[EN,JP,ES,CN,RU CC]What kind of ways are there to use toners?🤔 Toner Recommendation by skin type😘

[EN,JP,ES,CN,RU CC]What kind of ways are there to use toners?🤔 Toner Recommendation by skin type😘

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Hi every, it’s me Heiley. Today, I’ll be going over the different ways to use toners as well as give some simple toner recommendations. Using a toner is the first step of skin care
right after washing I tend to use wiping toners, But nowadays along with wiping toners, with the addition
of toner packs, toner washes, and layering through tapping there’s been an increase of different ways to use toners. Today, I have with me a variety of different toners, and I’ll be going over the different way we can use them. The first method I’ll go over is Toner Washing,
which is a method where we use the toner as we wash our face. To do a toner wash, after your cleansing process,
mix water with your toner in an 8:1 ratio. (8 Water:1 Toner) This is a method where we use the mixed toner water
to wash our face after it is thoroughly cleansed. By doing this, it can help reduce the dryness your skin
would feel from washing your face. When doing a toner wash, it’s best to avoid alcohol-based
toners, and viscous essence type toners, as they may induce skin irritation or troubles,
it’s best to use water type toners. The next method is the use of a mist after washing your face. This is a faster method of using a toner
when compared to toner wiping. It’s said that toner mists are to be used
within 3 seconds after washing your face. Being that it moisturizes the skin quickly and easily,
it proves to be a great method to use right after cleansing. While most of us usually keep our skin care products
in or on a dressing table, it is recommended to leave the mist in the bathroom,
so we can reach for it immediately after cleansing. As a mist, we’ll need a toner that can be sprayed well,
so using a water type toner would be the best choice of all. 워터타입 토너 중에서도 pH밸런스를
Among the different types of water toners,
I recommend choosing one that adjust the pH balance, contains active ingredients or forms a moisture barrier. Next, let’s move on to the most commonly used method, “Toner Wiping.” Toner wiping is a method where we soak a cotton pad with generous
amounts of toner to gently wipe our face. This is a method that can help us remove any makeup residue
or dead skin that’s left behind after washing our face. As toner wiping is basically used to exfoliate and for
waste removal, it’s best to use products that contain low-irritant exfoliating ingredients
such as fermented extracts and sugar cane extracts. In the case for those with oily type skin, I recommend products
that contain soothing ingredients such as tea tree and centella extract Now, there’s another method. And that’s the tapping method. The tapping method can be seen as a simpler version of the N Skin method which is a method where you layer layers of toner over several times. With this method, you soak a lint-free cotton pad
with a generous amount of toner to pat on to your skin. Now, if you don’t have any cotton pads, soaking a soft
beauty blender with the toner would be another good alternative as well Take care to not tap your face too hard,
as it can irate your skin. After you have tapped enough toner on to your face, take both
your hands and hold it against your face as if you’re wrapping it
to help with the absorption. The Toner Tapping method is often used to hydrate the skin. Therefore, for toner tapping, it’s best to use products that
can hydrate your skin and form a moisture barrier. I especially recommend toner with moisturizing ingredients such as
betaine, butylene glycol, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. Now for the final method, let’s talk about Toner Packs. Toner Pack is a method in which we put a thin toner-soaked cotton pad, or
compressed mask sheet on to our face. If you are looking to comfortably care for your whole face,
use a compressed mask sheet. On the other hand, If you are only looking to care for specific
areas of your face, then using thin cotton pads would be a good choice. Just place the sheet on your face, wait for about 10 minutes,
and remove it to complete your toner pack. The toner pack method is mainly used for areas that that
require intensive care. This is a good method to manage and care for various skin problems such as, peeling skin due to severe dryness, and to provide calming when needed. It’s a method that can effectively help manage a wide variety of skin troubles. If you have dry skin, it would be good to use toners
that contain moisturizing ingredients such as low molecular hyaluronic acid and ceramide. If you have problems with dead skin, products that
help with dead skin care such as AHA, BAH, and PAHA are good. Lastly, let me finish this video today by giving
out some toner recommendations for each skin type. If you have skin that feels very dry, I recommend The Lab’s Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 toner, which provides effective heat stimulation care, and absorbs well with its use of low molecular hyaluronic acid. Tonymoly’s Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner,
a toner which contains Panthenol and Ceramide, that is
expected to moisturize and strengthen the skin barrier. And It’s Skin’s Cream in Skin.
A toner that contains cream cerapane, a combination of panthenol
and ceramide which provides deep moisture when applied. If you have a lot of sebum secretion or skin troubles I recommend Dermatory’s Hypoallergenic Cica Powder Toner,
which contains guaiazulene, calamine powder, and silica powder
for skin soothing and sebum care. Etude House’s Wonder Pore Freshner.
A toner that contains mint vinegar, a combination of mint which is good for pore care, and vinegar that is effective for pore skin balancing care. Innisfree’s Broccoli Clearing Toner for skin soothing and sebum care,
with its plant derived BHA, Broccoli Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract,
Houttuynia Cordata Extract And, Tia’m’s Arc Fighting AHA, BHA, PHA Toner, which contains
AHA, BHA, PHA that gently exfoliates and removes waste, and Panthenol
and Allantoin to calm and moisturize your skin. To sooth sensitive skin, manage sebum and pore care, I recommend Cclimglam’s AHA, BHA, PHA All About Pure Toner,
which contains Madonna lily flower, which is excellent for skin cleansing Tea Tree Extract, which provides excellent skin soothing effects,
and a complex peeling ingredient to clear the skin. Hanyul’s Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Toner, which contains
reinforced artemisia to gently exfoliate and provide toning effects And, Mamonde’s Chamomile Pure toner, which
only contains six ingredients to help moisturize and calm the skin. This concludes today’s video.
I hope you found today’s video to be helpful. If you liked the video, please like, and don’t forget
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