Durian Fruit: A Smell So Rotten, a Taste So Sweet

Durian Fruit: A Smell So Rotten, a Taste So Sweet

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– [Narrator] Most people think
this fruit smells terrible. It’s been described using words like, rotting onions or raw sewage. Not this guy, though. (lively music) If you’re not that familiar with durian, it has a spiky rind and the inside, is a yellow, soft colored creamy fruit. It’s native to Southeast Asia and because of its odor, is actually banned from many public places. Besides having a distinctive smell, durian also has a distinctive taste. – It’s like a peanut caramel. – [Narrator] Numb taste literally means your mouth will go numb. – Wow, I can feel the numbness. – This might well be
my new favorite fruit. – [Narrator] People in general,
are divided on this fruit. Those who love it, love it. – The durian is so tasty. – It’s really good. – Tastes much better than it smells. – [Narrator] And there are others who just can’t get past the smell. For Durian Seng, it is the perfect fruit.

100 thoughts on “Durian Fruit: A Smell So Rotten, a Taste So Sweet”

  1. Been to Malaysia. Though I just couldn’t dare to taste new things sorry for the Malays 🙂 My friend just passed by carrying durian and I almost fainted. It smells like onion and garlic indeed 🙂
    Also other fruits in malaysia, namely dragonfruit and rambutan, taste like grapes in my opinion.

  2. In the Philippines durians are very common and since 1 dollar is 50 pesos here, you can get durian for 4-5 dollars which is already a stretch.

  3. There is a genetic requirement on eating fruits, just like some people have lactose intolerant that got sick if they drink milk.
    Durian doesn't smell bad for me no matter how I smell it with nose.
    Even I smear the durian to my nose, it doesn't smell bad.
    Genetic difference.

  4. I can confirm that it smells horrifying but taste pretty good! Try it out, 10/10, would recommend, would eat again!

  5. "Either you like it or you hate it"
    Me:*wearing the inspector from rataloulie costume* i didnt like it , i love it

  6. People who hate durian, like
    People who love durian, comment

    I'm sorry but I will have to like my own comment first

  7. True and very true. My family and I are the durian ghost. We eat durian king last month. You know what, just eat it.

  8. Ive been drinking Durian smoothies all the time in my childhood. It didnt affect me. It was the BEST BEST THING EVER to me

  9. If I'm Jigsaw , I use durian as a torture device for Durian Haters
    Me: to escape u need to eat all the durian in this room till u find the key
    Durian haters : Just kill me already

  10. Fun fact its not banned in open areas, you come to South East Asia and you see people selling it and eating it the police don't give a shit

  11. In Indonesia, Thai variety (Monthong) is very well known besides local variety like Medan variety from Sumatra and Petruk variety from Java

  12. Oh I wish I could try this 😩, sighs. I know I will like it. Many people hate the smell of Jackfruit but I don't and it's one of my fav fruit. So I'm thinking I won't be put off by the smell of Durians. I'm wondering how Durians compare to Jackfruit….sighs.

  13. I finally tried durian last month from my local Loon Fung. It nearly burned my debit card how expensive it was. Lucky, they sold me one with the fruit already extracted which was a little bit cheaper. I ate it in 3 days. It was very creamy. After the first day, it was like I was possessed. I couldn't think about anything else other than eating it again. It is super addictive. But I was like "£14. You MUST make it last". Now I am like, I must wait until Xmast to buy another one as a treat. Too expensive. But the smell thought. Even wrapping the lunch box it was in with plastic film, it smelled rotten FEETS for 3 days each time I was opening my fridge. If I am lucky to ever go to an asian country, that durian there will cost much cheaper and I would eat it everyday. It deserve its appellation King of Fruits.

  14. next time i go to disneyland i’m bringing durian so i don’t have to wait in long lines. it’s a win win i get to eat durian and i don’t have to wait in lines

  15. Durians smell actually supposed to smell good and attractive, so it can attract animals to eat them.its only natural, that means, if you think they're smelly, your nose technically is broken.

  16. I'm an Indonesian and every time there is a durian smell in my house I just GO ACROSS MY HOUSE and Trying to find The Durian

  17. I’ve had it before, it was freeze dried, but when I tried it, it was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my life

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