Does SUGAR really cause CAVITIES or Dental Decay?…..Maybe NOT! Have the best oral health!

Does SUGAR really cause CAVITIES or Dental Decay?…..Maybe NOT! Have the best oral health!

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– What’s up, guys? This is Dr. O, and if you
stay tuned to this one, I’m gonna give you an idea of how to stay out of the dental chair and
basically avoid seeing me. Isn’t that weird? Why would I give an idea
of how to avoid seeing me? I don’t know, I’m gonna talk
myself out of a business. This is a bad idea. I’m gonna do it anyways. You know, I think this
will help a ton of people, and I’m pretty excited to talk about it. It’s a question that we have
all the time at our practice. Patients have tooth decay. They weren’t even aware of it, and they’re wondering how in
the world did I get a cavity. They brush, they floss even. They still have tooth decay. So, the question would be, hey, is it the sugar that’s
causing tooth decay? And that’s what the title
of this video is about, is does sugar really cause tooth decay? I think most people would say well, yeah. Duh, sugar causes tooth decay. That’s what I’ve always been told, is avoid candy, and I’m
gonna be pretty well set. I’m not gonna have tooth decay. Or just have one soda
instead of six sodas. And you know, is this worse than this? Does one have more sugar? I don’t know, this one’s got 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar. And then this extra sweet tea, so we went all out. This is like McDonald’s sweet tea. Have you guys ever had
McDonald’s sweet tea? Take off the lid and see that it doesn’t even move like a float. It’s pretty awesome. It’s like a gel. But this has 65 grams of
sugar in this extra sweet tea. That’s intense. And then the soda, for
one serving is 39 gram. So your argument might be
hey, soda’s got more sugar. It’s gonna cause more tooth decay. Plaque is bacterial mass
that builds up on your teeth, and obviously that’s why
we brush and we floss, to remove that, and the
more you remove that, the less obviously there is
and the better off you are as far as bacteria buildup on your teeth. So we know that plaque harbors bacteria. Well, bacteria can’t do
anything without sugar, and consequently, neither can we. So, it’s obvious that we’re gonna have to consume sugar to live. There’s very few people that can commit to a diet that doesn’t consume any sugar or simple sugars or carbohydrates. Those might be like the keto
diet, you might have heard of, I don’t think has hardly any carbohydrates or any sugars that are allowed. And therefore, the bacteria
wouldn’t have hardly any source of food in the mouth to consume and turn into lactic acid. But that’s like the only diet, and it’s very difficult for people to commit to that and live that way. So if you’re like me and
probably almost everybody else, you love sugar in some sort of fashion, whether it’s a simple
sugar or carbohydrates, we need ’em obviously
for our body to work, for our brain to think, and
so sugars are necessary. If sugar causes tooth decay,
then we all consume sugar. Then why don’t we all have cavities? And that’s kind of what I wanna answer. And that gets us to our third component of what is causing cavities in
our teeth, and that is time. Obviously, this has to amount to bacteria and sugar over time. And the biggest thing is
not the quantity of sugar. It’s the quantity of time that
we have sugar on our teeth. And because that’s the answer
to what causes cavities, we need to think about
the habits that we have. And ultimately, that’s the biggest factor in avoiding tooth decay. Is it the student that
drinks Red Bull to stay awake and study for his or her exam? The person that has the desk job and maybe goes to Kum and Go or goes to the gas station
on the way into work. And they grab that Big Gulp,
and they set it on their desk. And they maybe take till two in the afternoon to finish that drink. That’s super damaging because even though it’s only one beverage, it’s consumed over a long period of time. Therefore, the acidity
in between their teeth is gonna be high for hours,
and that’s gonna cause a lot of damage to their teeth. Is it the stay-at-home mom that because she’s working so hard to take care of the home and the kids
and take care of them, she’s distracted throughout the morning. She’s trying to enjoy her cup of coffee but just can’t finish it ’cause
the kids want this and that. We gotta take ’em to school
and then get back home. And she has to reheat her
coffee multiple times. That’s a story I get often, is the stay-at-home mom or somebody who’s staying at home
taking care of the family is struggling to complete a coffee that might just have maybe just creamer. But creamer has what? Lactose, and lactose is a sugar. So it’s broken down by the bacteria, turned into lactic
acid, and if you consume that coffee over a three
or four hour time period, you’ll cause significant
damage to your teeth. The point of the video is
really to draw attention to the habits of how
we might consume sugar, basically the delivery method of sugar. The delivery methods
are the most damaging, not the quantity. Matter of fact, I could sit here, and I could chug this entire soda, and it won’t cause hardly any acid to be sitting on my teeth
for a long period of time. Yes, granted it’s acidic itself. There’s sugar in it. The bacteria will use that. But after about 20 minutes
when I’m done with the soda, my saliva will wash away most
of the sugar that’s there. The bacteria will have
consumed most of it, and it won’t be breaking down into acid in between my teeth or around my teeth. Whereas, if I were to take this, which is much less in quantity, right? I don’t know, I mean,
this is like 18 ounces. This is like 67 ounces, so much less as far as quantity. But if I took this same beverage, and I decided I’m working
really hard today, but I need sugar every once in a while to keep myself awake and motivated, and I put this next to my desk
and I’m just sipping on it, I’m giving a lot more sugar over time for those bacteria to break
down and turn into acid. So, that habit, if I did that daily, once every week or ever so often, that’s not gonna cause it. It’s gonna be the daily habit. And so that’s what I’m
trying to draw attention to to try to really help
people to avoid going to the dentist with tooth decay that they’re just shocked they have and didn’t realize that something simple like the consumption of sugar over time was really what’s damaging their teeth. All right, so you’re saying to yourself, okay Dr. O, I get it. I need to address the habits to the way I might be consuming sugar. I’m doing it over time. I go to the gas station and
get that Big Gulp every day. I go to Starbucks and get that frap. I understand how that causes damage. I’m gonna stop doing that. But man, how do I stay awake? What can I do? What are some of the basically rules to live by when you’re talking about consuming any
beverage that has sugar? Kind of something I just think is kind of a common sense
way of addressing it, if your coffee is cooling
off in a regular cup, not a thermos, not one
of these cool Thermoses that keep it hot for like 12 hours. But if it’s cooling off enough to where it’s not good anymore, that would be a good time to stop. That might be what? 30 minutes, something like that. And same thing for
something that’s ice cold. So if you’re having your soda, and after the ice is melted in 30 minutes, and it’s just not really
that great anymore, that’s when you should say,
you know what, I’m done. So, really the idea would
be 30 minutes or less. Consuming it with a meal is best. That’s how you might wanna
consider still being able to enjoy some of those delicious beverages without causing the same
damage that the habit of consuming it over time, many hours preferably, would cause. And so, hopefully that
gives you some insight into some ways to live and adapt, this consequence of maybe the sugar habit that you might have. Thanks for listening. I hope you found that the discussion about how the habits
that we have with sugar is what truly causes tooth decay, and that you found it useful, and it keeps you out of the dental office. What am I doing? I’m keeping you out of our office. This is crazy, but it might
be useful to you, right? You wanna stay out of the dental chair. I can still see you if you
come in and see a hygiene, and you don’t have any cavities. We can still high-five, have a good time, and then you can go home
without any cavities to fix. How slick would that be? If you found this video enjoyable, definitely give it a like. Smash the thumb’s up if
that’s something you’re in to. Consider subscribing, and we would love to see you in the next video. Otherwise, you have an
awesome day and keep smiling. The daily frap, the daily cappuccino or latte that you might get at Starbucks. Dadgummit, I love coffee. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m telling people not
to go to Starbucks daily.

71 thoughts on “Does SUGAR really cause CAVITIES or Dental Decay?…..Maybe NOT! Have the best oral health!”

  1. There is also this habit of finishing something fast but not washing the mouth afterwards. For example, you are out having a cup of soda on the go but you don't wash the mouth afterwards or at least gargle with water so the sugar kind of stays there for an extended period of time. Thanks for the new episode 🙂

  2. Finally someone to explain this properly !
    I always get annoyed when dentists tell me not to consume sugar and fizzy drinks and I am like can you hear yourself, I love both and won't give up. Then with time I realised its the way we consume the sugar, not how much !

  3. so Im around 30 years old… used to drink 1-2 cans of pop a day for years… around 18 or 19 I started drinking more. I liked my junk foods too more than I do now. I have never visited a dentist once. I am just now finishing smile direct aligners. Despite bad eating habits I never get toothaches. I brush seldomly over my lifetime… now maybe 3 times a week. like 4 of my molers have very small cavity areas between top and bottoms. I lost my last two baby teeth at age 18.

    Im actually a bit afraid a dentist will poke around and cause me pain in which they will want some big procedures while I have been fine all along. video explains it… I scarf down my foods/drinks.

  4. Thank you for explaining that! I'm 60+ and have never heard this before but makes total sense as to why I get so many cavities. Love your videos!! I wish I lived closer – you'd be fixing my smile!

  5. Dr. Olsen, I came across Your Channel by complete accident.
    Great motivational skills were included in this video

    When I chose to have braces, this decision came much later in life.
    My teeth are in perfect alignment, and for a fee which included more drachma,
    I replaced the amalgam with porcelain

    I recently started a Waterpik routine.
    I also have an Oral B Electric Toothbrush, that I use every other day
    I dispose of my standard toothbrush every 90 days
    Lastly, I wear my retainers U/L in an alternating fashion.
    (allot of I's starting my sentences)

    So Far, So Good.

    My latest visit to my Hygienist, took less than 20 Minutes (including the Fluoride treatment)
    I received 1's and 2's, through most of my exam, with two 4 just to make me pay attention

    Now for my question,
    I cannot bring that White smile to my teeth.
    That is to say, I cannot have them as white as they once were.
    Is this part of aging?
    I do not smoke
    I do not drink (no rhyme or reason. I did it already)
    I do not drink coffee or Hot Tea (22 Years in USN, and had 5 cups in my entire life)

    Do You have any suggestions?

    PS……..A wise Filipino Friend suggested I chew on celery stalks after meals.
    NOTE: I have wires behind my teeth, and this forces extensive time to remove the frags.

    What am I missing in order to make my teeth Whiter?

    Thank You in Advance

  6. Thats new! I've not had any sugar in the last 4 months thinking that it would slow down my body's natural ability to heal my gums and teeth. I thought cleaning my mouth right after eating a chocolate bar would'nt make a difference as sugar would still launch its damage from the stomach.. but hearing this doctor i'm kind of doubting if I am right.

  7. Oh please this is ridiculous! Sugar causes tooth decay! Refined white sugar does fruit and vegetable sugar does not. Anthropologists discovered this year ago before refined sugar no decay after refined sugar tooth decay.

  8. About the commercial: I love wild blackberries. We found them on our land in about the middle of Wisconsin and the land was sand with oak trees in the back of five acres and white and Scotch or Norway pined mixed on purpose in the front.
    Going there to camp during the time the blackberries were ready to collect and eat was so fun. We camped in a small clearing between the back oaks and the pine trees front of the land. My parents took us and I took my kids. Camping in the sticks with very little luxury. Cooking over the camp fire. Making coffee in a bowl fashioned out of some aluminum foil. Our camping next door neighbors happened to be there and felt sorry for us about me forgetting a pan and brought us coffee they cooked in their cabin on a wood stove. They also worried about us when it rained but I knew how to keep rivers from going under our tent and my tents didn't leak. They did not know us well enough. We really knew how to camp with less and nobody suffered. If we got sick of our own cooking then we could go out of town and go to a wonderful restaurant that home cooked everything. Chicken, pies. All and everything was homemade good. So delicious, too.

  9. Rinsing out your mouth with water is a great idea after having sugary things also chewing sugar free gum is good for your teeth to clean out sugar. Candy with sugar really will rot your teeth and they will break off and fall out and it's not good for your gums either.

  10. This is part of a problem I've created over the last 2 years. I never drank soda and I got on a kick of A&W root beer along with some snackies (warn people against nerds on a rope, I swear that scratched my enamal and started it) at night, maybe I would fall asleep, well here we are, now I have problems because of it but I also have grinding from jaw dislocation and surgery that has also contributed to my issues now, mostly with my molars. Now I just had a client in and she is like the skinny girl who can't gain weight but eats everything! She hasn't been to dentist in 8 years and eats candy and drinks sodas, energy drinks every day and falls asleep without brushing. She just went to dentist….NO CAVITIES AT ALL! I do it for a brief period in the grand scheme of life and I have a mess!

  11. "we need to consume sugar to live" <—- untrue. secondly, if you chug that soda, it's not just direct contact, it's the acidification of your body caused by consumption of refined sugars breaking down, creating a more beneficial biome for the bacteria. Our teeth will not be healthy, if our bodies are not.

  12. i was reading about a study where they fed mice sugar, directly into the stomach, bypassing the teeth, and they got the same amount of cavities, as the ones that ate it.

  13. not true. bacteria can absorb the sugar into their biofilm where it stays much longer than 20 min. only with perfect oral health and flora, and without plaque one can eat sugar/carbs without damaging their teeth.

  14. Common sense tells me that sugar acidifies the body, blood and tissue right? so..the acidity causes bacteria that eats into enamel. With that, would alkalizing the body allow the enamel to be regenerated on the teeth because the teeth like bones are alive and can repair itself with the correct protocol.

  15. How can I effectively remove sugars from in between my teeth. I can see how blushing would remove soda from the main surfaces of your teeth. What are the most effective options of removing sugars from drinks from in between teeth?

  16. you have limited understanding what causes tooth decay. whats worse is that you spread false information that will cause problems to people who listen to you because if your “doctor” status. You claim that drinking cola will do no harm simply because you would not let it stay in your mouth, but you need to understand that sugars cause problems because they interfere with hormone balances, calcium and phosphorus mainly. Your body whilst consuming sugars of any type demineralize.

  17. how come then, that people get tooth decay below their fillings? And if i brush my teeth I imagine i just rub the bacteria off my teeth and they are just moving to another place in my mouth to slowly move back to my teeth again. Can I not get somehow get rid of them for good instead of just replacing them to some other place in the oral cavity ? ?

  18. Thanks for this info doc! I’m definitely going to make sure that I utilize those tips. I have to get three fillings done and then I can get my braces. I fear that my dentist will say I need root canals. For some reason I’m petrified of getting this done but it’s in part because I’ve been consuming a lot of sugar. Awesome video! 😊☺️❤️❤️❤️

  19. I drink coffee everyday and it takes me less than 30 minutes but I still got teeth decaying. I started to rinse w/ water after drinking. Is that a good idea? No matter what I keep getting bad teeth ;(

  20. I have a question what about cavities from drinks that are sugar free, I'm diabetic so all my drinks are sweeten with sweetners but I still get cavities?

  21. 2010 discovered bacteria are human blood type O .  I believe God did not create any Germs or bacteria . The Bad created human blood type O . O mean opposite of human . So when human blood type O be killed all .This Earth free bacteria so real human life must , must longer minimum 1,000 years and more . Hos to kill all those blood type O . Simple when this Earth back to original Earth complete , complete human blood type O be killed . Why ? If you want to know just ask then I will answer .

  22. Wow bro, thank you. Yes it's the acid. Could you comment on the idea that brushing too hard or too frequent can cause gum recession?

  23. Table sugar is a toxic substance, look at the amount of processing it has to go through to be made from a sugar cane, raw honey, sugar can juice, dates are perfect sweeteners

  24. Hello Sir! I was just wondering, how many times a month is it okay to have sugar? How many times a week even? I'm asking because I have sweet bread on a daily basis. I have also spotted a small black dot of tooth decay on one of my left molars, and I'm freaking out because I already had my right side molar filled. My right side molar was a 20% hole, and I want to prevent my left side from becoming like it. Should I cut back my sweet bread intake? If so, how many times a week or month should I have it? Any helpful answer would do, thank you..

  25. I don't drink sugar drinks, but my opinion is foods like pizza are many times worse. Why? The flour is special one with high content of gluten. It will just glue to your tooth surfaces and stay there. Now the saliva will break down the starches into sugars. So for hours these sugars are feeding bacteria. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  26. I just started the Keto diet, with intermittent fasting. I've lost 5 pounds in less than a week and getting leaner by the day, its incredible

  27. I literally brushed the enamel off of my front teeth because I was trying to get between them without flossing.

  28. Refined sugar/carbohydrates not only causes plaque, tarter and cavities but it is toxic to your entire body! If you consume sugar, eat whole fruits and vegetables and it will do your body good!😁

  29. Home Remedies for Cavities –


    Tooth decay and gum disease can be hereditary like obesity and diabetes. According to a study by researchers at the University of Bristol in the UK, there seems to be a causal link between risk factors for cardiovascular disease and tooth decay. The researchers have identified 47 new genes that are connected to tooth decay.

    The genes identified by the researchers are an immune-related gene, those that help form teeth and jawbone, those with protective functions in saliva, and those which affect the bacteria found on teeth.


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  37. This is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stay at home mom! So busy but I complete my coffee. But brushing immediately after was my struggle. So I have been brushing immediately and brushing my kids teeth right after pb&j which they looove. Thanks sooo much for explaining.

  38. Natural occurring sugars like in fruit don't cause cavities unlike artificial sugar. You can eat fruits but you dont need to eat junk food filled with artificial sugar.

  39. Brush your teeth after breakfast, after dinner. Basically don't let it stay in your mouth long. As he says. People who don't consume sugar often, can go much longer without any dental problems. See the dentist yearly for cleaning. That should prevent anything from creeping up on you.

  40. I have a cavity at the back of my mouth I know it there because I put my flash and took a photo and the it has a big black spot what should I do

  41. Sugar is not necessary what an idiotic thing to say. Our bodies can regulate glucose levels and insulin with protein&fat. Sugar is the most toxic thing you can eat, please take it out of your diet if you actually want to remove tooth decay.

  42. It's mad cause when I was a student I would eat sugar 247 and not brush my teeth. I didn't need filings or have any health concerns. Although I'm still not good with cleaning my teeth well In my 20s I eat less sweets then I'm having more health concerns and got told i need filings.

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