Doctor Gasps Seconds After Delivering Twins, Looking Down We See Why!

Doctor Gasps Seconds After Delivering Twins, Looking Down We See Why!

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Looking Down We See Why! Having a baby is exciting and stressful, but
having twins is even more so, in fact, its one of the most exciting experiences to go
through! It comes with its own challenges and sometimes
serious complications with mom or baby. Giving birth takes its toll in the body, one
mom got the surprise of her life when it was time to give birth, even the doctors were
in awe! Around 10-15% of pregnancies are estimated
to start with twins but, sadly, end up with only one baby. It’s called the “vanishing twin” syndrome,
many mothers never find out even. It is more common to need extra care as a
mother of twins though, more observations, and many things can go wrong too. Sara Thistlewaite, a math teacher from Ohio
decided it was time to start a family of her own with her husband. They were excited for the arrival of their
tiny babies, identical twins, they had many many questions! As it happens the twins were having a really
rather rare set of twins, they were identical but monoamniotic twins, which means that they
shared the same anionic sac inside the mom’s womb. That was a 1 in 10,000 chance that they had
babies like this, straight away, they knew they were special! ….they didn’t expect a delivery as special
as the pregnancy though! Sarah spent over two months in the hospital
due to her rare pregnancy, every single person concerned was interested in the rare pregnancy,
she began to feel like she was under a microscope. But what she did not know was that it was
about to get worse… The couple, early on, knew that Sarah was
set to have a C-section because the babies were completely together, right next to each
other. The doctors thought said that it was a routine
procedure and said that everything would be just fine. The Doctors gaped in shock though, it was
really apparent that what they were seeing was unusual… Sara had a screen that covered un what was
happening and what the doctors were doing. She just wanted to hear her baby cry, it would
indicate normal breathing and a successful birth had happened. But instead, she just heard noises of shock
as the babies were taken from her womb. The Doctors could not separate the babies
to pull them out one by one so they took them out together, entwined into one. At first, they were not sure that the babies
were OK at first, but when they looked closer they then realized what was really happening,
the room then fell silent… Her heart felt like it was going to beat out
of her chest, she was impatient and demanded to see her babies now! With what they saw it was really obvious that
the two already share a special bond. The two babies came into this world holding
hands!! When the doctor’s realized it along with
the nurses they all felt a special touching moment. Everyone began to cry in joy and happiness,
this really was one in a million baby birth!! Thankfully there was somebody on hand to take
photos of the babies and capture the moment forever in a picture, everyone wanted to know
more, everyone was so touched, how special it really was. The story about the coupe and their babies
was featured in newspapers and magazines alike, nobody could get enough of the story and how
it happened and the moments before and after the birth, plus of course the lovely photo
of the babies holding hands! The birth and indeed the whole pregnancy was
a little scary, to say the least, but both babies came out healthy and with all their
fingers and toes. The special bond they share is very obvious
right from the start. The called the babies Julian and Jenna. The girls really love doing everything together,
even wearing matching clothes, the couple really has a hard time separating them. Sara said: “Sometimes if my husband goes to the store,
he’ll take one twin and I’ll keep the other. When that happens, they both get really upset
and ask for each other. They’re definitely really close. They’re like two peas in a pod.” Although difficult at times, their parents
really love them both equally, every step of the way, bringing up twins is a challenge
every day! What a wonderful in a million story, please
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20 thoughts on “Doctor Gasps Seconds After Delivering Twins, Looking Down We See Why!”

  1. A patient once told me that for his birthday his grown twin girls each sent him the exact same card with the message crossed out and the same hand written message inserted. The cards arrived on the same day. Sweet.

  2. I had a twin, However, she or he died when I was a baby with the "Vanishing Twin Syndrome" I still wish I had him or her.

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