Dental X-rays Safe? – How often and why for dental health and oral health? – EP 06 The Dental Drive

Dental X-rays Safe? – How often and why for dental health and oral health? – EP 06 The Dental Drive

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24 thoughts on “Dental X-rays Safe? – How often and why for dental health and oral health? – EP 06 The Dental Drive”

  1. Should a person get a Full Set of 18 Dental X-Rays every 3 years as recommended by their Dentist? And then 4 Bite-Wings every 6 months? Thanks. Congrats on the potty training!

  2. I find hearing about other countries approaches on x rays quite interesting. In Germany it’s illegal to take x rays without the patient seeing a dentist first. If the cavity risk is very low it’s quite normal to never take any X-rays or maybe bite wings ever five years or something. We don’t take x rays in children either, unless there is a problem that requires it. Full mouth x rays aren’t a usual thing, anything but bite wings is rally only taken with indication.

  3. Shout out all the way from India. Watching these videos from across the ocean and loving it! I am a dentist too but since I am practicing in a rural, semi rural area, the equipment I get to use is slightly less sophisticated. Taking notes anyway.

  4. i understand now why i had 10 xrays,its really to get a full scope of what is going on in my mouth.I honestly feel i have more of an idea of what i need in my plan and what is a priorty to fix first,and go from there.I am very lucky to have found a really great dentist here in Ontario Canada,Dr Rami is pretty cool!Your cooler but dont tell him i said that!!Ha ha!

  5. What about for the assistants that take X-rays every day all day.. I understand that it’s important to protect the patients but the person who helps the doctor and takes X-rays every day should also be cared for when it comes to getting exposed to radiation. I feel like doctors cared more about their patients because of course that’s how doctors get their money but let’s not forget without the work of assistants there would be no patients and of course no money for doctors so please let’s not forget about them.

  6. Quick question as someone with a high gag reflex. Do you have any tips to minimise gagging at the dentist? Even bite wing X-rays make me gag. What can I do to help me and my dentist? Thank you.

  7. I gag bad on xrays! I usually do the panoramic xray but 2 days ago they said I had to do regular xray so I did a child version and didn't gag!. I also did the round the head.

  8. I work as Dental Assistant, my dentis do everything for the sake of money, i pity the patient😭 The patient just came for scaling and my dentist suggests everything including implant🤦‍♂️

  9. 8/8/2019Yeah! Its all about the money.  When I get examined for the first time by a medical doctor, he doesn't request x-rays of any part of my body unless his impressions inform him that an x-ray is needed for further diagnosis of some malady about which I am complaining.  Not so with dentists: each wants full-mouth x-rays periodically, notwithstanding that my teeth appear to be in excellent condition.  Now, if my medical doctor had his own x-ray machine in his office, perhaps he would want full -body x-rays of each patient so he can pay for the machine and his for Mercedes.

  10. Yay for potty training!!! I went to a couple dentists within a few years. The first visit they refused to get the previous X-ray from the other dentist. One even went as taking impressions but all refused to do any work. I voiced my concern with all the radiation and they said there was no risk… all I could think was I was wearing a cape and they hid behind a wall… thank you for your explanation.

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