Dr. Lee Removes Hilda’s Hidrocystoma | Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Lee Removes Hilda’s Hidrocystoma | Dr. Pimple Popper

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DR. LEE: So I’m going to treat
the one on her upper eyelid, [INAUDIBLE] so if you
want to lay this gauze, because it kind of
drips a little bit. Does this hurt you at all?
HILDA: No. DR. LEE: Open wide there. That’s– that’s a– that’s
a water-filled cyst. See, it has, like, a milky– milky kind of contents
that squeeze out of it. Just squeezing it out,
making it nice and flat. And you can see the
opening to it right there. I’m just going to try to
open that a little bit more. A little buzzing noise
you’re going to hear. [BEEP] You OK? Did that hurt or just
took you by surprise. By surprise?
It’s difficult to work around the eyes, for
me and for the patient. Obviously, I don’t want
to nick an eyeball. And for the patient too. Can you imagine
you’re awake and you know somebody is so
close to you and has to have such steady
hands because they’re holding such sharp objects? DR. LEE: See, we can
see all that milky kind of substance squeeze out. And try to disrupt the
sac as much as I can. But it’s tough. It’s tough in these
little nooks and crannies. And we have so many and
they’re all kind of connected. I feel like if we can
stay on top of them and get you on a plan where we
can kind of keep them in check. DR. LEE (VOICEOVER): Previous
doctors who removed these did not destroy the entire sac. And they’re really
delicate sacs that contain these hidrocystomas. So I’m going to pay
special attention to that. DR. LEE: I feel like
I want to call them cisterns or, like,
little caves that you can see that the cyst is in. And they’re so thin-walled
you can’t see the wall. Look. See how that was
deflated [INAUDIBLE] but there’s another one. See how there’s a bunch
of them right here? You have hidrocystomas
on top of hidrocystomas. DR. LEE (VOICEOVER):
Hilda’s case is pretty unique because she
has a lot of hidrocystomas. It could be that her
previous surgeries have contributed to the
fact that they’re all now on top of each other.

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  1. This is what i feel like when someone is doing my eye makeup

    EDIT: 4 likes thnx that's the most I've ever gotten 😀

  2. You're doing better around her eyes then the surgeon who did my jaw surgery. Woke up with a big cut on my eye ball even though they were only operating on my jaw and chin.

  3. Ooh! Poor woman! Know Dr Lee is very good, but I think that woman was very brave! Think I would want a general anaesthetic if it were me!
    I’m such a wuss where anything to do with eyes is concerned!!
    I worked at a care home for a while and was told I had to “take out, and clean! mr Browns eye ball!!!!!” I had no idea this man had an artificial eye,but thought he had an eye infection the way it used to gunk up! Was given a mini plunger which I had to put on the centre of his eye ball and pull out of the eye socket. OMG! It. Came out like a rocket with a sucking noise and a pop! And I nearly fainted…mr brown wasn’t at all fazed, but I will never forget having to “pull his eye out”! 🤢🤢

  4. This poor lady!! Thank God for Docs like Dr. Lee, she never does a half assed job!! Thats why people LOVE her!! They know she will fight to the end for her clients, to bad other Docs weren't more like her, If you don't care don't do it!!!!

  5. How is she not crying when I pluck my eyebrows an accidentally pinch the skin the skin on my eyelid my eyes instantly water but she's cutting into it and she ain't shed one tear

  6. Dr. Lee: doesn't someone make a sort of hard plastic "lens" that could be inserted under the eyelids to protect a patient's eye against a accidental needle or scalpel slip? (You might have to anesthetize the eye surface..?) I'd feel much more calm about a procedure done near my eye if I had something like that.

  7. This is less disgusting, but scary because I fear for my brother to get this. He's had surgery twice, for two cysts. One on his cheek and one on his arm… 😫

  8. Why does she always cause so much trauma to the eyes and face. She only needed a superficial needle prick
    and not with huge needle with which she deadens areas. Way too much trauma! Cute and personality only
    goes so far.

  9. I thought while she was popping the temple it was going to block her eyesight like if you thought this too👍🏼

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