Dollar Tree Lotions that Work on Dry Skin

Dollar Tree Lotions that Work on Dry Skin

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Dollar Tree Lotions that work Dermasil Lotion Review skin care tips hi it’s AlaskaGranny my favorite skin care tip from dollar tree lotion dermasil really works I wanted to share
some easy simple tricks on keeping my skin moist I hate dry skin in
this time of year it can be a real problem so I have a few little secrets
on what I do to keep my skin smooth and soft with lotions products from the Dollar Tree the first thing I do is I go to the Dollar Tree haul of Dermasil Lotion for one dollar then I get the creamy petroleum jelly at the Dollar Tree for one
dollar then I get a little plastic dish I take first the Dermasil lotion and I just
squeeze a liberal amount of the lotion into a dish then I take the creamy petroleum jelly and I squeeze a
that into the dish with the Dermasil and I try to make the amount from a third to a half of petroleum
jelly seems to work for me it’s the creamy petroleum jelly that works best as a skin lotion then I put the lid on the dish with the 2 lotions and
I shake it all around until it’s all mixed up then I keep that new lotion combination in my bathroom
as soon as I’m finished taking a shower I get it out I pop off the lid and I
just scoop some of the lotion I mixed and I rub it all over my skin and body from my neck all the way down and the lotion mixture helps keep my skin extra smooth and creamy it isn’t enough sometimes in the
winter to just use the Dermasil lotion from the Dollar Tree when the weather is super cold and can chafe
and chap so I like to mix the petroleum jelly with Dermasil because creamy petroleum jelly all by itself
is a little too sticky so then what I do when I go to bed at night is I take just
the creamy petroleum jelly and I’ll put it on my hands and on my feet to keep them moist another
thing I do during the day is I keep my chapstick handy whenever I put chapstick on my
lips I dab a little bit of chapstick on my cuticles and then I just rub it in these are so
simple three dollars you can have all these lotions and smooth skin treatments from the Dollar Tree products from Dollar Tree things and you can have soft skin for a
long time the most important another tip to have soft skin and hydrated skin is to make sure that you’re drinking
enough water throughout the day if it’s really cold have a nice hot beverage
like an herbal tea or something try to stay away from things
like diet sodas drink water and have water with your meals set as a goal for
yourself of how many glasses of water you’re going to drink during the day and if
you’re going out take a water bottle along with you fill it up keep drinking water that’s
one of the most important things to have soft skin is to hydrate yourself from the inside try
some of these tips see if it helps your skin be more soft smooth and moist leave me a
comment on what you do to keep your skin soft and supple and please subscribe to
the AlaskaGranny channel have a wonderful day

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  1. Will try these. Thank you for the reminder on the chapstick! I used to do that years ago!

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