DIY Dragon’s Breath Cereal – Man Vs Science

DIY Dragon’s Breath Cereal – Man Vs Science

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Cool! *painful screaming* What’s up everybody, you’re Rob- uh you’re Rob? Uh no, I’m Rob- and you are watching Man Vs. Something I don’t know, you’re watching the show. You’re watching a show on the internet. This is it. You saw the title, you saw the thumbnail. DIY Dragon’s Breath… What is it? DIY Dragon’s Breath Cereal It’s pretty much cereal that has just steeped in liquid nitrogen. The coolest part when you eat it, you blow smoke out of your face like a dragon. F**king awesome. Today, We’re going to try it out You actually can’t get liquid nitrogen that easily- they-they don’t sell it at Walmart You gotta go to like some kind of like gas supply store. I actually have to lie and tell them that I was a welder Because apparently if you’re a welder you need liquid nitrogen for some reason, and I the forge and fake an entire account and try To convince them that I was professional and they sold it to me! So, you know, don’t try this at home. Although I doubt that you can get this sh*t in the first place There is your little f**king warrant Hopefully, I don’t freeze my fingers off. Or my face, or my tongue. Eh, you know they say safety third. All right- we got our liquid nitrogen here Watch this. Whoa. Whaaaaat I grabbed cereal number one over here- uh some of my favorites, Coco Puffs. Should’ve opened it before I f**king put these gloves on- God D*mmit. Oh, yeah, you ready? That fresh smell of cocoa puffs; you ready for it? Fresh from the bag! Mmm. Delicious. All right now the gloves go on. All right, you ready for this? Am I ready for this? That’s the f**king question. All right, I don’t know what I’m doing. Here we go! *girly screaming* *more girly screaming* Ah, it’s on me! It’s on my sock, it’s on my sock, it’s on my sock! Okay, a little bit more careful here. This stuff. All right got a good amount in there. Oh, that’s enough, that’s enough That’s enough! Look at this! Ahh we’re doing it. We’re doing science things! You mix that up there. Holy sh*t. You hear that? What’s going on in there? *panicked girly ohohohoho* Hoo, hoo, hoo that’s cold Alri- oh, ok, alright enough, enough. F*cking splash it all over the place like a godd*mn a**hole. Alright. That’s good. Here we go Huh, look at those. Alright, in my mouth Wahh, hahaha! *crunching noises* *Panic type noises* Nyeh, it’s stuck on my lip!! *violent coughing* This is the f**king coolest, sh*t I have ever done on this f**king series. It was next up on deck: Lucky Charms! Whoa, kind of just bubble around in there ah! AH, AHH. In my eye- Okay. I think it’s ready *crunching noises* *horrible singing ensures* gloriousssss Magically delicious, and frozen Wow. *more weird Rob noises* Literally. I’m going to use a few tricks over here. I mean Trix as in the cereal Ah, the bowls cold. F**k. There it is. Take a little stick, ‘n you go like that- *crunching noises* *more screaming* *why is there so much screaming* Huh, can I do smoke rings? Hold on. *choking* Oh, you wanna try some?! Hold on, hold on, hold on. Oh, there ya are. There ya go Yeah!! *laughing* Hahaha, it came out of you’re nose! I can’t really feel my tongue at this point after a few in all these. But f**k it, what else can we put in here?! F**k, Dragon’s Breath cereal, Dragon’s Breath Cheetos, Doritos, Oreos. All the o’s! Am I the only one that does this? *snorting Cheeto dust* Liquid nitrogen coming through, everybody! Everybody, get back! Whoo! Trained f**king professional over here *more weird laughing* whoa *laughing and maniacal screaming* *then pain* Hold on, I need a thumbnail. Hold on, This episode’s now called DIY Dragon’s Breath Cheetos *M A N I A C A L L A U G H I N G* C: What do we got in here…? R: Hold on, we got Corrine over here, she’s gonna try one. *Corrine screaming* *Rob laughing* R: Yeah! *Corrine coughing violently C: Are you supposed to chew it? R: Yeah, you can eat it! *angry kitten noise from Corrine* R: Gh- what-t-t-t??? R: No, watch, watch, watch, watch! C: It hurts your teeth *More violent screams* R: It’s fun though! C: Eheh, ok, bye. R: Well, there you go, she loved it! There they are. Dragon Breath Cheetos. Great Success. Move it on the to the Dragon Breath Doritos. *snorting Dorito dust* Feeling a slight pain in my lower abdomen area at the moment. Alright. But I think these are finished. Little transition out of here into the next frame with the smoke. There we go hey. Hey, how are you? *Crunch* Mmm! Liquid nitrogen Doritos! You saw it first, I think. Maybe. What about some f**king Oreo’s up in here? There they are! It’s kinda- it’s almost like- boiling it, But in the exact opposite way, with ice. I don’t- I don’t f**king know. Alright. Oh yeahhh! *crunching, screaming, pain* AMAZING! *Rob hurting his mouth and is in pain* Okay, that’s enough. F**king playin’ with science for today. Is that blood on this Oreo cookie? Ohh… I think that’s blood on there… okay. Ah I think I ripped off a little bit of my tongue Oh yeah, I think we’re done. I think we’re done. That’s alright That’s how you learn. So, who needed those taste buds anyways?! You know what I mean! Well, that’s all I got for you on this weeks, uh, Man VS. Whatever. Be sure then you like up this video Down below. That f**king buttons there for something, you might as well press it. Do me a favor and subscribe If you haven’t done that already, and I will see you around here next time for another f**king ridiculous, stupid Mind-numbing episode of whatever the f**k it is that comes out of my brain at any given moment and whatever you suggest down in the comments below, so make sure that you f**king make it good. Ah, I’ll see you around here next time *distastefully* Ah Godd*mmit. Nothing like the taste of blood at the end of an episode. Nothing like the taste of blood

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  1. Watch Rob READING MEAN COMMENTS over on his personal channel 🙁

  2. Corinne should really keep a watch on you when you do this shit. They do say you should never leave a child unattended…

  3. What the hell is he going to do with the rest of that liquid nitrogen. You can't just throw it out…… right..?

  4. Been binge watching Corine VS Whatever for about a week now, always forgetting to subscribe. But then this happened…
    end of video
    Corine: “alright everybody, that’s it for today. Please subscribe…”
    Me: “okay, i know I’m going to….next video…”
    Rob: “alright you fucking assholes the video is done go fucking subscribe now!”
    Me: instantly subscribes …… 😱🤔

  5. Its funny cuz you are suppose to let them them sit for a moment before putting them in your mouth so everything he does doesn't happen😂😂😂

  6. Who knows if this man hurt his palate and tongue after consuming this dangerous cold stuff in his mouth frequently??? Stupidity at the worst level.

  7. Rob: “Hey your rob… no I’m rob and your watching man verses something…”

    Me: I’m rob your rob everybody’s rob

  8. Jesus Christ… you need goggles to handle this stuff, and you’re just putting your face into it? Goodbye eyesight — goodbye lungs — goodbye tongue… you know what RIP Rob!!

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