Diary of a Dirty Tongue – Clone Wars with Wheezy Waiter


We’re not going To take it! Anymore! hey guys. It’s me Morgan, the Orabrush tongue. and I am tired of other people pushing me around. and telling me what to do. I am not going to take it anymore. And I am lonely. So l called another Youtuber, WeezyWaiter to help me clone myself. So I can push them around! If you’d look at his channel, he obviously knows how to make clones. And I won’t be so lonely. because i’ll have my clone.
Its a good plan. WeezyWaiter! Morgan? You’re a giant tongue?
Thanks… A giant whale tongue…. uh… actually, I’m a human tongue. I love whales, your a whale tongue!
I love humans, I am a human tongue. Whale tongue,
Was that a fat joke? Why was he, why was he saying I am a whale tongue? Weezy You’re not exactly a marathon runner. “Whale tongue” “Human tongue!””Whale tongue” “Whale tongue” “Human tongue!” “WHALE!” “HUMAN!”
Do you want a clone or not?!
(whale talking sounds) Do you speak whale?
Alright, I am a whale tongue.
And you’re a loser And you’re a loser
I am not a loser. Clone!? Or not Clone?
Ok… I’m a loser. Make me some coffee whale tongue. It’s like my mom taught me, just because some one calls you a loser, it doesn’t make you one. Even if that someone is you. Or her and or everyone else. But at last I got a clone. Hey clone get out here! none of the opinions or practices
expressed in this video represent the official stance of Orabrush on cloning
and or stem cell research.
Now wink.
Why? I’ll tell you later, just wink. they decided on the matter and mostly just want to clean your
tongue with the Orabrush.
Clone! Clean up the apartment! You made the mess, you clean it up.
You clean it up, you’re a big loser. No. You’re a loser.
No, you’re a loser. Well, if I’m a loser and I am a copy of you, You’re a loser! And because you dont know that, you’re a bigger loser! That’s right! Make me dinner! Oh gross! Gross, quit it. Everyone’s so against cloning. but it’s not so bad I’m the clone of a dirty loser tongue and things worked out great for me.
Hey! I’m Morgan! He’s… He’s a CLONE!
He’s really mean, he calls me a loser tongueand he picks on me. (Tongue noises flopping around)
Oh, your so nasty! You cant defeat me, I made you!
Wait, what are you doing? Texting some one. Why are you licking yourself!? Why are you licking yourself? Wahoo! Remember to prescribe to my channel. This is Morgan, your favorite organ. Signing off. I’m older, so I get bottom bunk. Well technically were the same age.
We’re not the same age, I cloned you like a week ago. Yeah, but look at me… I’ve got baldness, a beard.
Right… Bottom bunk! No way man! No, I get the bottom bunk. I have the life experience that deserves it.
Yeah. No, sorry. This is where I put my foot down. Here, I’ll time you. I’ll time ya to get up there.
One, two, three. Little brothers are the best. You time them? They’ll do anything. Six, seven….
Am I on the top?
Crap… If God created us…. Who created God? Uhhhh…. Like a God God…. You’re right. Problem solved.

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