Do INVISALIGN first! MUST watch before getting DENTAL VENEERS!   (EP 05 Cosmetic Dentistry)

Do INVISALIGN first! MUST watch before getting DENTAL VENEERS! (EP 05 Cosmetic Dentistry)

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36 thoughts on “Do INVISALIGN first! MUST watch before getting DENTAL VENEERS! (EP 05 Cosmetic Dentistry)”

  1. Love your videos! But I'm assuming a lot of people (me) with these stories have never been able to afford any of this

  2. the dental drive is enjoyable .. that way you can "video" in between work and getting home to your family . .

  3. Woah, we don’t have good dentists that doesn’t cost a fortune in my country. I wish I could get them done by you guys. xx

  4. After I got a root canal 12 years ago I immediately got bumps in my mouth.. I started getting sick. I have been diagnosed with Lyme,but really feel it is Oral Spirochetosis as Dr. William Nordquist speaks about in his videos. I am now bedridden. The tooth with the root canal does not hurt and is not inflamed. I do think that I have spirochetes in my Gingiva sulcus that is effecting my whole body. I know because I got a scraping and you could see them on the screen. Could a Lazer go in and kills these spirochetes ? Deluted Clorox solution does not kill them. These things are strong.
    I really want to keep the tooth, but I don't want to be sick anymore. My question may sound stupid,but instead of going down through the tooth, is it possible to go into the sulcus from the side and Lazer the gingivia sulcus to kill the Spirochetes that are making me sick? Or would that weaken the tooth to much?
    Oh yeah I forgot to tell you . The bumps in my mouth leak, every once in a while. I've had them the whole 12 years.

  5. Hi doctor you probably won’t read this but I really really need your help! My name is Tenzing and I’m 22 years old. I haven’t been to the dentist since I was 12 and recently I went due to plaques behind my front teeth and my dentist was able to remove them but ever since that day my teeth has been hurting and feels very weird and I can’t bite the same. She told me I needed gum surgery and root canal. Fast forward 1 week later she tells me I no longer need gum surgery but I need a crown. And both times I saw her she only spent a about 5-8 minutes max and I’m starting to wonder if she’s just telling me these things so she can make money off me. I wish I can get the right help but I know I won’t. I have a patella femoral pain syndrome on my knee been going on for 2 years and just when it’s finally getting better this happens with my teeth. I’m starting to lose all hopes in life in general and I feel like I live a normal life. 😥😥

  6. I’m looking at different “shades” for veneers. Is this woman’s colour considered a “bleached” shade? My dentist said they don’t like to do the bleached shades because they don’t look natural, but her veneers look very natural to me! (And let’s be honest, everyone wants the whitest teeth possible while still looking natural) 🙂

  7. Thats my problem i have a 16 year old daughter to i cant smile & any pics with teeth became dekay when i was pregnant on my son . i wish i could come to you .you have made many people happy .what i love about your work is you love what you do for people god bless you & your family!! Oh i did inter the contest it would be a dream to have a beautiful smile!! Good luck to everyone one ! Much love💝💝

  8. lol – ha ha ha – Dr. O said "let's make sure they don't look like chiclets." ha ha. Good video. Thanks for the link.

  9. Hot, funny & smart😂triple threat🔥✌ok…seriously…quick question lol…can you wear invasalign after getting veneers? I got them 10 yrs ago but dont even like to smile cause my upper teeth have moved forward so much, I have an overbite ugh!no bueno😫…what are my options? Love your channel😉👍!!

  10. How can a person wear retainers after Invisalign treatment and have veneers done? I guess temporary veneers are so fragile that no impressions can be taken and nth can be put on filed teeth , but waiting for new veneers will take 2-3 weeks, means 3 weeks without retainers, means all the Invisalign work will be gone..?

  11. I just finished two years of Invisalign. Next month they are getting 6 teeth and 4 new crowns ready. For people that want a beautiful smile it is well worth it.

  12. I really respect this and how you approached her case. I went to 3 different orthodontist to evaluate my smile. The first said 15 months in Invisalign with bonding on my tiny baby teeth. Second doctor said veneers on the front teeth and didn’t even look at my bite. Literally stuck his fingers in my mouth and called it a day. No X-rays no pictures nothing. The last one said braces for 8 months. I went with the last guy and got ceramic braces. My smile has dramatically changed already. He also has me wearing the heaviest rubber bands to fix my overbite. Amazes me that what if I went with veneers but still had a bad bite and broke them off or something ?

  13. My husband has been doing Invisalign for the last 6 months and is almost done. I think I need to do both Invisalign and veneers. Thanks for explaining. Plus…how come none of the dentist I go to are as cute and funny as you

  14. So out of curiosity, for someone who has veneers your teeth being shaved down create some sort of base for the veneers right? What happens to your regular teeth do they rot underneath? Do veneers fall out after time because of your old teeth rotting? Would Invisalign be a better option before you turn to veneers? And if you have Invisalign do you have to wear a retainer to maintain straight teeth?

  15. I am 33 and today i went to see an orthodontist and i have been told I am not suitable for braces cause I am over 25 and I have braces then years ago I am so disappointed but I am going to keep looking 🙂 thanks for your videos and keep u the good work . You look like princes Harry 🙂

  16. Thanks for this video! I was considering composite veneers to even out my bottom teeth as I have some crowding there, but but wasn't sure if that was possible without straightening my teeth beforehand with braces or invisalign. I am 36 and wore braces as a teen but never finished my treatment fully before my bottom were straightened out This video is making me think that invisalign might be the way to go.

  17. I do have the same opinion as yourself. I wore metal braces for 2 years since I had overbite and quite crooked teeth to fix and literally my gum line has changed as well with those changes above. Now I have those horribly shaped teeth but in correct position with space in between and fixed bite so I will go ahead and widen my smile with veneers possibly and hope to achieve even greater results !

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