Epic Seven How to get Breath of Orbis & how to use them effectively

Epic Seven How to get Breath of Orbis & how to use them effectively

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Hi guys, this is Koon Very fast, just two things in this video First, I will tell you where to get Breath
of Orbis, and then we will also look at the ways to use them effectively It is actually very easy for you to get Breath
of Orbis Just click “Adventure” at the bottom right
corner of your screen Once you are looking at the map, go and find
out an icon like this You will get Breath of Orbis, once you enter
and clear the Chaos Gate inside this chapter For your convenience, I’ve already listed
down all the current locations of Breath of Orbis in my video description,
feel free to check them out You can get 12 Orbis in the Normal map, and
another 12 of them in the World map so there are 24 of them in total at this moment I’m sure we will get more of these items
as the main story unfolds Ok now, let’s move on to the second part,
how to use these Orbis effectively The priority of upgrading your buildings using
Orbis should go like this: Forest of Souls, High Command, Heart of Orbis, and the last one would be Steel Workshop You will need a lot of fodders as you keep
growing and leveling up your heroes So it’s very important for you to make sure
you have enough fodders to support their growth You should always fully upgrade all the structures
inside Forest of Souls, so that you can get creatures with the highest quality, in the
shortest possible time, especially penguins Not only you can feed your penguins to heroes,
leveling up fodders, you can also sell them to get extra gold coin and transmit stones In case you didn’t know, a three-star penguin
can be turned into 50k gold and 1 transmit stone which is a very very good bargain High Command comes second, because this is
where you earn passive and extra currencies like conquest points and stigmas However, there is not need for you to upgrade
all the structures inside this building in one go You need to reach certain rank to accept the
missions in High Command, and you can only dispatch two teams at the same time, so there
is no need for you to rush Heart of Orbis comes next, this is also one
of your passive income sources It is important but not urgent, you can still
earn gold coin and skystones by farming maps and joining events 50% chance to earn 200% additional rewards is pretty awesome, so remember to upgrade the Sanctum While Cradle of Life has low priority if you
check in very often like every one to two hours Steel Workshop is sitting last on the list
because we are not using it that often compared with other buildings It’s also kind of slow for most of us to
collect crafting materials anyway With limited Orbis we have, I believe it’s
better for us to invest in other buildings first Alright that’s all for today Remember to subscribe and stay tuned to this
channel if you want to know more about Epic Seven and other games Know yourself, know your game
and play like a pro This is Koon, I’ll see you again very soon Bye!

26 thoughts on “Epic Seven How to get Breath of Orbis & how to use them effectively”

  1. Totally hyped to see my favourite gbf youtuber playing epic 7 now. I hope you're having a blast with this game like I am! ♥

  2. I had only just downloaded this game and sandpie Koon uploaded a video for this. Did I just triggered a flag somewhere xD

  3. Would you mind to make a, how should i name it, a monster guide? Like, where to find the most creatures of a certain type per run.
    Like, for Magic Creatures, go to map 2.1 for the most kills per run, that kind of thing, i am still trying to find wich map is best for each weekly guild kill mission

  4. Sry for this question cuzz…yeah…it has to look a bit dumb for well-known players but when exactly should I save for spark? I'm still a new player but I have 8.000 Cystals and rly dont wanna spend em if a spark would be better
    – Rank 45
    – Story C. 55 and 5 SideS.
    – 30.000 "Fight Power"
    – Rgt now farming Omega/Magna (! Like a pro ^-^!)

    I need help. Please. Or I will get drunk this night. Please.

  5. Dude i want to play gbf again, but when i open the game, a bad feeling of closing the game runs through my body

    Wtf i have to do for start playing the game again? 8(

  6. I know this is an off topic but I wish I could at least get an answer or advice out from this.

    It's all about the Character Party list for my wind.
    This is what I have;

    Mirin (SR)
    Melissabelle (SSR)
    Feena (SSR)
    Arriet (SSR)
    Petra (SSR)
    Kokkoro (SSR) (New Event Character)

    Which of which should I place in front, I just need a suggestion. Cause I am like out of my mind…

    Great video tho, might check it out if I had time. 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Thanks for making this epic7 content koon, i always watch ur video about gbf and u make this epic7 too,ill glad if u make this content further,thanks

  8. could you reply to this comment id really appreciate it how can i find stage 4 s6? idk how to reveal where this stage is

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