Do you know your skin – DRY OR DEHYDRATED SKIN? Ho to treat your skin the natural, organic way

Do you know your skin – DRY OR DEHYDRATED SKIN? Ho to treat your skin the natural, organic way

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The reality is most of us at some point experience dehydrated skin but this is especially the case now in the colder winter months. And I’m sure most of us would rather have skin that looks like a ripe grape rather than wrinkly raisins. But dry and dehydrated skin are actually very different from each other. They have similar characteristics but different underlying causes and today I will show you how you can identify whether you have dry or dehydrated skin, and I will show you the do’s and don’ts for both of them. Dry skin is skin type you are born with and it’s caused by a lack of natural oils in the skin. It is dry on the surface, it can be flakey, it has a rough texture, it can look dull and it’s definitely not plump. Dehydrated skin on the other hand, is a temporary condition anyone can experience because it’s caused by a lack of water in the skin. This means, it’s dehydrated from within which can give it a tired and weathered look. You can tell your skin is dehydrated when your makeup just disappears throughout the day, when moisturizers are absorbed really quickly and when you generally just have a really tight feeling on the skin. So as a general rule of thumb you can say that dry skin lacks oils whereas dehydrated skin lacks water. So apart from these common signs for dry or dehydrated skin, there are actually two tests that help you determine the dehydration level of your skin. So the first one is a simple pinch test. So move up really close to the mirror and then just pinch yourself in the cheeck and if your skin is dehydrated you will be able to notice fine lines – of course not wrinkles but fine lines that are caused by dehydration. The next test is the smile test. All you have to do is flash a big smile into the mirror and as you release your smile you want to pay attention to two places: first the area around your mouth and secondly the area around your eyes. If fine lines remain in both cases, the cause could be dehydration. Let’s move on to the do’s and don’ts for dry and dehydrated skin. So remember: Dry skin lacks oils whereas dehydrated skin lacks water. When you have dry skin, you want to make sure you use serums and oils but also moisturizers that contain oils because these oils create barriers that basically lock the moisture into your skin. So a great product for this would be the Aviva Pure Line-Away Serum. And you have to make sure that you apply this onto your skin when it’s still damp from washing, so this way you are actually locking the moisture into your skin. You want to follow up with a moisturizer that also contains oils and that is specifically designed for dry skin. So for this I recommend the Maximum Moisturizer because this is ideal if you have dry and irritated and even very sensitive skin. But if your skin is simply just dehydrated you want to make sure you use products that hydrate the skin and contain water and humectants which could be hyaluronic acid or glycerin that will actually attract the water. You also want to make sure you stay away from drying cleansers and alcohol based toners because they strip the skin of its natural moisture. And make sure to not use any products with fragrances because they will make the condition even worse. So a great product for you to use if you have dehydrated skin is our Girl’s Best Friend Moisturizer because this product contains water and that is what your skin needs right now. Ok and let’s get to some common FAQs regarding dry and dehydrated skin. “Is it possible that my skin is oily and dehydrated at the same time?” Yes, it is. In fact, your skin could be oily because it’s over producing oil in order to compensate for the lack of moisture in your skin. Regardless of the oily surface you might experience, underneath your skin could actually still be dehydrated. Next up: “Worst-case scenario: Is it possible that my skin is dry and dehydrated at the same time?” Yes indeed. You could naturally be worn with skin that lacks oils but also you’re lacking moisture from not using enough hydrating products. And one last one. “I feel like my skin is dry and oily. Is that even possible?” No, this in fact is not possible. You cannot have oily and dry skin at the same time. Like a said, dry skin is a skin type you’re born with. So you either lack oils or you don’t lack oils. If you feel like your skin is dry and oily at the same time, you are actually experiencing oily and dehydrated skin. So these are all my tips for today. If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments, and if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up! And if you want to see more videos of this type, be sure to subscribe to our channel! Thank you very much for watching, bye guys!

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  1. Even if we were born with oily skin isn't it true that as we age our skin can stop or slow the production of oil resulting in dry skin? I feel like this is what's happened to me (I'm 35) recently bc my skin isn't producing oil anymore. It's flaky and dry.

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