Does Breathing Cause Cancer?

Does Breathing Cause Cancer?

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Doesn’t EVERYTHING cause cancer?! Yes. It
does. Even Air. *deep sigh* *oops!* Breathers [[greet and welcome]]
Yes. Air. I know. Yes. It sounds stupid, but according to a new study from PeerJ people
who live at elevations closer to sea level have more tumors than people who live where
the air is thinner! EVEN OXYGEN GIVES YOU CANCER? We need oxygen to breathe, but, in breathing
air with more oxygen in it — we may be triggering lung cancer formation. Imperial County, California
is 11 meters below sea level (36ft) and San Juan County, Colorado is 3473 meters above
sea level (2.16m) — which means the amount of oxygen can vary as much as 35 percent depending
on where you live! The two researchers behind the study compared
the rates of numerous cancers across the United States in counties from purple mountains majesty
to the amber waves of grain, and found a 13 percent increase in lung cancers for every
1,000 meters decrease in elevation!! That same increase was NOT seen in breast, colorectal,
and prostate cancers. Before you freak out and try and hold your
breath for the rest of your life, this DOESN’T mean that oxygen CAUSES cancer; just that
higher levels of elevation correlate with lower levels of cancer. In fact, there are
a number of other benefits from living at higher elevations, including decreased rates
of heart disease, better vitamin D synthesis, and more weight loss to name a few. More research is obviously needed, but it
is possible that oxygen is both necessary for Earth life and slowly killing us. When
we breathe in the oxygen, our cells use it to harvest energy from food, but part of the
byproduct are oxygen free radicals; called Reactive Oxygen Species. Sure they’re natural,
but they’re also toxic — and according to research in the Annual Review of Genetics,
our own ancient mitochondrial systems might be causing degenerative disease and cancer! Which brings me back to the earlier point,
does EVERYTHING cause cancer? Breathing causes it, making energy from food causes it, what
about food? My mom would always try to cook her pork chops with the little black crusty
bits on the edges, because it was DELECTABLE, but she stopped when she found out the charred
bit causes cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, some starchy foods cooked
at a high-temperature will produce acrylamide, a chemical found in paper, wastewater, adhesives
and cigarettes. Frying bacon, or grilling and smoking meats can expose food to polycyclic
aromatic hydrocarbons, a chemical known to cause skin, liver, and stomach cancer in lab
animals. Fried foods have their own problems. In the end, no serious science recommends
forgoing cooked food, but moderating the amount of grilled and blackened food is going to
decrease your cancer risk. AIR. FOOD. AND YOUR OWN BODY MAKING THOSE
TWO THINGS INTO ENERGY ALL CAUSE CANCER. So, relax, exercise and pay attention to what
you’re eating, but don’t give yourself an ulcer over it. We’ve obviously got enough
problems, amirite?

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  1. LOL wow you guys are saying oxygen causes cancer, no it doesnt at least not at the levels that are in the air we breathe. the reason people who live by the ocean have higher rates of cancer is because bigger cities are by the oceans therefore more pollution. mean while people who live in mountain communities live in small towns meaning there aren 20 million cars with in a 100 mile radius polluting all the air. not to mention factories, and power plants at large coastal cities

  2. Despite Trace's awesome delivery, I wager the @TestTube writers wrote the copy on this one.

    Big thumbs down for a scare video on an uplifting channel.

  3. It makes me feel the way I've always felt. Just live the way you fucking want to. Anything causes cancer these days it seems, no matter what you do there are pros and cons, so just fucking live your life after your wants and needs.
    Death will come to you no matter what you do anyway, exercise or no exercise, smoking or not smoking, drinking or not drinking, eating fast food or not eating fast food. We're all gonna die, so enjoy your life they way you want to while you can.

  4. people that do studies like this are idiots. people who support these studies bigger idiots. air doesn't cause cancer, its pollution. but if there still saying cows are responsible for green house gas….who can say whats really true?

  5. Im sorry but Trace… and everyone… Did everyone miss the HUGE flaw with this studdy?!?? …… Of Bloody course they found more cases of people with lung cancer at lower elevations because….. wait for it….. THATS WHERE MOST PEOPLE LIVE! Umm… the largest citys…. ya Low elevation….. butt wait … what if this is a per capita studdy?? ….. well then… umm i don know…. all the smogg and toxins is at lower elevations… cuz… yes again… thats where all the population is (citys are) !! Boom… …. minds blown.

  6. this is a fucking bogus study. At higher elevations there is less oxygen, yes. although oxygen isnt the only gas that sinks. there could be higher levels of toxic gasses at lower elevations as well. 

  7. I live in the Netherlands and we live below sea level, so I looked up some numbers and indeed: more lung cancer cases per 100.000 inhabitants in the Netherlands and Belgium than in all our neighbouring countries (UK, France, Germany, Luxembourg). At the same time an equal to less amount of people get cancer in The Netherlands compared to the same neighbouring countries and Belgium.

    I don't get all the people bitching about this study. What's wrong with knowing this? If you don't find studies about cancer interesting because ''everything causes cancer'' (the change that you die of something else is bigger btw) simply don't watch videos about cancer studies and don't read articles about cancer studies. 

  8. some people in this comment section are stupid as fuck – what's the problem with you?
    yes – almost everything can cause or increase the chance of getting cancer – the DNA system of our cells is just fucking prone to give birth to cancerous cells sooner or later – we are products of an evolutionary process – and this process is not about being perfect but to survive and reproduce. Some can tolerate cancer factors better than others and sometimes it's just bad luck – that's life – stop whining dear lord

  9. Does watching DNews kill puppies? Find out in this retarted video! Oh well, it's the Discovery Channel and they're all about sensationalism in favor of actual news or science. 

  10. This is it. From now on I stop giving a fuck and do what I was naturally supposed to do. Eat, drink, enjoy life. No matter what or what amounts I eat. No matter the activities. I am more traumatised by worrying about things and excusing myself for some of my bad habits and feeling worthless than those things that are supposed to give us cancer.

  11. Another way of thinking… Cancer just happens due to our cells going berserk. So, nothing causes cancer. But for no reason when the cells get angry, we get cancer. So, it entirely depends on your genetics, your surroundings, and probability of new cells being produced is defective (due to mutations occuring during copying of chromosomes for which the telomeres are responsible).
    Also, it may be that human beings at lower elevation have evolved differently than people at higher elevation. Difference of a chromosome in the genes could be the answer. Maybe this is why cancers can be hereditary.
    After all, it always comes down to survival of the fittest.
    So don't think about it too much and live normally. After all, it's useless thinking about these. It won't save you from having one. If you are to have one, you will have one; if you are not meant to, you won't.
    Ughhh…. Science…..

  12. Non of this really makes me feel any different I'd rather live to 70 with a happy life than live to 100 with a miserable life. Not to mention in those later years you'll be absolutely miserable and waiting for death regardless…

  13. Hey guys….. breathing kills you…. i suggest either you die, or learn how to survive without performing a natural bodily function which i might add you have to do to live. Have a nice life 🙂

  14. to me it is clear. it isn't the elevation but the climat that is the reason for this. I mean usually there are more people cars and other polution the closer to sea level you get. while the higher you get the more trees etc there are.

  15. yeah man, breathing technically suffocates you, water drowns you, and food starves you.. If anyone thinks differently, remember that you die.. LOL?

  16. Medical Intern here.
    The AMOUNT by which it increases your likelihood of getting cancer is much more important than ''if''. Don't smoke, exercise regularly and eat mostly unprocessed and healthy foods and you are as good as you will ever be. 

  17. oxygen does create oxidation, but our body immune system should be enough to handle it, if we had enough excersice.. and that what happen to the people living in mountain… their daily life are filled with excersice.. walking up and down thru the elevation..

  18. Air causes cancer.I really wouldn't be surprised if water causes cancer. Keyboards cause cancer, it is dangerous to type right now.Living has been linked to most cancers. Research says that having a living physical body causes cancer cells to grow more than if you were dead.

  19. Did the study control for other factors?  I'd be curious about lifestyle differences, size of the cities compared (population, population density), urbanization, poverty, pollution…!

  20. Isn't it obvious that air in the low lying cities are way more pllouted than that of higher miuntain areas close to nature…toxic pollutants are way more hazardous than free radicals of oxygen.

  21. I used to think the only way not to get cancer was to not be alive.
    Then my pet rock got cancer, and we had to put her down…

  22. A simple solution to the free radical problem in air is simply eating foods that are high in antioxidants. 

  23. No, no, no. A normal cell turns to a cancer cell when it runs out of oxygen. The guy who proved that won a freeking Nobel prize for that discovery. People who live higher up are exposed to a lot less toxins witch most likely is the reason why they do not get cancer. Oxydated fat is bad though.

  24. Air doesn't cause cancer some toxins in it can cause it (2nd hand smoke, co2, asbestos) cancer is caused by lack of oxygen. So if you live up higher, eat bad foods (sugar, wheat and dairy in excess amounts, processed oils). This study is almost complete opposite. The reason why California had more cancer patients than colorado is because California has more burning fuels in denser population causing poor air quality thus reducing the amount of Oxygen your body gets. If you use a oxygen respirator, regularly visit oxygen bar, eat like a vegan (still take in a recommended amount of meat but not too much) and stay on a HQ supplement program then your chances of getting cancer will decrease significantly.

  25. could just be less airborne toxins. i wonder which airborne toxins settle close the the ground and which ones settle higher up and get blown away.

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