Does Sugar Rot Teeth? | Why Your Parents Are

Does Sugar Rot Teeth? | Why Your Parents Are

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What’s up Lim Lam Losers, it’s your boi Lamb. And I really need to pee right now. So I’m
gonna do this whole thing really quick. And I think needing to pee is a good thing, because
it releases… It makes me more energetic. What the fuck are those hands. God damn those
are weird motherfuckers. So here is one extra little myth that I found out about. And that
is sugar rots teeth? But is it true? No.
I mean yeah sugar rots teeth, but not quite,
not really, not exactly. If you didn’t brush your teeth for one day, raisins would do more
damage to your teeth than sugar would. So that’s fucked. You see tooth decay occurs,
not because of sugar or anything like that, but it’s actually the bacteria already in
your mouth that produce acid. They produce acid every time they eat and that acid is
what wears away at the calcium on your teeth. That calcium layer is enamel. And that is
what tooth decay is. It is a form of fermentation. But these acid-creating bacteria don’t just
eat sugar. They do eat sugar, but they also eat all types of carbs. I’m talking fucking
bread, pasta, potatoes, crisps, chips, the whole shabang.
And so if you’re a sweet and it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth, you’re fine. You’re fine.
Because the bacteria can only eat it when it’s stuck in your teeth. That’s why brushing
your teeth is so important because it removes the carbs and shit from your teeth so the
bacteria don’t dwell in there, create loads of acid and wear away your teeth.
Unless you have braces, you’re not really at a huge risk of tooth decay from consuming
sugar. Because, you know, braces traps all the food
in your teeth and it just stays there for weeks, for months, for years. Who knows? Who
knows? And one other thing, is that the acids are
actually kinda fine. Because your saliva neutralises those acids. It’s only when there’s a build
up of those acids then there’s a problem. It’s only when there’s a build up dues to
food being stuck in your teeth. So eating crisps is more dangerous than eating
straight fucking sugar. Because the crisps get stuck in your teeth and the bacteria consumes
those crisps and produce all that acid. And all that acid wears away at your enamel making
you a dirty tooth decaying loser. But everyone blames sugar. But you don’t need to. If you
got tooth decay, sort your life out. It’s the carbs, its the carbs staying in your teeth.
How about brushing your teeth after every meal. It’s fine. You can do that. It’s fine.
Whatever. Also.
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