Dental Health : How to Get Over Dental Anxiety

Dental Health : How to Get Over Dental Anxiety

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Are you deathly afraid of going to the dentist,
and you have a lot of anxiety just thinking about going to the dentist? Well, my name’s
Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I’m here to help you on how
you can get over your dental anxiety. Really, there’s not a full way that you can completely
get over your anxiety, but first and foremost, what you would want to do is you would want
to approach your dentist about the anxiety that you’re having. Make him aware of the
situation, and how you feel about coming to see him. Don’t feel bad at all. A lot of dentists
get it. Nine times out of ten most of their patients do not want to go to their appointments
to go see the dentist. It’s a very common thing with dental anxiety. A lot of times
what onsets dental anxiety is if you’ve had a bad childhood experience, or you just hear
horror stories about other people’s bad experiences. But basically, you would need to approach
your dentist; make him aware that you you feel this way. And he might want to prescribe
you maybe some Valium which is a muscle relaxer. What that does; you would take that an hour
before your appointment and it really just pretty much relaxes you. It puts you at ease
before your visit. Also too, he might want to prescribe that you would, he might want
to administrate nitrous gas during your procedure which is just a mask that they put over your
face and you breathe in the nitrous gas with oxygen. This is also another form of like
a muscle relaxer. It just really like relaxes you during the procedure, really just takes
your mind off of it. But pretty much, getting over your dental anxiety is something that
you would need to approach your dentist about, and therefore, he would be able to walk you
through it a lot better and maybe prescribe you some Valium to help you get through that
appointment. But once again, my name’s Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz,
and I just explained to you on how you can get over your dental anxiety.

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  1. Sedation dentistry is a good way to go for a painless, stress-free day at the dental office. A dentist with a lot of experience with sedation dentistry will know exactly how to best deal with any pain or anxiety you may feel.

  2. Dentists are there to help. Maintain a good relationship with your dental practitioner. Get to know them better and you’ll feel more comfortable while sitting in the dental chair.

  3. hey i do something called ASMR which helps people relax and calm down in anxious situations.. i listen to asmr in the dentist chair and it helps me. dental phobia is horrible.. hope my vids and other peoples vids can help people

  4. I'm so scared of the dentist, I hadn't gone for 3 years, until yesterday when my worst fears came true, I needed two fillings with anaesthetic, I started to panic, so much so that I couldn't stop crying. He kept trying to calm me as I was shaking so much. He said if I had gone to the dentist earlier then the fillings wouldn't have been so big, he made me promise to go back at least once a year. I guess the more you go the less extreme the treatment will be but its so hard to hear that when you'd rather wrestle a crocodile than go back to the dentist. 

  5. People should know that dentists understand their fear. Knowing that will surely encourage them to overcome dental anxiety and come for a check-up.

  6. That's the thing tho. If I raise my hand because I feel anxious, my dentist will just tell me she is switching to Anastasia (is that correct?) I begin to freak, and then she says, "you need to stay calm." You are not making this any easier for me

  7. I'm going to the dentist tommorrow and haven't been for 2 months because it's a checkup but I always worry about going to the dentist because I hate them needles. I know i'm 19 years old but I can't let my mum or dad in the room because I worry too much so instead I ask my grandma to go in with me because she makes me so calm. Just have severe issues with injections.

  8. My issue is the tools for the job. You're putting sharp objects and glorified power tools in my mouth and are surprised when I'm less than happy with this? Dentistry seems so medieval to me, and I only ever go if there's a serious problem. Checkups are right out and cleanings I can do myself. I refuse to have any kind of surgery performed on me unless I'm drugged well out of consciousness.

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  10. I honestly don't get why people are so scared of the dentist. It's just a cleaning and it doesn't even hurt. Like doctors, dentists are there to help you, not hurt you.

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  13. it's been like 6 years since I haven't been to the dentist I'm 21 now and my teeth have been hurting and I'm so worried do I go or do I not go and my wisdom teeth is making my jaw hurt shit man dental anxiety sucks I just know I'm gonna have cavities what if I have to get my all teeth pulled out?!?! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I can't take meds. I vomit constantly and then get dry heaves from paxil, Xanex etc and all kinds of painkillers.
    My dentist does not use Nitrous. The receptionist called all over our city (milwaukee WI) and could not find one dentist that uses nitrous. She said only oral surgeons use it.

  15. I came back today from getting 3 Composite Resin Fillings done. The Dentist pumped my gums full of Local Anethestic and I never felt a thing. THANK GOD!!. Just the sensation of the cool air passing through and your teeth adjusting to the fillings – sensitivity (can be weeks) is gonna be a biarch. Cost me $1050 for 3 Composite Fillings. There went my savings! 😂😂

  16. the only anxiety I have is finding out I have a cavity I'm always scared of what I'll find out. I'm also a little scared of being judged cause I take very good care of my teeth and I somehow always get them no matter how well I take care of my teeth

  17. I have 2 cavities and I'm going to be there in 10mins I'm driving there…. I'm so scared but I guess it could be worse and it's only like 30mins 🙂

  18. x_x RIP. LMAO. ill run and hide and use my claws if its a scary appointment. i think i need to have a molar extracted and i feel nervous as bats. But once i heard kids screaming. hey whats these sharp looking tools over here >_> hhhmmmmmmmm

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  20. Choosing a dentist that you're very comfortable with helps. Sometimes I just distract myself. I think about birds flying or fishing LOL something calming. The Valium didn't work for me. It can be a control issue too. One time I asked the dentist to tell me what they were going to do before they did it and it helped. I guess I felt some sense of more control

  21. My dental anxiety is pain. I’ve had experiences with dental work on my teeth, (root canal) to name one, and it felt horrible. I got numbing shots, numbing paste, and all. I still had very bad pains during the procedure. I almost passed out a few times. Also the sounds and smells of the dentist office makes me feel weird, idk why…

  22. I have a decaying tooth, it's so bad you can see the inside of the tooth, i was in pain but I am no longer in pain but I know I have to go to the dentist to get my tooth pulled and it's making me very anxious. I do have anxiety problems and a fear of the dentist which makes everything way worse and I've been trying to pull it together.

  23. The only time ive been to dentist ma dad was by my side. Now im 18 i need to do my own stuff. Im having dental surgery tomorrow. Im so scared. Plus i hate the scraping sound on my teeth

  24. Valium didn't work for me. My fear is so deeply rooted, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, begging "somebody save me!". I can't use laughing gas either. I have to use all my concentration on visualization techniques. Even so, I am still a difficult patient, but some dentists are brave enough to work on me lol.

  25. What if your terrified of needles ? And you have the lowest pain tolerance in the hole world and numbing stuff wares off very easily on you so you have to keep telling the dentist it hurts and of corse they don’t take you seriously at all but they give ya more numbing stuff anyways and I most likely spelled a bunch of stuff wrong

  26. This is rubbish advise. Plus if dentists at your dental practise don't give a damn about your anxiety, then it won't matter if you tell them or not because your just going to regret it later due to their carelessness.

  27. I always bring a fidget something whenever I go, I always need to be moving or I freak out, I bring something really small or my fidget cube and just quietly move it in my hands without disrupting the dentist it helps a lot

  28. For anyone wondering what the dare i say it needle feels like it’s just a small poke (it does not need to go farther than like less than a millimetre in to hit the nerve) then your mouth will go numb and you will feel absolutely no pain. When I had a cavity filled I was mostly just bored

  29. I am nervous about getting my two wisdom teeth pulled on May 31st. They are giving me nitrous oxide

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  33. There's no way to overcome your fear of the dentist. I would know speaking from experience from the time I was 6. Overcoming your fear of the dentist would seem rather pointless.

  34. I just went to the dentist.
    It wasnt as bad as I expected.
    When you're in the dental chair it may seem like forever. But once you're out you'll realize it's not that bad. They will do some things that wont feel great. But just try to stay calm and do what they say. Good luck!

  35. I am from India and I have a severe tmj problem and I have to go to the dentist appointment Saturday that's 28/7/2018 I am so very nervous that I am unable to even talk to my dentist what should I do in such problem.

  36. My anxiety is the dental procedure failing, I have had that happen once , ever since I have been on edge. It was painful and not fun. Also a fear of losing teeth to cavities all the time. I have dreams of bad teeth that get fixed, fall out, then regrow with MORE cavities that get fixed and it just keeps repeating. Its like I can't escape dental work being done in my mouth. I work really hard to keep my teeth clean, but It seems like the harder I try the more I fail. Its very frustrating. I had very good experiences as a child, its just fear of not having enough money and losing my real teeth slowly to crowns, fillings, and worse root canals one day in the future is my anxiety.

  37. I have Trypanophobia and Dentophobia.
    (Trypanophobia is the fear of needles, and injections.) So you know it’s bad for me ):

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  39. I used to be super scared to go to the dentist up until the age of 15 I would say. When I was 8 a dentist cut open my lip somehow when I was getting some dental work done. I had to go to the hospital and get it stitched up. I got over it by putting earbuds in, closing my eyes and dreaming. I don’t need laughing gas or Valium… just some nice tunes. And now I actually enjoy going every once in a while because I have no cavities and it’s a chance to lie back and relax. Even if they are scraping my teeth lol

  40. I'm just worried I'll have a cavity. I've never had one but it could happen. I have an appointment in 40 minutes. There is one lady who takes 15 minutes and is very nice, and the other lady takes 30 and pushes really hard and always seems like she doesn't want to be there.

  41. I have teeth growing but the teeth before didn’t come off, and I’m afraid the dentist would pull it off. I live in Hong Kong and I just want to go to sleep or listen to songs to make me feel better

  42. I do not mind going to the dentist but i hate the sounds and the feeling of he being in my mouth scratching things off and filling 🤢 (I’m dutch, sorry for my spelling)

  43. I do get some anxiety at the dentist however my dentist and the hygienist know this because it's the first thing I tell them when I walk through the door however they have some pretty good strategy to help me through the appointment that don't require tranquilizers or nitrous oxide gas they also have some very good distractive techniques and one thing that helps me to is the fact that they will even put on my favorite music so that's pretty much all that works with me and also just being very conversational and letting me know what is going to happen every step of the way. The only time I get any type of anesthetic would be for extractions or other more uncomfortable procedures. Which is usually just lidocaine injections no sedatives and I'm also allowed to signal whenever there is discomfort and what they usually do is just stop for a while and allow me to rest which does help and then they continue on I usually get as many breaks as I need.

  44. The dentist is always so nice when I go for a visit but It always just gives me anxiety attacks when ever I get the thought of going or have to go. Just the sharp tools they use- The sounds some of them make and sometimes it hurts when they don't give you any painkillers to numb your mouth. I hate the dentist T ~ T

  45. I’m just scared on what the doctor will think of my teeth because they have cavities and on one tooth most of it has broken away and the cavity spread to my other tooth so I’m just worried about what the dentist will think about my teeth

  46. I beg to differ. There's no way to cure fear of a DDS. They've given me countless nightmares from the time I was 6. Strapping me down in velcro where I couldn't even move, and nearly suffered brain damage. Month and months of nightmares, sleepless nights and sleepless nightmares. Sometimes, the nightmares, and the nightmares of especially that, come to me even when I'm awake. None of it was easy to get over. Don't think I didn't try.

  47. Due to my drug addiction I must pay. I have to get three teeth extracted and I have had bad experiences. When I went to the dentist for my exam and he came to talk to me he said you have three that need to be extracted and I presume you will only get one out (in a smartass tone) and that’s ok but you’ll get more bad teeth.

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