[Eng Sub] Kimetsu no Yaiba Casts Try Breath Styles Test! / 炭治郎と善逸と伊之助は全集中の呼吸を誇示しようとします!!

[Eng Sub] Kimetsu no Yaiba Casts Try Breath Styles Test! / 炭治郎と善逸と伊之助は全集中の呼吸を誇示しようとします!!

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Hey, so I’m translating a video for the first time, so if they’re any errors or gaps within this video feel free to edit. Thank you so much and enjoy! Quick note: Shimono- Zenitsu, Hanae- Tanjiro, Matsuoka- Inosuke, Akari- Nezuko Shimono: Display of the cast’s breaths Hanae: Right now in the anime, the people who use the breathing technique Hanae: Out of us three Shimono, Matsuoka and I, who has the best breath style are what we’re testing. Hanae: So (T/N: Not too sure what they’re saying here but they’re are referring to a board) Please have a look Matsuoka: Huh Hanae: So these are the scores that we need to beat Shimono: What is this? …and… Hanae: … and Hanae: Whoever’s the youngest should do really well Shimono: I’m 39 so I’ll go for 3,900 ml Hanae: Thank you Hanae: There is definitely a possibility to do well Shimono: This isn’t impossible Hanae: Yes this measured by an instrument that spins Shimono: If we’re able to beat the score? Hanae: You’ll get points if you’re able to beat the score that you’ve set to beat Shimono: Oh, ok. I understand. Hanae: Is there anyone who would like to try? Matsuoka: Then, I’ll… Hanae: Then… Shimono: Then… Hanae: Then… Shimono: Please go first Matsuoka: Eh? What do you mean? Shimono: I don’t understand what you’re saying Hanae: All my life I’ve… You’ve lived your life doing.. Shimono: We’re talking about Tanjiro Akari- Water breathing technique Hanae: Please wait Shimono: Are you ok? x2 Hanae: Total concentration Shimono: Start OOOOHHHH *Beautiful harmonics of oohhs ensue AHHHhhHhHhH He can breathe some more x3 Akari: Just a little more aw Akari: Um this is-
Shimono: How much is it? 4,000ml on the dot Shimono: Is that alright All: That won’t do
THaT WOn’T dO Akari- That’s just not enough right? Shimono: I mean Matsuoka is competing for 4000ml right? (T/n Hanae needed to get 4,200) Matsuoka: 4,000 ml is about half (what the machine can measure) right? Shimono: Yeah half of it is 4000ml Shimono: Then you did quite a lot then Akari- He did do a lot though Hanae: It would’ve been better if I went all out Akari: Huh? Akiri- Oiii, then go do your best then Hanae: I did do my best Hanae: Are you prepared? Please display your total concentration ‘breath’ Matsuoka: FuuuuUUUuuu Hanae: It’s pretty tough, so please take your time Hanae: Let’s see Matsuoka’s breathing technique oH, Oh
Hanae: He’s doing pretty well Hanae: It’s turning quite fast AHHHHHH Choir of Aaahhas and OOOhs This is- Akari: This is close
Matsuoka: How much? 3,600 ml Matsuoka: This isn’t good! Shimono: This is bad, this is bad, ThIS is BaD Hanae: This is really difficult you know? Shimono: Yikes, I’m scared, I’m scared!! I don’t want to do this! T/N: it’s too quiet for me to understand Hanae: Please show us your total concentration breathing Shimono: HISSSssS Hanae: Shimono’s turn! Please go ahead Akari: OH OH, WOW Hanae: Quick x5 Hanae: Amazing x3 The returning of harmonic AAAHSS Akari: Just a little more Akari: Amazing
Hanae: This is- Akari: 4000!
Hanae: 4100? Wow! Amazing Matsuoka: 4,100!! Akari: Amazing
Hanae: Superb Hanae: He overcame the 3900 mark (From the board mentioned) Hanae: 4,100 Akari: Amazing Akarin: Are you ok? Shimono: And the winner is Shimono Shimono: Ah, what is it… I thought it was going to be a lot harder than I thought it would Thanks for reading! I hope this helps

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  1. あの善逸の歯食いしばった時の「スーーーー」って音もしもんぬが出してたの?!なんか声優さんって本当色んな音出せるよね…笑

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