Dental Health : How to Set Up a Dental Tray

Dental Health : How to Set Up a Dental Tray

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Are you interested on how to set up a dental
tray? Well, my name’s Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I’m going
to show you exactly how to set up a dental tray. It’s pretty easy. First, you would need
to assess on exactly what procedure the that is going to be performed. And then, you would
go ahead and get all of your materials that you’ll need. In this case, we’re going to
set up the tray for a basic setup. It’s one of the standard setups in the dental office.
First, you need a mask for yourself. Then, you will need gloves also. And then, also
you will need what we call is the patient bib, and then the bib connector for the patient.
Then, you would then go ahead; you would put on your gloves, put your mask on. And then
you would actually; you want to make sure that you get a sterilized pack of instruments.
A great way to tell if they are sterilized is because the arrows on on the above the
pack they are initially pink before they go through sterilization, and then once when
they have been sterilized they actually turn brown, so therefore you know that the pack
has been sterilized and it’s ready to go. You would then open up the instruments, and
then just kind of take em’ out, and then place them on the tray. And a great easier way to
make your job easier in the long run is actually setting up the instruments in the order that
they are going to be performed. So, nine times out of ten yourself or the doctor will use
the mirror first so you always want to place that first. Then, he would like to use the
explorer to determine if the patient has any cavities. You’d place that, and then this
is actually a saliva ejector that you would want to put off to the side. And then your
cotton pickups, which that will pick up any debris that might be in the mouth, or any
cotton that’s in there. You always want to have what we call is a two by two. This will
be able, that way you can wipe the mirror clean of saliva. And then, you want to have
a suction tip. This will suck out any excess saliva or debris that might be in the patient’s
mouth. But it’s pretty easy on how to set up a dental tray. You just need to make sure
you have these key items, and then you’re ready to go. Once again, my name is Michelle,
and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I just explained to you and showed you
on how to set up a dental tray.

28 thoughts on “Dental Health : How to Set Up a Dental Tray”

  1. Actually the third object on the tray is not a saliva ejector, that is a air water syrine tip aka your 3-way tip and the other tip on there that she refers to as a "suction tip", that is the saliva ejector not the other one. Also those arent called "cotton pick-ups" they are called cotton plyers. wow..

  2. The small instrument is called air/ water syringe, not a saliva ejector… The saliva ejector is on the far left that is plastic.

    college pliers or pick -ups are both valid terms used.

  3. That's right, Health Profesionals have standards, I can't teach this to my students, gloves need to be worn when setting a tray too!

  4. I'm so sorry Michelle, but this is not how you do patient education. First of, you have to show your viewers that you've performed aseptic technique before touching the sterilized instruments. Then, tie your hair up, wear your gloves and your mask. Also long acrylic nails are not allowed in your profession. Hmm…A BIG NO-NO!

  5. hey! she is just showing the way to do it not that she is doing it at the time, she is just demonstrating the way is setup not other things!!

  6. lol she called the air water syringe, a saliva ejector! And cotton pick ups? lol Ok. A suction tip?, Aka Saliva ejector, to boot she has acrylic nails on." Solutions " should send you through a basic dental terminology class

  7. It doesnt matter if she has nails as long as she can work with it, and the dental tray setup depends on the dentist. You guys are just mad cause half of you guys probably don't even have a job as DA.

  8. To all of you who needs to be enlightened in terms of proper INFECTION CONTROL go to CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings — 2003 and you will see that long fingernails is unacceptable due to its potential to harbor pathogens. I teach this & I hope all dental staff/DHCP practice this!

  9. explorer and cotton wool pickups?? um no, probe and tweezers. You're so called saliva ejector is a 3-in-1 tip, and your suction tip is actually a saliva ejector. Your hair should definitely be tied back, sleeves should be rolled up above elbows and acrylic nails should not be worn !!

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