Dr. Lee Removes The Lump on Art’s Head | Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Lee Removes The Lump on Art’s Head | Dr. Pimple Popper

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You’re a tough guy. ART: It’s just dealing with it. DR. LEE: You tell me
if anything’s ever sharp or uncomfortable, OK? All right, so I’m
going to start here. Make sure I’m never hurting you. ART: OK. DR. LEE Looking good. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I see it, I see it. We’ll start here. All right, I’m going to
squeeze it now because I kind of squeezed one edge of it. It’s like a steatocystoma
or something like that. It’s like mashed potatoes
when you add too much water. Yes, you’re messy. DR. LEE: For a moment
there, I thought this could be a steatocystoma
because it sort of had that yellowy, buttery look
at steatocystomas have, almost like more of an
oily kind of consistency. So I’m thinking either
steatocystoma or epidermoid cyst. So now, really, if you
don’t take this off, didn’t, like, crap
your style, though. Like, didn’t you not want
to go out so much and– Well, yeah, like, 10, 10 hats. DR. LEE: [SIGHS]
You have 10 hats. ART: Yeah. For every day, I wear
a hat to hide my bump. It’s the first thing I get. Put my clothes on and my hat on. The hat’s like a habit. Just put it on. People hide their bumps in
all kinds of creative ways. They do a nice, big comb over. They may have really long hair
to hide one on their neck. They might throw a shirt
over their shoulder. I’ve even seen a guy
who wasn’t religious, and he’d wear a yarmulke all
the time to cover his bump.

100 thoughts on “Dr. Lee Removes The Lump on Art’s Head | Dr. Pimple Popper”

  1. You are the best Dr. Lee..my late husband had to have two of those removed in his life time! Is there a cause I wonder?👍🙋🕊️

  2. Que le digan a esa mujer que se difumina el con tu, parece un robot. Tanta cirugía y se pierde con la brocha

  3. Please educate me, what kind of doctor is she?
    Is she a Dermatologist??? What is her specialization???

    (Big thanks to future answers^^)

  4. Remember Leonard’s Chip On His Shoulder? It said graphic, barely saw any blood. Now we’re here, tons or blood, no warning.

  5. Pls , Dr.Lee , don't compare a human's white blood to mashed potatoes or any other item related to food

  6. Dr. Lee loves using food analogies.
    Not only can I not eat cheese & grits anymore I can't eat mashed potatoes anymore either.

  7. I have always wanted you to check a mole I my forehead . It really bothers me. Can u help me out? I live in north Carolina

  8. Jajajaja me he dado cuenta que La doctora lee siempre compara los bultos con comida 😆 si me dio asco cuándo comparó la grasa con puré de papas 😫

  9. The fact I wanta become a doctor 👩‍⚕️ to get a more up close & personal look of things lol but still disgusted & hate blood so idk how that’s gonna work lol

  10. I was eating while watching this and my husband was like "how do you do that with the sounds and all?"

    Um….cause it doesn't bother me😅

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