Does flossing help bad breath?

Does flossing help bad breath?

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Does flossing help bad breath? Absolutely, when you floss your teeth, some
people just brush their teeth for starters. The regimen I recommend is brushing, flossing,
tongue scrapping, and mouth wash. But when you just brush your teeth, you probably are
removing only 40% of the plaque in your mouth. So the other 60% of the plaque that’s in your
mouth is sitting between your teeth and on your tongue. So flossing is going to remove
that. And scraping your tongue; if you’ve ever scrapped your tongue it’s pretty scary,
so you know we give out tongue scrappers in our practise. When you scrape your tongue
you know that removes the rest of the plaque and the mouth wash just keeps everything nice
and clean it just disinfects it.

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