Dude Eats 1000 Cheese Balls for Science *DRY MOUTH AHEAD* | FreakEating Challenge 75

Dude Eats 1000 Cheese Balls for Science *DRY MOUTH AHEAD* | FreakEating Challenge 75

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and welcome to a special episode of Freak Eating challenge I was the market the other day and I saw
this giant jar of cheesy balls as a lot of balls you
might say the only problem is they don’t see anywhere
how many balls in a jar how many orange balls cheese balls there’s really only one way to find out
and to do that I’m gonna rip open the lid and start eating it’s
all in the name of freakeating science before I do that let’s have a little fun so you at home watching Gonzalez be
comment section and yes how many balls how many cheesy or your balls are in
this jar hopefully you’re lucky you the Irish in
you figured out how many orange balls in here solo for the fanfare no BS in a solemn get down to business and that’s the
homie orange cheese balls are in the big ball jar parties you know 1 through me known as I can’t count I just hit 50 and it doesn’t look like I’m in advance
what could go wrong those cheesy balls were salty as hell I had no idea what I was thinking so
yeah this was a terrible idea I’ve now eaten 100 balls them love all to hear spending an entire hour crunching bowls
eating balls munching balls give me a newfound respect for pacman 150 shouldn’t feel like making that much
progress I mean this this is an even two pounds among people talk and that is 200 world have been on walls very own person
who’s had more balls in his mouth is pacman brown you gonna too long because the 2000 balls later the only person who had more balls is
now than I did was pac man himself 250 hand I mean maybe a quarter alone so we we may be looking into thousand
she the orange balls 30 251 300 I had issued in a Spartan amount achieve
all and has no inside you on how many balls are there in the big ball
jar the world may never know home up to 350 mods come from my mouth my face I don’t think I’m at the bleeding point you know but I do
not look with me to help just in case 352 and one in 500 feel that she cheese puff might bunched up on a meaty at times
going in the wrong move my mouth turning around up 500 now prime be and I have no idea why I’m gonna blame
the salt but I just last count so many times and I I just can’t explain it to my son you
think accounting balls an easy task but I lost track 600 I don’t think I ate
more than a thousand balls and I but frankly there’s only one way to find
out ha help home 7 country 750 ha am have made it to 800 have a cat down here want our from government or me no one YouTube 8:32 a.m. too much time still okay 10 just a lot of pain fall like burning now 850 hope how many balls are there in the big ball
jar the world may never know hope problems here on prime from animals balmy 2890 it’s hard to know and that my friends my 100 hack and are Honda on balls in here now bring them here every time a bronze in Parma mouth like
a swimsuit issue somewhere else so much on inside did but notice was a to use global up he held my tongue is super on up 950 more I’m a salty hell right now sweetness the mall has helped me push through 970 home so many balls and that is one thousand cheese balls I still plenty more I’m my lips burn 93 my lips me but show must go on my 2030 home world people there’s a 2001 balls in the big
ball Jr nevermind my time mistakes never mind me
saying 1100 there’s only a thousand in the jar home every bite burns replied painful way 0 mmm home and over 100 100 ball think we’re down to the last 100
here I hope so and just in case you’re wondering those cheesy balls were salty as hell
and yes this was a terrible idea well I’m who’s stronger home I up well on 50 income mind over matter time community below and yes that’s right I can’t count there’s probably only a
thousand balls in a jar 1180 the home stretch real hope to reach the final rally last
by Etta last call yes I might be able to do crazy things in
life but counting 2000 is not one of them from to my hand to urge our ha this is number
thirteen hundred ha had lost my calculations are incorrect member 1301 the last ball comic and balls the master balls whenever you want but
they were 1301 orange balls in this big ball she’s ball
jar is Rickie Lee Jones has been completed %uh home and yes that’s right I can’t count see if my time is kinda hope you’re not my still seem to be okay home you enjoy this video conclude that comes
up on share on friend job reading a statement from a crazy even
challenge adventures and until we meet again stay in school
don’t do drugs and the like a freak I don’t think I’m gonna be all the anything for at least a whole day I’m
out his law I’m how many balls are there in the
big ball jar the world may never know

100 thoughts on “Dude Eats 1000 Cheese Balls for Science *DRY MOUTH AHEAD* | FreakEating Challenge 75”

  1. in my head I pictured him getting a table, sitting down, begin eating, etc.. nope just gonna stand there and start digging in..

  2. OMG Where did he get those, is it possible to get them in the UK, I totally want them lol even though it would take me forever and a day to eat them all lmao

  3. That stuff real plus a really bad dry mouth and warning vomiting is included because depends how much you eat

  4. I think that the balls will be huge balls because those balls are balls I love balls idk if the balls will hurt me those balls! SOMANY BALLLLLLSS!!!

    Edit:No offense!! Just stop saying ballllllsss Because it’s cheeseballs.Its also not cheesyballs!.No Offense Again!

  5. i just so happened to be in the grocery store and saw that exact same jar.. and had to pick it up i was gonna see if i could eat them all tonight but after seeing u almost like die lol i might have to put this off xD

  6. I ate a whole jar and experienced dry patches on the roof of my mouth also the cheese built up on my teeth and hurt every time I ate another

  7. Lost me when you fast forwarded don't believe it it's the whole video full length or it didn't happen

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