Dr. B Explains Adhesadent Denture Adhesive & Dentures

Dr. B Explains Adhesadent Denture Adhesive & Dentures

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Hi, I’m Dr. Lorin Berland, the creator of Dr. B Dental Solutions. I’ve spent the last 40 years listening and treating people with dentures and other oral care appliances. Today, I’m going to show you how to use my innovative denture care system that’s specially designed to help prevent the most common, yet serious, issues affecting the daily lives of people with dentures. Millions of people with dentures suffer from oral infections, dry mouth and sore spots but these issues often go untreated. In this video, I’ll explain a few key points about dentures and demonstrate how you can most effectively use our adhesive and denture adhesive to improve your denture experience. One of the most important factors contributing to the comfort of dentures is the way that they fit in your mouth. In general, a lower denture will never be as stable or retentive as an upper denture. That’s because the upper jaw is stable, it doesn’t really move and therefore, an upper denture can provide more of a peripheral seal along the edges. However, the lower jaw does move up, down, round, sideways. Furthermore, the lower jaw is like a horseshoe and every time you open and close your mouth, the shape of the lower jaw changes slightly and your tongue makes the peripheral seal virtually impossible. Adhesadent denture adhesive helps keep dentures in place by creating a suction-like seal around the mouth and softening the impact of the denture on the gums. Overall, the better a denture fits, the less denture adhesive is necessary but even the best fitting denture will fit better and feel even more comfortable with Adhesadent denture adhesive. Unfortunately, regular denture adhesives typically have a range of side effects like dry mouth, that’s why I created Adhesadent, the only denture adhesive that actively works to reduce dry mouth and lessen sore spots and it still provides a powerful long-lasting hold. The innovative formula combines modern science with time-tested remedies and includes Aloe Vera, vitamins A, D and E to soothe and moisturize and powerful new copolymer that really increases retention. I developed this denture care system over decades of helping denture wearers and now this very system is recommended by dentists around the world. Now, I’m going to show you how you can incorporate our professional strength solutions in your daily dental routine. The first step before using your denture is to make sure that both the denture and your gums are clean, as that will maximize retention and ensure your good oral health. It’s important that you dry the denture. Then, add three to five pea-sized drops of the Adhesadent denture adhesive evenly spaced across the upper denture ridge like so. For lower dentures, add three to four pea-sized drops of Adhesadent evenly spaced along the ridge. Remember, with Adhesadent, less is always more; so, experiment the first few times and you’ll find the right amount of adhesive that works for you. Another added step that some denture wearers find helpful is to let the denture and Adhesadent sit in the bowl of water for 20 seconds. When it’s all wet, some people like to gently spread the Adhesadent around the entire inner surface of the denture. Before you insert your denture, make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly with lukewarm water. This is very important because Adhesadent denture adhesive works best when your mouth is wet and works best on wet gums and it sticks to a dry denture. Finally, go ahead, put on the denture or dentures and hold your teeth together for at least 20 seconds and you should be good to go. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy using Adhesadent. You can find our dental solutions on our website and on Amazon. Please be sure you use promo code ‘DENT’ for 30% off.

13 thoughts on “Dr. B Explains Adhesadent Denture Adhesive & Dentures”

  1. Thanks for making this video even thought I’ve been using this for 9 months I’ve been doing it.WRONG I was putting the Adhesive on my upper plate in the groove part instead of the sides . Thanks again

  2. When you drop the denture in the water with the adhesive on it, isn't that then a wet denture? It confused me because I have been rinsing my denture and leaving it slightly moist. Then I apply the adhesadent in a thin layer all over the denture (top denture). I have been getting a good result. Still I find it confusing in that you say adhesadent works best on a dry denture and wet mouth, but then you demo the denture being dropped in the water for 20 secs after you put the adhesive on. That would be a wet denture. Either way, I'm loving your products. Thank you.

  3. Great advice from Dr. B…..I get all my denture products from Dr. B ….on line….because they work better than anything on the market and are as good as advertised….making them trustworthy and always safe. If you haven't tried Dr. B yet you'll be in for a thrill!

  4. Thanks Dr.B……use all your products because they work better than anything on the market! Cheers for your great efforts!

  5. https://youtu.be/w47Jao6MgbE. Love love Dr Berlands keep up the outstanding work in bringing us your happy Customers the absolute best products out there 👍🤗

  6. I experience systemic candida and I believe my upper denture (just about a year into wearing this denture) contributed to this condition and chronic sinusitis. I completely believe since using your product, the candida infection in my sinuses has improved! I am also using the cleanadent solution to disinfect my c-pap machine. I ran the machine for an hour so the tubing received the benefit of the disinfectant…then I ran clear distilled water through the tubes & nose pieces…Hope it works! Thanks for making this product!

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