Does Oil Pulling Help With Cancer?

Does Oil Pulling Help With Cancer?

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[Music] I’ve done videos on how coconut oil is safe to put on your hair or on your skin but you certainly don’t want to eat the stuff you may not even want to be in the same kitchen when it’s being cooked with I don’t know where people get the idea it’s safe to cook with it’s got one of the lowest smoke points a typical frying temperatures it can release a variety of toxic compounds in fact even below the smoke point so you want there to be good ventilation you also don’t want to inject it into your privates and even standing under a coconut tree is not completely without risk but what about swishing coconut oil around in your mouth so called oil pulling is evidently a time-honored folk remedy that involves swishing oil in your mouth pulling it back and forth between your teeth for purported oral and systemic health benefits you put a spoonful of oil in your mouth swishing for up to 20 minutes that’s too much you can go 5 or 10 minutes then you spit it out rinse out your mouth and then brush your teeth I could see how it might dislodge dental plaque or something and have oral health benefits but what’s this about systemic effects not only is it supposedly absolutely harmless but it effectively treats the most varied diseases in some cases enabling one to avoid drugs and surgery I was excited to check out this citation until I realized the citation was to oil pulling calm an e-book where you can evidently get answers to questions like oil for oil pulling pulling oil and diseases cured and the science behind oil pulling thorpey and much more the moral of the story is always check your sources there is one source cited by oil pulling proponents that seems legit published in the British dental journal but it’s just a letter from some guy saying that the literature reported that oil pulling can effectively treat things like paralysis meningitis and chronic diseases like cancer aids etc but absolutely no references are given so this literature of which he speaks is presumably the fairy tale literature the bottom line is that there’s simply no scientific proof okay but what about the oral health claims if you look at the list of purported benefits I think oil pulling may adversely impact spell check they go from blood clots to stopping the growth of beluga tumors and you look at those citations purported to back such wild statements up and you won’t be surprised at this point to see they haven’t absolutely nothing to do with blood clots cancer or any of those other diseases but instead are references to studies done on dental health okay well let’s not spit the baby out with the bathwater let’s see what they say the study started out like this ad oil pulling to some people’s regular oral hygiene regimens and stand back and watch gingivitis get better week after week as the amount of plaque gets less and less conclusion oil polling has dental benefits this was with sunflower oil same thing with coconut oil gingivitis gum inflammation started to get better within a week as the dental plaque goes down looks pretty good right so same conclusion oil pulling could be an effective addition to one’s oral hygiene habits okay so what’s wrong with these studies right no control group why am I always going on and on about needing control groups I mean didn’t they each act as their own control look we know where there were a baseline and then look at that week after week Bam Bam Bam Bam down to less than a half the black half the gingivitis what are we supposed to imagine this all just one big coincidence that they all just happen to start getting better right after they started the coconut oil come on let me tell you about the Hawthorne effect patients frequently appear to improve merely from the effects of being placed in a clinical trial why because patients may improve oral hygiene as a result of the special attention or frequent examinations they get that’s the Hawthorne effect and why it’s so important to do controlled trials think about it you know how you may like you know brush really good the morning of your dentist appointment well imagine knowing you kind of be going back to the dentist for an exam every single week to see how your plaque and gingivitis is going I mean don’t you think you’d brush a little extra well floss a few more times that month and that alone could get you these kinds of results so the only way to tell if the oil pulling had anything to do with it is to have a control group that didn’t do the oil pulling but also knew they would be getting these weekly checkups but there was never any compilation of controlled studies until now which we’ll cover next [Music]

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  1. Yay oil pulling, I've started it about a week ago because I spotted some not good looking dots on my back tooth and many say you can reverse cavities with OP so I gave it a try and now a week later I actually do see it getting smaller but true-I also brush better after every meal+floss ,so without my control group I don't know what is really helping me ,the oil or better clean routine 8p/btw I use sunflower oil

  2. interesting i started this a week or 2 ago and i swear it feels like it helps keep my teeth clean in between brushing. It might be a placebo? i think my teeth are getting whiter? interested to see next video.

  3. I have been sucked into so many fads. Loved the highlighting of the spelling errors and the education on how to check sources. Just because an article is made to look scholarly does not mean it really is.

  4. I have a feeling i won't need to go buy some coconut oil for oil-pulling. But i suppose i shall wait until next time to find out. 😉

  5. 5 years oil pulling with sunflower oil with amazing dental results. I've always assumed the other "benefits" were complete BS

  6. I was told I have gingivitis about a year ago. I started oil pulling shortly after that. The next visit, there was no mention of the gingivitis, and the hygienist kept telling me how nice my gums were. She said that she is always very gentle with people that have nice gums because they feel more pain. I have received a few compliments about how white my teeth are… but I still had a cavity.

  7. Woah. I actually had time to oil pull this morning and I was just thinking "I wonder if theres any scientific research behind this. Maybe someday Greger will make a video on it.". And Bam!

  8. Plenty of lower quality studies out there, like ones without a control group. Randomized controlled is awesome, preferably double blind.

  9. Look, if you are going to split your videos in half at least upload both halves at the same time. Damnit Gregor you and your cliff hangers! I find it amusing that you keep calling it "gingervitis".

  10. I've learned about oil pulling 20 years ago from a book about alternative medicine (involving accupuncture, iridology, palming, Alexander Technique etc.). I've tried it then and have also recently, and can say, that the better is good the fresher the oil is. We'll see what the double-blind study shows, so until… next time!

  11. i used coconut oil on my face for a year and had horrible razor burn, clogged pores, acne, ingrown hairs, etc. now the only thing that goes on my face is vaseline and my skin is glowing and in the best condition of my life.

  12. I prefer to "pull" oil AFTER brushing my teeth.
    In fact, I was just about to swish some virgin coconut oil when clicking on this video, believe it or not.

    Looking forward to the concluding video, Doctor!

  13. These healthnut sissies need to stop with the snake oil and try pulling something actually beneficial, like weights on a barbell. And also stop eating animal products.

  14. I love your videos, but can you stop doing this. I have about a hundred questions that have remained unanswered, simply because I have waited for the "until now" video and it never arrived!! please go back to the old format where we actually learn something from the videos. I feel like I'm watching national geographic channel.

  15. Well, I know it’s sorted out my sore , bleeding gums. I thought it was due to it being anti-bacterial etc?? My mouths cleaner, very fresh breath and I think even my teeth whiter….

  16. why is there so little research on raw foods??
    i tried everything out there and 100% raw is vastly superior to ur starch based crappy cooked whole food plant based diet (no oil no salt no sugar low age +b12 dha/epa iodine d3 blablabla)
    if a standard american diet is a 1 out of 10 (10 being best) and raw is a 10/10 then ur whole food plant based diet is just about a whimpy 4/10 or so (even bloodworks r slightly better on raw)
    any1 who tries this for a while will certainly find that just eating raw stuff is so much better than plugging up ur system with retarded starch foods

    is this like some conspiracy shit or what? i doubt its possible NOT to notice the difference…its like day and night…wtf? (first days gonna be rought cuz stomach so small and u r not used to eating so much tho ;p)

    and NO i dont dislike cooking
    infact i hate not being able to do it!!!! u love that shit
    but its so bad…its just makes addictingly good tasting stuff that will make u feel like u r on some crappy zombie-drug

  17. if these ppl's problem is plaque – shouldnt they just swirl some acidic stuff in their mouths? like lemon or orange juice or maybe some vinegar
    im sure that would get rid of some plaque
    not sure if the enamel would like it all that much…but hey! it should work right?

  18. Truth about Aussie Christmas HAM! Sorry to intrude but I’ve made this video and would love some support to prevent people from buying it. It is less than 4 minutes so any support would be wonderful xxx

  19. Why is he so obsessed with injecting things into his private parts. He should just b satisfied with what he's got and stop trying to make things bigger

  20. Yes it’s a cliff-hanger, but why can’t everyone that is complaining search the study that he showed at the end of the video themselves?

  21. For what its worth, I tried oil pulling for 30 days. And the results were pretty good, teeth got super white and one of my cavities stopped bothering me. I have no idea if it was because the coconut oil was good for me or if it was just the mechanical effect. The before and after shots I took were night and day though.

  22. It's not just the Hawthorne effect, but maybe it's also just the effect of maturation and other conditions. I don't know about gingivitis, but the body and regular brushing also fights to remove this disease. No one likes to stick around and only use oil swishing to fight their painful condition. I know I'd throw everything against it that I know helps.

    It's a freaking wonder this study got peer-reviewed and published.

  23. I️ did oil pulling when I️ needed to have a root canal. They did a another X-ray and the junk that was there was gone. So it worked for me.

  24. Control group of one. I have been getting stellar checkups from my dental hygienist since oil pulling. I'm all in here. When she comes back with good numbers when checking how much gum loss is effecting the gums it's good news. And I notice my scalp oils are effected by getting through systemically. That's pretty cool. So at least I know it's working in the head area. Protecting my ears and lubricating my eyes as well. It works for me.

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