Dr. Christine Gourin

Dr. Christine Gourin

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Hi, my name is Christine Gourin
and I’m an associate professor of otolaryngology, head and
neck surgery at John’s Hopkins. I also serve as the director of
the clinical research program in head and neck cancer. My specialty is in head and
neck surgical oncology, and I chose this field when I was
very young in my training because I was drawn to
the complexity of the care. That head and
neck cancer patients require. Head and
neck tumors are uncommon and patients who come to us often
don’t have a lot of background information on head and
neck cancer, and so are overwhelmed and bewildered
by not only the disease process, but the side effects
of the disease. And the potential side
effects of treatment. Patients with head and neck cancer require
a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, not only in
the initial treatment period, but beyond. And this is where we
excel at Johns Hopkins. My areas of research focus
on patient outcomes. These are not only treatment
related out comes but outcomes related to
quality of care. And so treatment related out
comes include survival but also function such as
preservation of speech, swallowing, and quality of life. Another focus of my research
pertains to the quality of the type of care
that’s delivered. We know that there’s
an impending health care crisis
in this country. And Frankly, it’s not clear
how we’re going to pay for health care ten years from now. What we need to focus on is
making sure that high quality care is available to all
patients with this disease. High quality head and neck
cancer care is associated with better survival,
better long term function and lower costs, and it’s based
on evidence based medicine. I take pride in
the fact that our team utilizes evidence based medicine
and not personal opinion, when we come up with treatment plans
for patients at Johns Hopkins. We’d be delighted to
take care of you here. [MUSIC]

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  1. Dr, Gourin is a wonderful doctor. She helped us through the steps of removing my handicapped daughter's trach. While this doesn't rise to the level of her more sophisticated capabilities I deeply appreciate her caring and understanding.

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