Dental Implants – AMAZING NEW 3D Technology!

Dental Implants – AMAZING NEW 3D Technology!

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14 thoughts on “Dental Implants – AMAZING NEW 3D Technology!”

  1. Yesss!! I need this & more work done. I'm looking into how to make it Up your way. You explaining it calms my nerves that I have with dentist. Thank you for taking your time to explain it in your video. God bless you with your practice. God is good.

  2. My dentist keeps telling me that he has to take my tooth out let it heal for 6 months and then he can put in the fake tooth, does that sound normal to you,? Having to wait 6 months for tooth implant

  3. Dr. O, after you insert the Implants, how long do you have to wait before you can install the crown? Just love how you use High Tech in your practice. Thanks!

  4. Great work doc! I do the same in my office and boy does it make the biggest difference with tight access areas. Are you killing your own abutments/crowns too?

  5. Hi Dr. O, just wondering if you had to do a bone graft where the failing implant was? Thank you for the helpful and informative video!

  6. Really good info Dr.O! I liked all the visual aids you had today,made it super easy to follow! Keep the videos coming!😀

  7. Such informative content with the latest and greatest technology!!! Beyond impressed! You’re passion for dentistry and technology is amazing!! Keep up the good work!

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