ulcer + Salt = Pain and it shrinks!

    4. You will know that you will be getting a ulcer when you feel a burning feeling in your mouth!

    Last One!

    My friend might be kissed on the lips on Monday! YAY! Lol

  19. I get ulcers everytime I accidentally bite my lips or tongue I have one right now and I put salt on it, actual tears were shed (sooo painful)

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