Dimension 20: Live Is Coming to Twitch!

Dimension 20: Live Is Coming to Twitch!

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– Big announcement, starting, I believe September 25th, yes starting September 25th here on DROPOUT
Live, Wednesday nights, you will be able to tune
into “Dimension 20” live, the continuing adventures
of “Fantasy High.” (claps) – Woo! – We will be returning
to the world of “Spire” with our intrepid
heroes, with the bad kids from the Aguefort Adventuring Academy, and we’ll be doing a
livestream game of D&D. We will continue to make full seasons and side quests of “Dimension 20.” We’re actually shooting– – We’re shooting one right now! – I have hung out with these guys the past three nights in a row shooting some of the most
fun D&D we’ve ever played. – It has been insane, I have been staying up until four in the morning because I’m just like
this from adrenaline. – Too, just too jacked to go to sleep. So there will be more
full seasons coming to DROPOUT of “Dimension
20” which will, you go to DROPOUT to see, but we will have a live Twitch game
Wednesday nights 7:00 p.m. ongoing starting September 25th. We’re going back to Elmville, baby! And not only will we be
going back to Elmville, but as we continue our
adventures in Elmville, it is possible that our brave adventurers at the Augefort Adventuring
Academy might even stumble on worlds beyond that as well. (gasps) There are a lot–
– What kind of worlds Brennan? – I mean, I don’t know how many worlds or dimensions will end up going to, maybe around 20 or so.
– Ooh! – Point being, we reserve the right to get up to all kinds of shenanigans, both with the bad kids and
maybe with some other heroes that we have already seen, or maybe we have yet to see. So I reserve the right to be as mysterious and cryptic as I’d like. But the point being, y’all gonna see some live “Dimension 20”
starting September 25th 7:00 p.m. here on Twitch, we can’t wait. – Yeah!
– Woo! (powering down noise) – (laugh) Dice, guys, that’s all for this chapter of “Dimension 20,” but wait, more full episodes call out to you from the realms beyond DROPOUT.TV Will you come to their aid and sign up for your free trial today?

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  1. Welp I know who my next Twitch subscription is going to be

    ps will you have full seasons on twitch beyond 8 episodes?

  2. I tried to click on this videos notification but a CH video came out a millisecond afterwards so I ended up watching a wonderful video before this amazing one.

    Those bastards

  3. super excited but if we miss an episode on twitch is that something youll upload to the youtube channel too? or is it just on dropout?

  4. me, the guy who subscribed to drop out just to binge on Dimension20: adrenaline from D&D!? ha! what a nerd!

  5. Subscribe and ring the bell to catch all new episodes and other surprises!
    Come hang with Brennan on our Discord! Sign up for DROPOUT: http://bit.ly/2KOHLyr
    Not in in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND or the U.S.? Sign up HERE: https://bit.ly/2OiNNoP
    Check us out on TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/dropoutlive/

  6. I feel like this is a very positive direction for Dimension 20 to be going to! Not only will it open up others to be able to view the content but will definitely be a way for the cast and crew to get more support!

    I've never used twitch before but I guess I'll have to now πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  7. Too bad Twitch is absolutely unwatchable if you don't have decent internet. Even the saved, not live videos run like crap if you can't get anything better than shoddy DSL.

  8. Oh boy. I really hope these guys don't expend too much of their talent all at once. Doing something you love too much can make you hate it in some cases.

  9. Praise be to our lord YES! The bad kids are some of my favorite characters in entertainment and I can't wait for more.

  10. Are we going to be able to catch the streams anywhere after the fact if we missed them? Because I live in germany and am sleeping at that hour.

  11. Words can't express how excited I am for this! πŸ˜€ I love Dimension 20 and just finished rewatching Fantasy High. Sadly I won't be able to watch live due to the time difference πŸ™ but I will definitely be watching them ASAP!

  12. I cannot believe more people do not watch this series. This has become the highlight of my week and I am ECSTATIC that we get more content 😍😍😍 Bless you beautiful people.

  13. Please post these streams later on dropout. 7pm your time is stupid early on Friday morning for me. 😭😭 don’t want to miss anything because of a time zone.

  14. I am so excited for this. Dimension 20 has become one of the things my husband and I both like. It has been great. Thanks.

  15. I think you guys really are making a mistake. The videos are such high quality because you take the time to edit it and improve it before release. Live streaming makes the quality of the show drop like a rock… The video editing and sound editing really made D20 stand above the other d&d shows… I'm really not looking forward to the live stream.

  16. Jesus H. Christ just when I think I'm out, they pull me right back in!!! Will the live streams be recorded and uploaded somewhere? Like here or on Dropout?

  17. Dimension 20: So, you like our DnD podcast, right?

    General Audiences: hell yeah!

    Dimension 20: And you wanna see it live?

    General Audiences: oh, fuck yeah!

    Dimension 20: Great! so it'll be at 7 p on Wednesdays and-

    Me: Hol' up, gotta crunch some numbers and… awesome, so that is EXACTLY when MCDM streams and now we gon' have to pick which one to see live. I see how it is.

  18. Anyone thought if they want the adventurers from season 1 and 2 how will that work
    Like does each person play two characters at the same time

  19. "Oh cool Live Dimension 20!"
    sees that its the same day and time as AcqInc C-Team
    "welp… guess im never catching this live…"

  20. Maybe a DnD world with a active economy that was more like a game of life.

    Make it a based on a more Utopian society with cool futuristic tech, unlimited super health care, chunky UBI and free schooling of any sort.
    Let players decide what they will do dropped into this world.

    Could be interesting depending on how much integrating of realism can be achieved.
    While still allowing for interesting and or new ideas in the genre of futuristic, there is room to play.

    This genre will most likely only being seeing growth as more exotic technology is released to public.
    It will fuel interest in wondering what are future can hold, a lot of the limits we imagined have already been accomplished.

    Initiative roll with future pretense: building things, running a business, or working at a business, robot fighting, playing some sport, solving the occasional crime, interaction with social networks or events, fun competitions (dancing, singing, laser tag, martial arts, etc..), Finding something or someone, dealing future problems.

    IE One party of swat like team that deals with issues can have government approved super tech upgrades. You could use dnd characters like druid just change to techno druid, players make up abilities name and appearances but numbers and affects are the same.
    They get a call at the station and show up to deal with a nano bug swarm that glitched and is going bonkers.

    IE Another party may want a different game. Maybe there players are Diva Bards and Rockstar Sorcerer, they want to challenge society to connect with them and with each other.
    Maybe a normal game for them is setting up a concert or deciding to do video contact, interacting with rivals for airtime and attention and or rivaling each other for the adoration of the crowds. With initiative rolls and attacks being on crowds attention. Do this while not creating disharmony between artists and you have yourself a interesting challenge.

    IE A third party may decide to do there own thing entirely. Maybe they all play there own games together in a futuristic small town and the game is there interactions with each other and townsfolk.
    They would roll initiative at accomplishing long tasks and or competing with each other in odd ways. Maybe a hover board race through a forest, or a vegetable growing contest, dog show, horse show, or a carnival of some sort.

    Hope this helped at all.
    Thank you for the consideration hope you have good day. πŸ™‚

  21. Speaking as someone without a fixed scedual I wish that twitch wasn't a thing. I can never make twitch streams so I always miss everything. If something I like says it's going to twitch it's pretty much the same as it being cancelled for me. I'll try to make it but this really bums me out.

  22. My jaw literally dropped and I did a fan girl flop for a few minutes. I'm loving this Dropout was the best spend I've ever had 😍😍😍😍

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