Dentists Review Dental Scenes In Movies

Dentists Review Dental Scenes In Movies

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if no dentist wears gloves and they’re coming at you with a drill run my name is Theresa Ellis car I’m dr. Jennifer Reyes I’m dr. Lu sensei and I will be rating films about dentistry I would assume that there’s probably be like an exaggerated truth to what I see let’s get to it Madrid EMA clamp installed yep who’s using a headstrong plan actually that’s really true we do use Hedstrom files for root canal it’s a special type of file that helps us to get things out of the canal we don’t just poke the file though usually it’s all the way down into the tooth in order to get all of the nerve and blood vessels and bacteria out of the tooth only thing that is inaccurate is that they do look like the patient is able to rinse you didn’t have a rubber dam and a clamp on but that is something that you would definitely do for every canal and usually dentists don’t keep their window open wide enough where a pelican can fly in I say fine an emu fairly accurate we don’t put the syringe up like this which we usually try to keep it out of vision we usually use some topical gel before we even use anesthesia just to kind of alleviate some of that pain I just wanted to say there’s a lot of good friends ability in this town is hey you have some things you just like diamond coated that’s like really hard so that kitten is moving like 100,000 revolutions per minute so it absolutely can pierce through your nail that is one reason why you shouldn’t move because if this can do that to someone’s finger it can cut your face it can cut your cheek or your tongue 3 billboards outside every Missouri I curate that yes the dental control can be very very harmful what’s in accurate is that the dentist didn’t wash his hands he wasn’t gloved just the way that he was holding the handpiece was also incorrect [Music] most equipment does not look like that that looked like piercing tattoo stuff he has like brass knuckles sometimes they do go back to some of the older instruments that were used early 1900s but it still really doesn’t look like that I don’t even know what he’s trying to do he looks like he’s trying to take out a tooth and then now he’s drilling and we don’t we’re cooking aprons so much is wrong here Little Shop of Horrors oh no nothing is true there are you grinder do you find your teeth i guide online laughing gasps most of the time it doesn’t make you laugh like this actually more relaxed most of times patients are not talking while they’re getting laughing gasps no we’re gonna turn it down she’s asking to turn the gas up and I I think that’s screw laughs who doesn’t want to be more relaxed when they have a dentist’s office this is 40 half-true the whole setup and the way everything looked he was actually wearing gloves but in terms of hysterically laughing I have an experience that it’s gonna have to be shelled I always have final destination moments though when I’m at the office if someone doesn’t sit on the seat properly I usually try not to show the patient the needle before I inject them because the needles like this long and scary and usually if we’re drilling and we notice that a patient is kind of wincing their face or a teardrop is coming down that’s our indication that you know the patients in pain were and stop say are you feeling this are you in any discomfort or pain there’s like some smoke that’s coming up that’s really not accurate especially if there’s water running usually that will help to cool everything down and the oxygen tank is running out oh my gosh okay no that doesn’t happen we definitely monitor it usually there’s a dental assistant in the room that’s monitoring the nitrous and the oxide levels the patient is just getting just nitrous right now that is not good that can cause you to come folds you could vomit you can literally die Oh for final destination – none of that is true it’s just way way way too out of pocket it’s just dramatic so hopefully this helps you out for the next time you go to a movie and see a dentist office half of its not true [Music] you

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  1. When I was at the dentist it hurt a lot they didn't stop I was crying screaming with my mouth open I kept like stomping

  2. I watch my dentists every move 😂and when I see something that looks like a needle I ask what’s that

  3. It's terrifying that the dude in Finding Nemo was thrashing and screaming and everybody is just like "yeah, accurate".

  4. Lol my mom's name is Theresa and my sisters name is Jennifer, and those were the names of the dentists in the video

  5. one time when i was at the dentist they gave me laughing gas and when they were giving me the numbing shot i was laughing so hard. 😂

  6. Laughing has made me relaxed and not laugh but it is funny to think about it afterwards since the surgeon tried to say funny jokes.

  7. The one time I got my tooth filled and it’s sucked they put me on laughing gas could bearly feel anything but once she got to a low in my touch was I started feeling pain she just glared at me saying “your on laughing gas your not in pain shut up” and continued doing it while I was winching it hurt so bad

  8. you guys seriously need to work on your sound mixing. i should not have to drastically change my volume between every video when im watching a playlist filled with YOUR videos. come on guys, i thought this was a professional channel.

  9. I'm scared of going to the dentist and while i watching this video i got so scared that i started crying :')

  10. When I was 11 years old I went to see the dentist (cant remember what I did…) I remember that they were cleanning my teeth and it was so painful that I cried.The dentist said "stop crying girl stop! It almost done! It isnt that painful…" so I never go ti see that dentist ever again. THE END

  11. Dentists care about when you’re in pain but when I went to the dentists when I was 12, the dentist told me to stop crying and that I’m old enough to handle it. SHE WAS A CHILDREN’S DENTIST.

  12. So should I be worried about a lady poking around my mouth with no gloves and some blood on a instrument

  13. When ur dentist is poking ur gums with sharp objects and they're like, " ur bleeding cuz u don't floss"

  14. ɴᴇxᴛ: ᴄᴏᴏᴋᴇʀs ʟᴏᴏᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ sᴄᴇɴᴇs ɪɴ ᴍᴏᴠɪᴇs


  15. How they give you anesthesia
    1. they knock you out with gas
    2. they apply the gel
    3. they get the syringe
    You will feel the gel and the knockout. You won't feel the injection part tho so no need to worry 😉 Technology has advanced so much

  16. Believe it or not my first dentist checkup was horrible. They didn't let my parents in and they strapped me down! I was only 4!

  17. Excellent service as always. Worth traveling 75 miles to Dr. Sandhu’s office. He is not only a good doctor but a great human being too.

  18. Going to the dentist for normal check up is not scary nor painful, but getting surgery for wisdom tooth is the worst pain I have been through

  19. I cried during a filling once. Dentist didn't even notice because I was wearing those roller up sunglasses oof

  20. I must say Dr. Murphy is such a blessing!! I had so much work that had to be done. From the first appointment I felt like he and the staff were more than caring, they were sympathetic. They made me feel amazing and they were so excited about the work they were doing for me. My confidence is literally through the roof. There are really no words to express how grateful I am to have meet such a great dentist and genuinely amazing person. Thank you so much Dr. Murphy
    -Heather Simpson

  21. I LOVE Little Shop of Horrors! Dentist! And Its Just the Gas (now) are my favorite songs besides Skid Row

  22. Dentist: Usually with laughing gas they don't laugh or talk.
    Me: On the laughing gas and laughing silently.
    My dentist: So, how are you? Anything exciting?

  23. This video is SO funny. The root canal scene from Finding Nemo is my fav scene and one of the funniest scenes in the movie

  24. Wish me luck. I have to have a old baby tooth pulled out some time next week and I’m already afraid before watching this video

  25. I don’t think the dentist in “Finding Nemo” used any anesthesia. Do dentists usually administer anesthesia when dealing with root canals?

  26. Literally Little Shop of Horrors is my 100/10 favorite film ever. You've got Rick Moranis, John Candy, Bill Murray, and of course, the wonderful Steve Martin. I think my mom was disappointed when my friend told her I had a lil' crush on Orin Scrivello (Steve Martin, and the one shown in the video.)

  27. Movies are so funny in the dentist you never see the intruments 99% of the time you only feel in you moud

  28. When I was like 8 I had to get a tooth filled, except they definitely didn’t numb it enough, because I could feel the drill and it was awful…

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