Do NOT Crown Your Tooth! – Partial Crown (Cosmetic Dentistry)

Do NOT Crown Your Tooth! – Partial Crown (Cosmetic Dentistry)

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  1. Hi Dr. Olsen,
    Could you please talk about whiting? What options are available and which one is the most effective?

  2. i think you are honest. ive had 5 cerics. (2 onlays & 3 inlays). 2 different dentists. all 5 have failed. 3 broken teeth for inlays and 2 lifted onlays. all molars. not a fan. I am not a night grinder nor do not chew ice, as they have all decided I do. The only thing that works for me is gold crowns as the ceramic over metal fails 2 out of 3 times in my experience. (ive had 1 crown replaced 3 times) i currently have 15 crowns in my mouth. i so want to have them all extracted and implants put in but obviously 50K is a little out of my budget. I have zero tartar and plaque, as my oral hygiene is immaculate and I visit my dentist and periodontist every 3 months. mt gums do bleed during cleaning but I am on a blood thinner. not being your patient, what would you suggest?

  3. This video was very helpful, now I know the difference. I learn so much from you, thank you for sharing all these videos

  4. Hey doctor, I have two veneers for my upper 2 front teeth. They constantly seem to be popping off. The longest I've had to last without them pooping off was 2 years, but after constant rebonding they last at most 2 months now. Would getting crowns make it last longer without them popping off? I have an overbite and clench my teeth at night, however I wear a night guard, but they always fall off when I wake up when I remove the night guard. Thank you

  5. Hello Dr. O
    I have a friend who said her dentist cannot save one of her front teeth. If crowns are not recommended on the front teeth and veneer is impossible because there won’t be a tooth to hold. Is implant the other option?

  6. One of the most valuable things in life, is time! I'd like to sincerely thank you, for your time and outstanding energy that you've put into making this video. I, myself, am in the journey of becoming an esthetic dentist and your contribution just continuously inspires me! I want you to know that you're very important and we appreciate you tremendously.

  7. Hey Doc, I need two root canals on both sides (second molars of upper jaw) I have a lot of tooth structure left (both of the teeth broke) however I thought I had to get 2 full crowns due to the possibility of the natural tooth becoming brittle after the canal treatment is done. Is this still "ball park" correct? or should I be seeking some information on Partial crowns instead?

  8. Whats the best advice to give me.. Because 4 front top teeth of mine have cavities, atleast thats what i was told, i do not feel them ..or see them. Except for behind my two fron teeth, a large hole is going to form and eventually it'll be visible in the front. Ok so they tell me they cannot fill any of these in the front, they're telling me that these cavities are too close to the root and they'll be risking it. What the hell. If it hasnt touched the root yet, then root canals can still be avoided correct? They know my healtb insurance covers those front fillings and not root canals lol are they trying to pocket my money. I do not want to lose my smile.

  9. Dr. Olsen, I went to a dentist to have a new 4 tooth crown replaced, I had that crown for 36 years, it took him a long long time to take it off, he hit it with a tool shook it back and forth, i felt so much pain i thought my tooth was going to come out, when the bridge finally came out the trumer caused my tooth to be loose. he put the bridge on anyway i was not too happy, now i am having problems, infections bleeding, he now wants to replace the loose tooth with an implant and the other tooth that is holding the crown that is not loose with an implant, why the other tooth, i spent so much money and now i must spend more, i wish you were in ny

  10. My front tooth has broken half due to an accident but I didn't take treatment. After some years my tooth colour was changed. It was dark and like blankness. Sir 3 days ago i went to meet a dentist for my tooth treatment and i told him all about it. I have not pain problem in tooth only colour changed problem. Sir dentist told me that he would do root canal treatment for tooth infection then capping it by crown. Sir please advise me, i want a better smile. Can i send my half broken tooth picture. Please reply 🙏

  11. Hi Dr. Olsen, I had a root canal done over 30 years in Germany in one of my front tooth, which broke off without pain and force just by normal eating and I also swallow it. That happen on Saturday Evening and next Monday went to a new Dentist after moving to SC 6 weeks ago and he made me a temporary with sending me after that for a consultation to an Endo. for a second root canal. I am just wondering if this is normal to have done since I had before the same happen to a different tooth with a previous root canal and a second root canal was not needed when that tooth broke off without pain and force for to have a crown done. This Endo Doc told me if he has problems to get the root canal cleaned out he might have to do gum surgery to get it done which I really don’t like to have done. I like to know if this is normal what I have to get done now.
    Thank you, Karin

  12. Great videos, would love you as my dentist but I’m in the uk, why would you rather do a veneer for a peg lateral rather than a crown, my dentist has only ever mentioned a crown, but I like the idea of a veneer

  13. hi dr. im travelling to antalya for dental center turkey. to do all my teeth crowns. please can u tell me if it is bad for my teeth or will i regret it? sorry my english is not good. that is why i cant understan on the video. tell me in comment and i will translate it for my self. please tell me every thing about them bad or good. please please?

  14. I’m going in the Air Force and I’m gonna use the Tricare dental insurance. Do you think the Air Force dentists will be able to fix my decayed teeth? And if I have to get crowns can I still get braces with those crowns? Will it hold up to it? I have bad genetics where I don’t really have a lot of enamel.

  15. Hello two teeth is missing due to cavity. No last neighbour tooth , which is best for me bridge or implant?best dentist in india?

  16. I wish I had come across this video a more than year ago before I went on to that swindlers from Praga Medica Dentistry and let them killed my teeth (((

  17. My teeth have always been weak and this caused them to easily decay. I have fillings for my upper front teeth. Because so much of the tooth is missing I have considered getting crowns. Can you please offer any suggestions? Thank you!

  18. Great info! What about with root canals though and getting a crown after? I never really knew about crowns and such until now as I've had quite a bit of pain where I've had work done before (was expected the nerve may die) and so in recent visit been told I have to do a root canal and then get a crown. I didn't know to ask, but would those normally be full after root canal or can be partial?
    Btw, it is also a restored tooth, if makes difference – had a filling from years ago and tooth broke due to decay – maybe half was left – and dentist cleaned and filled in. Now root canal time :(. Thanks!

  19. Hi Dr. Olsen, I've been watching ur videos , I liked ur Frank speaking.
    Can you just give me a suggestion regarding my front teeth broken little: like chipped teeth,
    What would you recommend the solution for this problem ?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  20. I am about to request for my dentist to do class IV restoration on my two front teeth but she suggested to give me metallic dental crowns as it gives more protection than the restoration. Do dentists really guarantee providing crowns in their patients?

  21. Wow, I never thought denistry could be so interesting. Fantastic vieo doc! I'll be planning to fly in as soon as i figure out the resorces

  22. This doctor is not just to gain money from the patient his goal is to help the patient of what is better result! Hopefuly all dentist are same like your concern!

  23. I went to my dentist to see about vaneers and she wants to do crowns on my 2 fronts.. I'm not sure how I feel

  24. Hey doc ! I have a somewhat huge cavity in my molar teeth (left side jaw) . I went for examination and I was told that 80% chances to lead to root canal . But for now they suggested me to go for filling if that fails then they will do the root canal . So with this situation what is ur suggestion whether to go for cavity filling or a RCT . PS: the cavity filling might fail anytime or might last for a lifetime .

  25. Hello sir. I got my rct toot broken after 4_5 years. And it broke near the gum side. What should I do instead of getting a implant.

  26. How I wish I had the chance to meet Dr. O when I was just a tiny 9 yr old girl…my life would have been different for sure. My left front tooth cracked/chip when I fell face down. The dentist grind my tooth and had a jacket …that was around 1990's . When retainers are "in" I also had mine even if I actually didn't needed it. The backof my other front tooth had a small hole/ decay. The same dentist filled it. And days later on my 18th bday , I had a sac of huge ball of abscese at the back of the filled tooth ! I had a lot of guest but I can't open my mouth to welcome them ! Month later the dentist pulled my front tooth , got so frustrated I told her to remove all of my teeth because I dont want to have a piano ( alternate kind of real tooth and a false tooth and a jacket ) I was barely 19 years old then… I always join beauty contesr since I was just 6 and that changed when I lost all my upper teeth due to my stupid sudden decision as a teen and unfortunateky having a dentist without sympathy contributed to the fcked life I had. Got so depressed and lost the love of my life and lost all the confidence in the world. At 39 I have decided to begin @ 40 so I started the 1 yr process of dental implant. And this year on my birthday coincidentally I will have my final crown. Exactly 22 years ago I should have known this if only I had the chance of meeting Dr. O – the sexiest , most handsome , sympathetic and extremely intelligent Dentist.

  27. Hope u come here in Philippines and do my teeth…what will I choose in my front teeth?veneers or crown?pls suggest me..not decay,not broken, its just that my one front teeth is bigger than the other.

  28. Thnx alot, i wil link this video to the dentists all ppl go where i live in sweden , and its hammer and nail style there, amazing still n the 2019 compaining of bad tooths instead of making teeths become fixed and repaired,

  29. I have broken teeth in upon. It doesn’t hurt n sore but my dentist asked me to make whole crown. I don’t really want it . So what is ur suggestion? It’s possible to fix it with composite?

  30. thank you so much for sharing your expertise on youtube! so helpful to guide my conversation with the general dentist.

  31. It seems like I'm always making suggestions to my dentist about my care. If I point out a spot he says it's nothing to worry about and by next cleaning it's a cavity.
    I just lost a tooth that had a filling that was replaced 3 times. Financial I spent a lot of money in a small town practice, if you understand what I'm saying.
    My vanees sometimes only look as good as some dental office temporary.

  32. At the end of this month, I’m scheduled to get oral surgery for three extractions with bone grafts. Then my dentist wants to put five crowns on a few teeth, the estimate says Cerecfierd crown posts for $1130.00 (discount price) Core buildups $234.00 for those teeth

    And finally a partial with five teeth. Which is what I asked for because I’m on a fixed income and need to keep the costs low. Grand total, $12,000.00. For the upper only. I don’t make that in a year! So I’m cancelling the appt of course even tho my teeth hurt, they aren’t excruciating yet. Thinking about full dentures. Going to Mexico to get my work done. Last night I toyed with the idea “If prisoners of war can pull their own teeth…. why not me?”

    Dental expenses are crazy. I live in California. Things are expensive here. Do all states have 12 to 24 thousand dollar dental bills?

    I’m so discouraged and I know the longer I wait, the worse it is going to get.

  33. Help I lost a tooth and it grew out but it's kinda wiggly and I have to teeth that have a crown on top but their both loose help what am I supposed to do

  34. Hello
    It would be nice and highly appreciated if you could reply back please.
    My big issue is that I have a front bridge and I am looking for a removed my bridge since they change the color ,
    And dentists suggesting to do a full crown otherwise it wouldn’t look natural , due to the color differences.
    But I don’t want to miss my natural teeth 😔
    Just to change for better quality the bridge, also to do full mouth is very expensive.
    What would be your best advice please? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. As a Dental Hygienist, I would have hoped that a dental cleaning would have come first before the restoration. On the other hand, Great work. Thanks. : )

  36. Hi, basically I have a tooth abscess for months and I went to the dentist and he suggested to get my front tooth crowned!! he couldn't proceed with anything until the infection goes away! he made an incision for pus drainage and prescribed antibiotics to clear out the infection. I am supposed to go and get it done this coming Friday but I am concerned about getting a crown on my front tooth could you please advise me on what to do? Much appreciated

  37. My 10 y.o. was recently hit in the mouth by a pool ball, chipping her 2 front teeth.
    I don't know what's the best and feasible option for her.. Her mouth is still growing! I just don't know what to do?! Veneers? Crowns? Partial Crown??

  38. please help, got a partial crown put in a few months ago. I can't floss that tooth ( it's super painful to get the floss in and even more painful to get it out) I tried to floss and remove it by pulling it through the side. The floss smelt like shit, literal shit and my tooth feels tight and uncomfortable.

  39. You don't adress a real problem, like veneers being fragile. And if you have worn down your front teeth and want to reconstruct. My veneers keep breaking, so what should i do. Ofcourse you user veneers if you dont change size of tooth, that's pretty given. No point making a hole video about that obvious solution. What to do when you need to reconstruct, that's a video.

  40. Hey Dr. O , so if a person have a broken front teeth due to cavity, nearly 1/4 of its teeth is gone. Is it necessary to do a root canal and crown the teeth or is there other ways to fix that teeth. That broken teeth is in the front of the mouth

  41. My friend has 4 kids works very hard to support his family he has no money is in bad pain but keeps going please do a probono for him so people can see your reall work god bless

  42. Doc after my root canal my dentist recommends to get a new crown its made titanium with porcelain do you think its right to do that or not

  43. Hello thanks for the informative video. I have a question. Can you make a bridge from partial crowns? I have a missing tooth, that will require alot of bone grafting to support the implant. Doctor feels it would be easier to do a bridge, but adjacent teeth are healthy and I don't' want two full crowns when I don't need them. Any suggestions??

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